The Reports from the Witnesses 2018-02-11

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The Reports from the Witnesses aims to provide the community with a summary of what all the witnesses have been up to. Every week, I collect all of the reports from the individual witnesses and assemble them into a single aggregated report. New witness announcements and witness retirement announcements are included in the report as well.

Witnesses can continue posting their posts to the witness-category and/or witness-update tags, and I will assemble everything I find there. If I miss any reports, just let me know and I will correct it. If you want to direct message me a report via chat, that is fine too.

Historic Reports from the Witnesses can be found here:

So without further ado, I bring you the sixtieth edition of 'Reports from the Witnesses'!

Reports from the Witnesses 2018-02-11

@lukestokes.mhth - Witness Position #10

@jerrybanfield - Witness Position #24

@cervantes - Witness Position #29

@yabapmatt - Witness Position #35

@blockbrothers - Witness Position #38

@steempty - Witness Position #40

@prc - Witness Position #41

@fyrst-witness - Witness Position #47

@therealwolf - Witness Position #49

@liberosist - Witness Position #55

@ats-witness - Witness Position #56

@themarkymark - Witness Position #58

@dragosroua - Witness Position #59

@adsactly-witness - Witness Position #63

@chitty - Witness Position #64

@steemgigs - Witness Position #65

@sircork - Witness Position #78

@gmuxx - Witness Position #83

@libertyranger - Witness Position #95

@stoodkev - Witness Position #117

@jamzed - Witness Position #120

@enginewitty - Witness Position #134

@isnochys - Witness Position #135

@castellano - Witness Position #136

@evildido - Witness Position #140

@nnnarvaez - Witness Position #152

@kennybll - Witness Position #158

@crt - Witness Position #162

@doctorvee - Witness Position #223

@fazlayrabby - Witness Position #363

New Witness Announcements:

@crt - 2/5/2018

@fbslo - 2/7/2018

@jacor-witness - 2/7/2018

@asbear - 2/8/2018

@privex - 2/9/2018

@dporn - 2/11/2018

Some Notes:

  • Many witnesses do not report every week, and prefer to only report when they have updates.
  • I recommend that you include communication as one of your criteria for evaluating witnesses, but keep in mind - it is not the only criteria. There are some witnesses that prefer to work "behind the scenes", and do not do much as far as reports.
  • For witnesses that are not currently posting any reports, I would encourage you to provide the community with at least some insight into what you are currently working on :)

Remember to vote for witnesses!
If you aren't sure who to vote for, check out this Witness Voting Guide.

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Do you know what are the ultimate sources of demand for SBD?
I remember you made a post about external services using Steem or SBD, and such services are not ultimate sources of demand since they sell their funds back.
For example Steem has the following real uses in addition to being a currency:
Voting power on posts affecting rewards, reputations and visibility, voting power for election of witnesses, bandwidth.
I am not implying I am for or against pegging the SBD close to the USD.
I am just asking if the SBD has any underlying value like Steem has, or is it just another currency?
If it is just a currency, why do some demand it so much that it went so high?
And do I remember correctly that combined with Steem, its annual inflation rate is what is described in the blue/white paper as the decreasing to 0.5%?


The value proposition for SBD is that it can be converted into “approximately one USD worth of STEEM” based on the blockchain rules. Any value beyond that is purely speculative.

The inflation rate of SBD is not static. It is based on the amount of SBD currently in existence, as well as the current USD marketcap of STEEM.


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Some of the top witnesses never put out a report, it drives me bonkers. I want to see all the nifty stuff they have planned! Thanks @timcliff for being transparent and awesome! Hope other witnesses follow by example and lead by it too.

Hey Tim, it’s been a while since we chatted. Hope you’re well. Question: do you think every witness should write an update and if so how often? In your opinion, What content makes a quality witness update? Also, random one for you just to keep you on your toes. If you had to choose a super one superpower and the opposite would be your greatest weakness, what would you choose?


It is up to each witness to decide what they will do to support the platform. I would like to see all witnesses reporting, but it is not for me to decide what they should be doing. It is up to the stakeholders to vote for witnesses who they believe are doing the best job.

I do my witness reports once a month. I try to make sure everyone knows what I have been up to, what I am planning to do, and my position on any important issues being discussed.

If I had one super power it would be to see/predict/know the future. A close second would be to freeze time :)

Thank you for letting us keep in touch with what some witnesses are doing. Before I saw these posts, I never knew what they did.

Thank you for upvoting the Artstorm Contest. Your vote means I can run it for another week.

hello sir, i just want you to know that i voted you as my witness :D


Thanks :)


I just voted for you too. You seem to care about Steemit. :)


Thanks :)

It's nice and even heartwarming to know someone is actually reading those witness updates. Ok, I get it if you're a top 20 or top 50 player with enormous amounts of steempower and whatnot, but there is an influx of new and dedicated witnesses (myself included). If nothing else, I hope time will tell and show that those in the lower ranks could be e.g very worthy backup witnesses, extra hands when network might encounter any anomalies or god knows what else. My respect and I do take a bow to you for taking Your time, for shedding some more light and acknowlement to the new kids on the block (pun intended).

All the best and looking forward for the new and upcoming reports!
With ❤ and respect,


I started as a backup witness too with no votes, and worked my way up :)

Thanks for the update, it is great to know what witnesses do and why we support them.

It's great having an update like this so that we can see what's important to the different witnesses. Thanks for providing this service!

Please I think that the inclusion of inactive witnesses will also be useful. Thanks


Dubem, @timclff wrote in the post that some witnesses only give report when they have updates. The witnesses who do not report every week might not really be inactive. Surely, they are running their seed nodes, producing blocks & processing transactions for the steem blockchain behind the scene. The seemingly inactive witnesses might not have steem projects like a few others.

@maryfavour & @redfishpillar.


Thanks so much for the explanation @maryfavour.

Question: How do you feel about Trevon James and his latest post? (Backround info: he was promoting bitconnect) Thats probably why people are angery with him, right?


Sorry, I don’t really have enough info to comment.


That's okay. And now that I think about it, you probably shouldn't talk about it. A lot of people kept on getting down voted a ton for just saying their opinion...

Thanks for keeping up with everyone. I have a question. Ever since the new update from someguy, I keep having to 'reset' my price feed as it doesn't want to pull permissions for some reason. Can you shed some insight on this?


You should ask in the witness channel of steemit chat.

This is cool thanks for the useful info @timcliff

I think its great that you compile a report for these witnesses every week.

I would love to become a witness. It does look like it is quite competitive though, and I would be afraid I wouldn't be utilized and end up lose money. Any thoughts on this?

I'm also somewhat new to the platform, so I'm not an expert on the insides and outs of the platform.


There are some posts with info in the pinned messages of the witness channel of steemit chat.

good writing... love to read it.
thanks for valuable post

As always, a though work - I am most happy to see steemtpy who is from my country is an active witness again 😁

Wow, this amazing, thanks for helping put up this post, I've learnt a lot more as what to do as a witness

Thanks for sharing this, its really enlightening as to what witnesses do and kudos for compiling this witness reports. It doesn't really come in handy.