Witness Essentials: Watcher (Docker & Signing-Key Support)

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Witness Essentials: Watcher received an update, which includes:

  • Docker Support (incl. PM2 for 24/7 uptime)
  • Private Signing-Key Support
  • .env file has been removed and config.json refactored

Github: https://github.com/witness-essentials/watcher

Commits (1st Nov. 2018): https://github.com/witness-essentials/watcher/commits/master

What is Witness Essentials?

Witness Essentials is a collection of important tools for witnesses.

Github Organization: https://github.com/witness-essentials

More Info: Witness Essentials Explained

Watcher Overview

Witness Essentials: Watcher is a script that watches over a given witness account and in case of missed blocks, failsover to backup-nodes or disables the witness. Besides that, it can also rotate between the given nodes/keys and alert via multiple services.

To sum the features up:

  • Transaction signing either via private signing-key or private active-key
  • Rotation between keys supported
  • Multiple alert options available (TELEGRAM, SMS <NEXMO, TWILIO>, EMAIL)
  • RPC Failover
  • Robust error handling

Getting Started

The easiest way to get started is to use Docker:

git clone https://github.com/witness-essentials/watcher.git
cd watcher
chmod +x run.sh
./run.sh install_docker
./run.sh build
./run.sh start

For Telegram Alerts: You can create a new telegram-bot through botfather https://core.telegram.org/bots#6-botfather.

For more detailed installation instructions (incl. manually with node) check out the repository:

Github: https://github.com/witness-essentials/watcher

Update Instructions

If you're upgrading from an old version, make sure to edit the config accordingly.

The .env-file has been removed and the private active-key has to be added to the config now. But only if you're not using the private signing-key feature AND/OR if the witness is disabled.

If you find problems or have feature requests, feel free to leave a comment or create an issue on Github.


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  • Good code, and very useful for witnesses
  • Screen captures of the running script could have been nice to see.
  • Is there a way to simulate missed blocks to test the fail-over and disabling features?

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Thanks for the evaluation!

To test missed blocks, you could do something like this

if (witness.total_missed > _g.current_total_missed || true) {
      let missed_since_start = (witness.total_missed - _g.start_total_missed) + 1



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