Why you should vote for @themarkymark as witness

How I got here

I arrived on Steemit in July 2017 and stumbled around to make sense of the place. I still don't know how I ended up here, I believe it was someone in an crypto mining community who suggested I check it out.

I was instantly in love with the unique use of crypto with something I loved; social media. I was also discouraged and overwhelmed by the amount of spam and low effort content.

I used to be a Reddit Junkie, and there are still many things I miss about Reddit. Being able to easily share things like posts and videos without having to write full page posts about it. I miss being able to share simple content like like memes and gifs writing a book about it. One of my favorite subreddit is /r/shittyreactiongifs where you post a gif with a statement that is the most absurd use of the gif but really makes it funny. In a way, it's a visual pun or joke, and many you have to think a bit to get it.

When I see a very long twizzler

I never liked blogging, I was never really good at it. I haven't really gotten any better, but I am very persistent and passionate when I set my mind to it. I also have lots of opinions, and I'm not shy in sharing them.

My goal when I first arrived here was to write about something, anything, each day. However, I always hold to one ideal. Never take a reader's time and attention for granted. I always try to provide something of value to anyone taking their valuable time to read my posts.

I wrote about this in a post a few months ago:
You are not entitled to an audience, you need to earn it!

I believe a lot of people don't value their readers' time as much as they should. When you start writing with that in mind, you tend to produce better content.

You should always respect your reader's time as if it was your own. Time and attention is a very limited resource, not to be taken for granted. Always do your best to offer something of value for your reader, and not just for yourself. These are the two tenants I follow when I post.

When I first arrived on STEEMIT, I used to joke that I was posting into a "black hole". Finding and capturing an audience is difficult, if not impossible, in almost all social media networks. I think it is especially difficult here with money being attached to every action.

Anyway, I think I'm getting a little off track, and I don't want to waste your time!

Becoming a witness

In September 2017, I decided to become a Steem witness. I had no fantasies of achieving the top 20, but I knew I was planning on doing some good and making a difference. And for me, the technical aspect was just another day at the office.

I struggled early on, as do many witnesses, and didn't produce my first block for about a month, until I reached the 87th position! From there, I managed to creep up to the low 60's fairly quickly, where I plateaued for a while.

During the @bellyrub and @zeartul debacle, I managed to gain some more support which helped propel me to the top 50. And today, I sit around #39. I am very thankful to all of you who've supported me along the way, and grateful for how far I've come!


As many know I also run @buildawhale, which I started around the same time as my witness. I wanted to offer a bid bot with integrity, which also promoted quality content and good authors.

To do this, I ensured we wouldn't self vote. We wouldn't sell votes privately outside of our bidding windows, and I wouldn't use my account, alts, or anonymous bids via exchanges to use the bidding windows. Although I believe bots should be used for promotion and not as "cash machines", I felt it wasn't fair to use my money to bid on my own bot when it just goes in my pocket on the other end.

A few people have noted many bid bots are run by witnesses as if it was a bad thing, I would rather have someone reputable (hopefully) managing such an influential project than someone just it for money.

I am also working on enabling more ways to stop shit post from being rewarded through my bots as that is something I never intended.

@buildawhale Curation Digest

I also started doing a daily Curation Digest where we go through all the daily bids and find our five favorite posts to feature in a daily Curation post. The idea is to reward good content with more exposure and encourage higher quality content promotion.

Unfortunately, a large portion of the bids submitted are low effort and spammy in nature. I try to report to SteemCleaners and @patrice, but frankly it's just an overwhelming endless endeavor.

@buildawhale community voting

I also recently started a community vote with @buildawhale where I use 5-10% voting power on a community project to support something I feel is awesome. I'm only on day four of this new initative, and it's still a work in progress.

So far I have voted on Steem Poker League, a Utopian Project by @miniature-tiger, and @Ma1neEvent's radio show. I have a good idea who I will be voting on next.

Vote Bot

I recently started a Discord server for Vote Bots. All the major vote bot owners have joined and are present and I working on getting the smaller owners on as well. This allows us to have a dialog on larger issues, and work together to stop abuse. It too is in the early stages, but I hope it results in positive changes for the community.

