TimCliff Witness Update 2017-12-13

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Hello Everyone!

Here is what I've been up to since my last witness post:

  • I attended SteemFest! It was great to meet so many amazing Steemians in person :)
  • I was a part of the "STEEM Panel Discussion" on MSPWaves Radio, along with @jesta, @blocktrades, @pharesim, @lukestokes, @elear, and @andrarchy.
  • I have been spending a lot of time reaching out to various exchanges to try and get STEEM (and SBD) listed. So far I don't have any news, but I continue to work hard on this effort! (As do several others.)
  • I was also a guest on the Steemit Growth Forum, held on MSPWaves Radio.
  • I was interviewed @terrybrock for his "Steemit Success" series, where I talked about my experience since I first joined Steemit, and my advise for new users on how to be successful. He did a great job on the interview! I highly recomend everyone check it out: Steemit Success Series- @timcliff on Who To Target With Your Content
  • I compiled the list of community suggestions for the #roadmap2018 posts into a single aggregated post with a full list of suggestions.
  • I continue to spend a lot of time helping the users in the "help" channel of steemit.chat.
  • I created a post to help get the word out about @netuoso's new Steem account signup service called SteemCreate, where user's can create a new account using their credit card!!
  • I created a guide on CryptoKitties with a lot of information about the game to try and help out fellow Steemians, as well as get picked up by Google SEO results and hopefully direct more people to steemit.com.
  • I submitted several pull requests to condenser, including one to add a warning to the SBD->STEEM Conversion page, and one to remove the protection from level 65+ users' posts being hidden if they are downvoted. The SBD->STEEM conversion pull request was not accepted, because Steemit decided to remove the conversion function from the wallet. I'm very glad this was removed instead of just adding a warning, because it was causing a negative experience for a lot of users.
  • I continue to post the weekly Reports from the Witnesses series each week, which provides the community with an aggregated report of all the witness reports from the past week.
  • I created a post Don't sweat the small stuff with advice to new users about earning low rewards.

Some Information / Suggestions:

  • SBDs are currently trading for around $10-12 USD! If you have any SBD sitting in your account, you can get around $10 USD worth of STEEM for each 1 SBD that you have by trading on the internal market :)
  • @jesta's update to Vessel is awesome! This will allow developers to develop apps that integrate with the Steem blockchain securely, without the user's keys ever leaving their computer!! (This is huge!)
  • If you haven't read about the "Automated Market Makers" that will be implemented as part of SMTs, Smart Media Tokens Talk: What is the Bancor Protocol? is a good read!
  • Check out SteemPixels - it is pretty cool :)
  • In case you missed @ned's talks at SteemFest, you can view them here.
  • Steemit announced that
    Multi-language support for steemit.com is here / /steemit/@steemitblog/multi-language-support-for-steemit-com-is-here
  • SteemWorld.org is a really useful tool. Check it out!

Forward Looking Plans:

  • My main focus right now is reaching out to various exchanges and trying to get STEEM/SBD listed. I know several others are working on this too including @gtg. The more people that we can get reaching out to exchanges and asking for STEEM/SBD to be listed, the better. This means you too! :)
  • Continue to provide support in the help channel of steemit.chat.
  • Continue with the weekly "Reports of the Witnesses" series.

Summary of Current Witness Parameters:

  • SBD Interest Rate: SBD is currently trading way above $1.00. Based on this, my interest rate is currently set to 0.
  • Price Feed Bias: My price feed bias is also set to 0. I am not currently planning to use the bias to increase SBD production, because I feel the potential negative consequences outweigh the potential gains. For those interested in more of the reasoning behind this, there is a lengthy discussion in the witness channel of steemit chat.
  • Registration Fee: My registration fee is currently set to 0.2 STEEM. This makes it so that a new account costs 6 STEEM (non-delegated), which is about $10.80 USD at current market prices.
  • Maximum Block Size: I currently have my block size set to 65,536. No changes here since my last update.

I welcome feedback if you think there are things that I can be doing better as a witness. If you think I am doing a great job, I would really appreciate your witness vote!


Thanks everyone for reading my witness report!

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Hey @timcliff, great work as always! I would like to help reach out to exchanges to try to get steem listed but not sure where to start or what are the best ways to go about doing that.

Could you maybe post a guide or even just reply to this comment with some details so we can help you out? Maybe it would help if we can organize some kind of group effort.

Thanks, and keep up the good work!


