The Reports from the Witnesses 2018-02-18

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The Reports from the Witnesses aims to provide the community with a summary of what all the witnesses have been up to. Every week, I collect all of the reports from the individual witnesses and assemble them into a single aggregated report. New witness announcements and witness retirement announcements are included in the report as well.

Witnesses can continue posting their posts to the witness-category and/or witness-update tags, and I will assemble everything I find there. If I miss any reports, just let me know and I will correct it. If you want to direct message me a report via chat, that is fine too.

Historic Reports from the Witnesses can be found here:

So without further ado, I bring you the sixty first edition of 'Reports from the Witnesses'!

Reports from the Witnesses 2018-02-18

@gtg - Witness Position #3

@cervantes - Witness Position #29

@yabapmatt - Witness Position #34

@therealwolf - Witness Position #50

@steemgigs - Witness Position #59

@dragosroua - Witness Position #60

@gmuxx - Witness Position #83

@libertyranger - Witness Position #93

@anarcho-andrei - Witness Position #99

@jacor-witness - Witness Position #100

@bitrocker2020 - Witness Position #101

@ura-soul - Witness Position #103

@samrg472 - Witness Position #109

@isnochys - Witness Position #125

@davinci.witness - Witness Position #130

@enginewitty - Witness Position #135

@castellano - Witness Position #138

@steem-bounty - Witness Position #143

@cryptohazard - Witness Position #157

@precise - Witness Position #158

@crt - Witness Position #162

@dporn - Witness Position #183

@puncakbukit - Witness Position #223

@doctorvee - Witness Position #228

@yanosh01 - Witness Position #307

@xsorbik - Witness Position #331

@greendeliverence - Witness Position #359

New Witness Announcements:

@wintux - 2/13/2018

@spiry-btc - 2/13/2018

@vesteem - 2/13/2018

@greendeliverence - 2/15/2018

@yanosh01 - 2/13/2018

Witness Campaign Suspension Announcements:

@imacryptorick - 2/12/2018

Some Notes:

  • Many witnesses do not report every week, and prefer to only report when they have updates.
  • I recommend that you include communication as one of your criteria for evaluating witnesses, but keep in mind - it is not the only criteria. There are some witnesses that prefer to work "behind the scenes", and do not do much as far as reports.
  • For witnesses that are not currently posting any reports, I would encourage you to provide the community with at least some insight into what you are currently working on :)

Remember to vote for witnesses!
If you aren't sure who to vote for, check out this Witness Voting Guide.

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This is great initiative especially useful to perform analysis on repeated problems, gathering overview of how do we perform, identify strong and weak points and where to push harder. Hopefully, this will engage more proactive communication within witnesses and encourage high quality discussions.

Documenting new participants is also important - it could gain some visibility for people who work hard learning the infrastructure, but very often got unnoticed with very little time dedicated to address their issues. I guess the amount of work and pressure towards seniors leaves too little time to help newcomers.

Excellent work.

Thanks again for keeping everyone informed on people's progress :)

Thanks for generating this report. I enjoy the transparency this brings by collecting and showing who has active for the week in making a witness post.

I’ve not check in on this for a little while. We seem to be getting a few witness these days that is great!

That last post was interesting, crypto was design to stray away from fiat regulations. However, it seems it is starting to clash. What are you thoughts on politicians attempting to regulate crypto to fiat and fiat to crypto ?

Also, if you had to wear one color only for the rest of time, what color would you pick?


I think that some regulation is going to be healthy for crypto currencies, although hopefully it won't be taken too far.

Black. It is probably the only color that I think would look good dressed entirely in it :)


Alright, let's discuss how to add more pink in your life first. Then we can be prepared for the rest. :) I wonder if some regulation would defeat the purpose of cryptocurrency?


Hah. That’s one color I haven’t really tried to work into my wardrobe. Maybe I should try :)

It is a really complex subject, and probably one I can’t really do justice to in a brief comment. One easy example I can think of though is theft. If someone steals your coins, I still think that is a crime. I don’t really think it is horrible for governments to get involved in that case. I do see your point though. If it is taken too far, then it becomes as limited as traditional fiat. At that point, what good is it really doing? I don’t really have a great answer as far as where to draw the line. It is probably going to be something that the crypto currency community, governments, and society continue to debate for some time.


We just need to get them to pass HardFork 35.45: Doctrine Of Amazingly Pink.

Thank you very much for this kind of unified updates. Actions like this should be the norm on this platform!

Keep it rockin' Tim / peace / always looking for the next shoe to drop from STEEM blockchain and developer innovations !

Im gonna start posting my updates on Saturdays so I can make it in time for your update. :D

Thanks for continuing to share this with us!

thanks for mentioning me. I followed all your guides to become a witness. thank you again...

If you have time could you please tell me what the little green symbol next to 'witness thread' on the witness voting page means. It's like a resteem sign in a box.


It is an indication that the witness thread is an external link.


Thank you.

You did this more than 60 times. Congratulations @timcliff. I can see your dedication to providing us with a clear understanding of the platform of witness candidates. There is a lot going on here. When my head stops spinning I will try to pick up the pieces. Meanwhile I will just keep steeming.

Who of the witnesses is running an upvote bot? I know markymark has one, but is it also known for all the other (relevant) witnesses? I'd appreciate a list if that's possible/not too much work. Thanks.


I do not have this information. It would likely be a good topic for someone in the community (possibly you) to research and post about :)

· you sound like the women in my life. You just have to replace bot with lunch;-)

If I do it, you owe me a favour.


Are you running an upvote bot?


No. And I commit to no such favor ;)

From the 100 higher ranked witnesses, only 10 have reported this week. That's not good.

Thanks for the information. I am currently working on this topic.

Good Post