Spam Fighting

I report spam and abuse on a daily basis to SteemCleaners.org and @patrice as I come across it. When its something I deal with on my own, I will use my stake to do so:

I've also been talking with @patrice about a new global blacklist project that Vote Bots, SteemCleaners, and Curation teams can subscribe to help prevent rewarding spam and abuse.

The goal is to provide a blacklist that uses consensus so no single party can add or remove a user from the blacklist. I also was thinking of having the ability to have categories of abuse so services can know why they were blacklisted. Other signals would also contribute towards a user's "priority score".

Steem Witness Details

I currently have two witness nodes operating in two countries. One is located in the United States, and the other is in Canada. I'll have a third up when the new data center is ready.

Both are running 32GB Ram, Quad Core Xeon Processors, SSD raid, and 1Gbit ethernet to the Internet.

One witness is using zRam as the primary swap device, and the other is using a swap file on 950MB/s SSD drives. I will be enabling zRam on the second witness the next time I do maintance.



Both servers are monitored for up/down, missed blocks, and other technical metrics, and there's an automated kill-switch to change the active node in case a block is missed.

I'm also working on a heartbeat system that will allow for proactive failover prior to missing a block. I have it working now without the heartbeat, but it won't react to Internet loss until I add some form of heartbeat testing.

Steem Full Node

I also manage two full nodes funded by @buildteam. They both have 256GB ram and SSD.

The public node can be accessed as https://rpc.buildteam.io

A lot of great projects use it:

The nodes are very fast, results of fetching 100 sequential blocks:
(Some nodes couldn't finish after repeated attempts)


(api.steemit.com completed nearly instantly due to Jussi caching, but I am not ready to put Jussi in front of our nodes due to the fact most people using it for scripts are having problems as is Steemit.com and there is no good documentation).

You can also see historic performance here.

Like my witness nodes, one full node is running zRam and the other is using SSD Swap.

Full nodes now require more RAM than a 256GB server can provide. When I first put the full node up 2 months ago, it required about 132GB RAM. Now, we're around 245GB of RAM usage, and growing around 1GB a day.

Steemd is primarily single threaded and most of the cores are just sitting idle.

Replaying a full node now takes almost 2 days, getting longer with each passing day. Witness node replay times are also growing exponentially.

So why vote for me?

I am passionate for Steem and the Steemit community. I spend a minimum of 8 hours a day on Steem and Steem-related communities. I am not a fly by night or absentee landlord witness. I am here for the long term.

I am very active in many communities on Steemit and offer a lot of help to other witnesses and users.

I try to offer something of value every time I create a post. I also frequently make in-depth tutorials on Steem and technical related topics.

Some examples of posts I am proud of:

I tried to keep this list short, but to be honest I'm proud of most everything I write! I don't post just to throw something up, hoping to get upvotes. I post to offer something of myself to others, and to offer something of value for the time you spend reading it.

I am not afraid to get my hands dirty, or to stand up for what I believe in. I am ethical, transparent, and passionate.

If I convinced you to vote for me, just click my gif on the bottom or go to Witnesses and find @themarkymark around postition 39 and please click YES!


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Just voted for you. Good luck and keep up the good work.


Thanks :)

When you voted you invited after. The UI is confusing. Have to refresh page after vote to be sure.

If Grumpy Cat is against you, I'm for you!


Well, you got my vote😁


And my bow (voting done)


Please check out my post. I am trying to learn code and I'm new here. I'm not looking for any free handouts, just some tips or advice



follow back and upvote....thanks


hi famous steemit worker
followed you


follow back and upvote....thanks


follow back and upvote....thanks


You got our vote @smartbcamp
Keep soaring. The sky is your limit




Dear boss
I want to you as my cooperation in this ways

You got my witness vote a while back now, but I'd be interested to hear your take on the BIAS setting and the argument that we should increase SBD rewards to meet demand from the SBD pumps.


Many (most?) witnesses have decided to let things play out more and act of backstop (prevent SBD from falling below $1 USD) instead of a peg to 1 USD.

BIAS has been suggested and a few use it, I don't feel it's time to do it, it would require a very large bias to counter the amount of pumping is being done. I am not ready to suggest creating more SBD.

I'm ok letting it play out and see where it goes for a bit longer and just keep it from falling below $1 USD if we need to. The increase in SBD has in return pulled STEEM up significantly. Forcing it at this point, especially with the current market conditions can have a dramatic effect on the price of STEEM which possibly could take a long time to recover from.