Basically go to your exchange of choice, browse around on their website until you find info on how to register a coin. If you can't find that, then go to their contact info section. Once you find the way to get in contact with them to submit a coin for review, tell them how awesome STEEM is (and why) and ask/encourage them to list the coin.

I'm purposely leaving it fairly general, so it doesn't seem like they are getting hundreds of copy/paste people sending them the same message. The more 'real' people that they hear from who are genuinely interested in having a coin listed, the more they will likely consider it :)

If you run into any questions that you can't answer, hit me up on steemit.chat and I'll do my best to provide answers within 24 hours.


Thanks Tim - I agree we definitely shouldn't have everyone copy/paste the same thing. I haven't used many of the exchanges myself so I'm guessing a request would mean more if it came from an actual customer.

I'm gonna set up an account with some of them and put in some funds and make a few trades and then contact them about Steem.

I would encourage anyone else who can to do the same!


In basic terms is it very much a given that the more exchanges a crypto currency is listed on the better that currency will perform?

If so, is some sort of 'project' (I am reluctant to use the word campaign) to systematically lobby all exchanges to take on steem a worthwhile exercise?

I have found this list of exchanges :

Should one work from the top downwards...

[Sorry, this is on edge of my crypto knowledge so my apologies if some of my terminology is incorrect. I'm just keen to help steem grow.]


Sounds like the right idea. In general, more exchanges = more people that can buy STEEM = more demand = good :)

The higher exchanges are generally better, but IMO we should try and get listed on all of them!

As my "potential" witness selection wouldn't it behoove me to ensure that you are in fact 100% bull on the platform.? I see in your wallet this transaction of powering down nearly half your steem

21 hours ago Start power down of 18,527.526 STEEM

Just want to get your perspective.Thanks


I currently have about $80,000 worth of STEEM powered up, and my current plan is to leave that in the site until we hit the moon. The $80,000 I have here is way more than I have anywhere else outside of my 401k. Any investment advisor would tell me I'm stupid not to diversify, but I'm very comfortable to leave it parked in SP. I am very bullish on STEEM and I am excited and hopeful that we hit $10 in 2018.

I am not rich. Before Steemit, my spouse and I couldn't really afford to go out to eat more than once or twice a month (usually to Perkins). We still have a car payment, and a mortgage. I am using some of the STEEM that I have earned here on the site to pay off my car and hopefully (eventually) my house. That is my reason for powering some down. I also use some for various Steem related expenses, such as paying for my witness servers, helping to cover the costs of one of the public RPC nodes, and doing things like local meetups.

I am very grateful to be able be making this type of progress on my personal finances. Being able to pay off my car and house at my age was never something I thought I would be able to do, but with the money I am making here - it is possible. The Steem platform has improved my life in so many ways, which is one of the reasons I want to give back as much as possible.

I am also actually adding more each week (mostly through witness pay) than what I am power down. My SP balance keeps going up each week :)

It is an excellent question, and thanks for asking. More people from the community need to be asking the witnesses the tough questions =)


Thanks for the great reply Tim. This is a common problem in publicly traded companies - an insider sells some shares and people jump to a lot of conclusions.

It's important to remember that we're all people here (even the top 20 witnesses!), and we have personal lives, families, goals, dreams, etc. There's nothing wrong with taking some profits to help improve your day to day life a little bit.


Thanks! :)


Thank you for the reply Tim, it sounds like you are coming from the right place. I can't blame you or anyone else for taking out some returns, I just wanted to hear your perspective to gauge where you were in regards to the future of the platform. I feel like I learned more about your character as well- Cheers


Hee hee. He did ask a good question, but it's funny, hearing someone ask if you are serious about the platform. :P

Gonna stick around Tim? :D


I’m committed ;)


Never a doubt in my mind.

I watched your interview with @terrybrock, you both are brilliant!

"getting a really good lesson on steemit and in life" - @terrybrock

"your personal goals can align with the goals of the platform. You doing well, is tied to the platfrom doing well and if the platform does well, the tokens are worth more then, your investments goes up." - @timcliff

Thank you for sharing this with us. You know, I have been investing my money on steemit for a month now. I just sold my investment outside and transfered everything on on Steemit hoping to contribute more to this wonderful community.

Thank you for your time sharing your experience with us and I really hope that a lot of Steemians will watch the full video, 42:05 video is a whole of time you can ask from somebody. Only very few people would take time to watch it if I made a video with the same length, lol.

But you are a legendary! You deserve to be heard and everyone should learn from you.

And thank you to @terrybrock for doing the interview!

