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RE: TripleA Witness

How can I vote for something that the man who is ruining and causing tension on a platform that I adore, also voted for? With all due respect it is not about one side pretending another doesn't exist, that is called a strawman argument. It is not "the other side" vilifying the Korean community. Justin Sun's actions are making any vote of his null-and-void. He is persona non grata in these parts. Its not Steemaphopia as you are suggesting. This comment neglects to mention any of nuances of the argument instead the comment is hypocritical and trying to label everyone from "the other side" (your word's) as villains. You are guilty of the very same thing you are complaining about in this comment, in fact, many people such as myself have been very humble throughout this whole experience. Let's not fall into that abyss, the witnesses that are being mentioned as socks are highly suspect and receiving votes from the ninja block and accounts of two different exchanges, the blockchain is very transparent and the proof is there if you want to see, this is not just people attacking all that is Korean.


Justin Sun is an awesome guy if you were to actually look and see what he's done with his own blockchain tron. Which I have been on steem since 2017 and i'll tell you right now he will run it way better than Ned ever did. The witnesses caused this, Justin just defended his investment and stake.

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