I do value highly a stable pegged asset though as commerce depends on it.


Thanks for your answer. For what it's worth (probably not much) I think the many (most?) witnesses are taking the easy way out and shirking their duties. I understand we have a strong ideological slant toward anarcho-capitalism amongst the powerful here which is part of the collective decision to do nothing about it.

As you say yourself, it would require a large bias to counter the pumping. So a small bias would have the effect of rewarding authors (the real creators of value on the platform) without crashing the SBD.

We also need a stable pegged asset for commerce. We lost it and are in danger of falling further behind in the market cap rankings. Curation incentive is also now dead. But we overlook these things for short term gain of a temporarily pumped SBD.

Anyway, I'll cut it off there so I'm not ranting at you. Thanks for the time you took to reply.


For what it's worth (probably not much) I think the many (most?) witnesses are taking the easy way out and shirking their duties.

I think a lot of witnesses have thought about it and actively chose to do nothing, and a lot are just not here to care. So it's a bit of both.

So a small bias would have the effect of rewarding authors (the real creators of value on the platform) without crashing the SBD.

I think authors are being rewarded pretty damn well already with SBD being so valuable.

We also need a stable pegged asset for commerce.

1000% agree with that, I put a project on hold because of that. Witnesses just were not given the tools needed to accomplish that effectively.

Anyway, I'll cut it off there so I'm not ranting at you. Thanks for the time you took to reply.

You should ask questions.


you are very lucky
please follow and help me

Just voted.
This community need more witness like you @themarkymark


Thank you :)

I'm going to vote for you just because of your Firelfy Profile Pics. One of my favorites of all time!! So depressing it was cancelled!!

You already have my support.

I am passionate for Steem and the Steemit community. I spend a minimum of 8 hours a day on Steem and Steem-related communities. I am not a fly by night or absentee landlord witness. I am here for the long term.

After going through your narration of your impression about steemit when you first landed here, your comparison of steemit to reddit and how you finally decided to stay on this community, improved and add value to it, I salute you and you've won my respect

I'm definitely giving you a witness vote.

Thank you so much for doing and putting your best and time into this platform.

Happy Steeming


follow back and upvote....thanks

I wouldn't say, my posts are thrown into a black hole. Because there you could at least measure the hawking radiation. And with my posts one couldn't even measure that:))


Lol, if the net energy of a system is zero, then at least someone on the other side is reading them!


Or someone is using my strings in my Postings for different purposes.. dundunduuuun

yeww keep climbing brother top 10 in no time

I am sorry @themarkymark I can't vote for you twice, you are already one of my witnesses. <3


follow back and upvote....thanks


thank you
You see your comment, I'm forced to vote,
I wanted your cooperation

You Got My vote :D

Thanks for doing all you do. I've used the buildawhale bot a number of times - helpful for us minnows if you hit it at just the right time. Anyhow - I dropped my vote your way. :) Thanks again.


you are very nice meaker

Hey Mark I voted you for Witness :)

You seem to have your head screwed on, you got my vote man! :)


I'd hope so, it would be super annoying to have to carry around all the time.
Thanks ;)

you deserve my vote as a witness, @themarkymark! with best greetings from germany.


Thanks :)


excellent comment boss

We’ve had a couple of interactions on here and I always value the time others take to hit the keyboard back at me.

I’ll go press an up arrow when I’m on a computer.

Wow, you've done so much to promote the community and help so many others. I wish I'd come across you much earlier. I'll consider voting for you as my role model.

@themarkymark, you have had my vote for a while and I am going to keep you as my vote. If I had the infrastructure I would have started my own witness but I do not currently have the ability to do so so I kind of look to you as a role model.

I enjoy the fact that you actively fought for the steemit community.

A suggestion for your community vote might be to vote on the steemstem distilled (kind of like your buildawhale community digest in that it shares the best posts curated by steemstem)

Either way you will keep my vote.


Thank you :)

Hey there! I like the idea of a global blacklist for spam and abuse accounts to be removed from voting bots, this is a thing which could help a lot this place. I appreciate also your efforts and the way that @buildawhale is built.

I just have one question for you as a witness I guess. When you say

256GB ram on SSD

What do you mean?

