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RE: Running for Witness: Embracing the Crypto Life™

Oh my! Congratssssss!!!!Another big step for you on this fun and crazy steem world! I did vote as soon as I found out! You're prolly one of the funniest (most of the time #deep) witness on the blockchain!! LOLOL and to be honest, this post tl:dr but I get the concept! Though will give it more time when I get a chance so I truely understand! congrats again!


hehe..... a true KW fan!

Hey thanks @waybeyondpadthai, appreciate it. Btw i'm not funny at all, I have a textbook on how to be funny everytime i go online lol

Burst_Cover_GIF_Action_20180812172255.gif tomyam!

Reversed Kiss? Taking it back? Kind of funny.

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