Witness Essentials: Pricefeed v1.0.2

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Witness Essentials: Pricefeed received an update, which includes:

  • Replaced temporary dsteem-hf20 package with dsteem
  • Changed config.json variableEXCHANGES from an array to object to simplify the toggling of specific exchanges (true => false)
  • USDT Exchanges have been added to the config.json for simplified management
  • USDT conversion variable has been renamed
  • A small bug has been fixed which would prevent the publishing of pricefeed in case of no private signing-key while still having a valid active-key



Pull Requests:

What is Witness Essentials?

Witness Essentials is a collection of important tools for witnesses.

Witness Essentials: Pricefeed is a script for Steem Witnesses to publish their STEEM price feed.

  • 5 major exchanges supported
  • Transaction signing either via private signing-key or private active-key
  • RPC Failover
  • USDT > USD calculation
  • PEG support
  • Robust error handling.

Github Organization: https://github.com/witness-essentials

Getting Started

You can find a detailed guide on Github

Update Information

Since a lot in the config.json has changed, you can either remove/move the existing config.json and copy/paste from config.example.json what you need into the new one, or vice-versa.

Regarding the bug fix:

Essentially the active_key was missing as a parameter and a variable (set_properties), which is needed for the code to know whether it should sign with private signing-keys (new feature in HF20) or via active-key, wasn't set correctly.

See below for the code.

# before
transaction_signing_key = essentials.choose_transaction_key(_g.CURRENT_SIGNING_KEY, g.config.SIGNING_KEYS)
... more code
set_properties = true

# after
transaction_signing_key = essentials.choose_transaction_key(_g.CURRENT_SIGNING_KEY, _g.config.ACTIVE_KEY, _g.config.SIGNING_KEYS)
... more code
set_properties = transaction_signing_key !== _g.config.ACTIVE_KEY

All right, that's it for the much-needed update (1.0.1 was released 4 months ago), but at least over all that time, the pricefeed worked flawlessly. :)

So, I hope my fellow witnesses find this useful and if there are any questions, let me know.

All the best,

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Good to see you always keep the witness tools maintained, @therealwolf.

Do you have any plans to implement a simple outlier detection to exclude the abnormal market prices automatically? On my price feed tool, I have implemented a slightly modified Modified z-score. I know the data sample size is small, but it still worked very well in my tests.

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Thank you for your review, @emrebeyler! Keep up the good work!

ǝɹǝɥ sɐʍ ɹoʇɐɹnƆ pɐW ǝɥ┴

Good job, and although I have nothing to do with witnesses except friendship and admiration for their work.
I hope and wish that everything goes well for everyone, only with work and union can the impossible be achieved.

An affectionate greeting from Spain

You witness are doing a great job for steemit. Continues to move forward. Voted you as my witness for

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