I have never met the concept RAM on SSD. Is it something that I am missing or it is just one machine that has 256GB of RAM and also the rest of the hard memory on SSD?


Should be 256GB Ram and SSD, thanks ;)


Oh, thank you so much for the clarification, I was scared that it would be possible to be there a huge concept which I am not ware of in this technology topic. I feel better now :))

Thank you for answering so fast, I didn't expected it. This makes me even happier that you are one of the three witnesses I have voted for by now :D

Im still relatively new to steemit, how exactly does the witness process work and whar is it for?


A witness primary job is to produce blocks as the system is delegated proof of stake and not proof of work. (There is no mining).

We are also responsible for maintaining a price feed that is used in many internal systems.

Witnesses also have a few tweakable parameters we can change and have a say in the consensus-driven final setting. These are:

  • Steem Price
  • SBD Interest Rate
  • Price Feed Bias (affects how much SBD is generated)
  • Block Size
  • Account creation Fee

That's the full job description, but many witnesses do a lot more than that and act as community leaders and trusted advisors.

i thank you on behalf of the society to always put much effort in steemit,,you really deserve a vote from @jordanlove as a witness,i'm gonna resteem this post so that my friends also get know this,,



Well, I just joined and I don't even know what witnesses really do. Regardless of this, you really made yourself stand out from the crowd and I gave you my only vote so far a few days ago :)

You had me at

Never take a reader's time and attention for granted.

Voted for you! :)

@themarkymark Thank you for this overview of where you come from and what you do for the development of steem. You got my vote. I am currently trying to set up a bid of a different bidbot which would be very profitable for high quality content but negative for low quality content. But I still have not found the full documentation on piston which I need. I am not a professional programmer but passionately learning and experimenting. If you know where to look I would be glad for any help. Good luck for your campaign.

upvote here and get yout last 5 posts upvoted



i join steemit teem i fill good i promote it.

Very inspiring journey and i have learn a lot of new stuff from this article thanks much for the share

Hello! Mark @themarkymark
Nice to meet you
I voted you for witness 👌👍
You deserve it Mark
I'm new here and im really happy to meet you
If you have time
Please go through my wall and support me mark
Thank you :-)


Welcome bro ☺☺

I have been following you since day one. do you got my vote and upvote, as well as a resteem!

Quite honestly I am not exactly sure if I understood much of what you wrote but I did get that you are passionate about Steemit(yay) and that you are here for the long term. Me too, mind you I don't always have eight hours in a day to spend on Steemit, but it has become my go-to social media, I find it addictive. Now if only if I could get my 4500 Fakebook friends to join and vote me up. Nah, most of them do not deserve a social media like Steemit. Out of 4500 friends I have probably unfollowed 4400 of them, lol.

I like blogging and writing in general, if anything, I have to be careful of being too verbose. But I agree it is important to not waste a readers time and to make reading your words easy by spacing out your paragraphs. I can't stand seeing words all bunched up into a blocks-long single paragraph that fills an entire page.

Anyways, before I bore you to death.
You got my vote.



thank you dear
useful comment
up vote you
please upvote me

Finish for upvote your witness...can you tell me how to join in your discord. I hope you come to my blog.

Done and best wishes from a noobie from Australia. Cheers.

Voted. Made me understand as I am new here.

Didn't read it all. Once I found this I didn't need to read more:

" I always hold to one ideal. Never take a reader's time and attention for granted. I always try to provide something of value to anyone taking their valuable time to read my posts."

Right. You only live one. Don't waste your time or others.

For this reason alone you deserve to be a Witness

And if I can post this after continual 'bandwidth' restrictions you'll get my vote

Well you got my vote........keep doing what yer doing

You Deserve our votes man :D

Definitely got my vote. You got me at respecting the reader's time. I would also like to spend the money to build a node and be a server for Steemit. I believe my husband and I are in this long-term. He builds our computers and I'm a programmer. Followed you as well. Wow @themarkymark, we wish you all the best and you deserve great respect in this community.

what good and detailed information, I really like this article good work

Then you have it...my vote goes to you the markymark

Thanks for being an active member of steemit for the long term. You have my votes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

your post took my 30mins but it was worth it as i learnt to value readers time. a vote for you

I've already resteemed it,

I am going to vote you for witness :)

You definetely have my vote. That was a very honest and sincere blog, from somebody with no intent but to help and find his way round steemit. Just like myself! Well done!