So, Thank you for everything that you do.

  • Gil

Thanks! I really hope more people watch that video. Terry did an excellent job putting it together, and there is so much material in there that will help new members. Old members too :)


You're welcome!

I shared the link with my friends, since they always asked me how to 'earn (quick) on steemit' which is bit frustrating because a lot of newbies think when they get here they'll earn skyrocket with even giving something to the community. I hope they'll take their time to watch it.

Of course, old members too. It's always a good thing to share your experience with everyone.


"SBD Interest Rate: SBD is currently trading way above $1.00. Based on this, my interest rate is currently set to 0."

why is your interest rate is zero? manually? or to all witnesses?


Each witness sets their APR interest rate. I do mine manually. The blockchain takes the median APR across the witnesses to get “the’ APR that is used for the actual interest calculation. Right now a majority of witnesses have it set to zero, so the median is zero.

Love the work you put in... and then something funny struck my mind. Let me tell you now, so it can play on your mind between now and then...

April 1st, I'd love to see a Witness report from you that said this at the top of the post..

"This is what I've been working on"....

Nothing. I sat on the couch eating cheetos all day. I'm a witness that can't be bothered to get off the couch to check my witness node. Heck I don't even know if its still running.

I thought about reading steemit posts... but the couch is so comfortable. So I just sat here.

...and then...

April Fools! Are you kidding? Being a witness carries a lot of responsibility. This is what I've really been working on....



Haha, that is a good one. I might actually use it :)

I actually got scolded for my April fools joke this last year when I told everybody that all the witnesses hardforked and took everyone’s STEEM 😂

Good to see someone really supporting the platform. I thought one had to be a Whale to vote for a witness. How does a little guy like me go about it? Do I need more voting power to do so? Thanks for all that you do!



Thanks :)
Anyone can vote for witnesses. Just click on the “Vote for Witnesses” link in the main menu, and it will take you to a page where you can vote. It is similar to voting for content - you just click the “upvote” button next to whoever you want to vote for. Each person can vote for up to 30 witnesses, and you can change/remove your votes anytime.

Wow, you have been keeping very busy. How do you manage to do it? Do you have an hour a day schedule for each activity?


I have very little free time, and I don't get much sleep :)

But... where have you found the time to do so much things dear @timcliff ??? :D


Pretty much no free time, and very little sleep ;)

You are busy man as well as me ;)))) Greetings my friend. FOr sure you need vacation . Let me invite you to PANAMA ;)))


Vacation once STEEM = $10 :)


Thank you :-) coffee for you is ready :-))) wanna fish as well :D

Amazing 💕💕👏💮
Work at steemit.it is not easy but you did it.great job i liked it.i voted you as a witness,please guide me to become a good steemer like you.thanks if you help me.


Thanks! Spend time reading the links in the Welcome page, as well as the FAQ. Also, the video interview with Terry that I talked about in this post is a good watch if you have the time.


Okkk bro thanks for replying...it is a nature of good members thanks alot for upvoting me.👏

@timcliff I only use two exchanges, bittrex and sometimes gdax to do arbitrage, so could you please publish a post explaining all the exchanges you are working on and their contact info?

Maybe sort of a "how to write your congressman and ask for steem to be listed" kinda post please?

We could get real groundswell behind this effort, but I doubt anyone really knows where to find all the right places to contact, without a lot of daunting research.

Got an easy button for us?



I don’t want to publish the list publicly, because a lot of exchanges have rules about not talking about the negotiations, but if you search “coinmarketcap exchanges” they have a page with a pretty comprehensive list.


Yer the man, as usual ;)


Nevermind, I see this has been answered already now. Thanks bud!

I think you are busy now you need a little trip, travel somewhere and you'll love it, your mind will be good. You have posted well, thank you


I sent the same reply to another comment, but: Vacation once STEEM = $10 :)

nice post i support u as withness@ timcliff.


Thanks :)

Very good work. Now I support you as witness



@timcliff WoW! You have been very busy. Thank you for the contribution you are doing to make this platform even greater!! Can't wait to add my own soon :) Best wishes to you. - @splendorhub

@timcliff sir
I'm already voting for your great witness...

Bcz....I realy think...you are one of better steemian in this platform..


Thanks :)

thanx for the big contribution to the community...doing great job and its going to be worthy.....witness upvoted..

Thanks for the update :)

Thanks for your information...

Very good work @timcliff

Anyway you worked it out as your own suggestion, getting to know better way of handling it . good job