Hi Pete.
We run a steem meetup on the last Thursday of each month, in the beer garden at the Jade on Flinders St.

Next one is on March 29th, from 6pm.
Please join us any time you're free, or hit me up if you have any questions.


Hi @gnosticpete

Next Adelaide Steemit meetup is on Thursday 31st of May 2018!

6pm onwards @ The Jade 142-160 Flinders Street.

Further details about the meetup can be found here

Hope to see you there, have a great day :) Stef aka @o07

DQmUn5C7s76WQQnhMv8cEzLxzDwEGy53GaDRVMRrkUw9Di6_1680x8400 (1).jpg

Great text! Well done!

You have got my vote. I am new and find about half the content is great content, and the other half ...well I will not go there

It also seems like the post get votes, especially once an audience is built, but comments have low vote count. I am not talking about the monitory side, but would like to see more effort in the comment hierarchy to know what has value.


voted. :)

Well I must say, I have learnt more about this community from this post than in the last 2 weeks clicking around. Thank you

very good

Very informative and helpful! It's really cool to see how much work and development is coming on in the steemit community, for positive reasons! Without other users like yourself this would be so much harder to figure out, and Excel! Thank you for your time and your hard work!!🤘🔥

Hey Mark, you got my vote :)

Really great effort, keep it up man.

Kindly follow me for tech info and science blockchain technology AI technology. I will follow you back

My vote is for your nice blog.

I voted for you a while back. Thanks for your work on Steemit. I am still trying to figure out GINABOT. Keep on, Keeping on!

You get my vote

Its the passion that you have that made me vote you as witness. I do not know yet how to be of an addition to the community as help. But Vote will be yours so that I can be somehow made something better for the community. Hopefully, I can contribute someday.

A very nice piece... Voted

My thoughts exactly , too many spam and junk posts, its hard to find something interesting to read , mostly articles copied from somewhere else, i myself want to start blogging about food(recipes , guidance and general discussions ) and tough this may be the place , but seeing all the spam makes me doubt if that's a good idea , if there is even a little chance you and people like you can fix this issue you have my vote. I can feel the honesty in your words and you got my respect ! Wish you good luck on your way to the top !

I like your post

Thank you for posting, My vote.

this is a great post @themarkymark

please support me please :)

Your post is so inspiring and even if im stilk new it the steemit i was amaze on how passionate you are. I've read your previous post and gave me so much idea on what to do on my next post. Continue to be an inspiration to everyone and hoping that you will also guide us newbies. You certainly havemy vote!!!

hopefully i'm not included in the blacklist ..

Join me this.,,

A vote from me to you.

Thankyou sir @themarjymark pls follow me grandeur


It seems to me the demands of Steem might grow too fast even for RAM capacity growth to keep ahead of.

I'm a beginner, some articles I've read also say about witnesses. but I do not know what the benefit of the witness is, please give a little explanation

You got my vote man.👍

Why would you vote anyone as a witness... fo real doe


Nothing is far better than being the real you, in your words, your writings, your speeches, and actions. The world is waiting for that man or woman who takes up a challenge and turns it into benefits not just for himself or herself but the world at large. I am on a journey to influence my world, and I am not stopping until I see a brand new world.

@themarkymark thank you


Nothing is far better than being the real you, in your words, your writings, your speeches, and actions. The world is waiting for that man or woman who takes up a challenge and turns it into benefits not just for himself or herself but the world at large. I am on a journey to influence my world, and I am not stopping until I see a brand new world.

@themarkymark thank you

succes my friend..

You got my vote , you are a leader 😁

Good post. I am a newbie but I must say you inspired me to get to the top too.

You got my vote!

I'm new at all this steemit stuff but i've seen ur bot and some of ur posts, top quality content, i voted for u

which is very useful for us who are beginners in writing specialy in steemit, greatly motivates us to write well, using steemit to convey brilliant ideas to the community, best regard @saifuddin73

really good

tiene mi voto @ themarkymark yo soy nuevo en steemit y ando en busca de siguidores.....

Very good sales pitch, let me think about it :)

Very nice article thanks for sharing with us

I just started a few days ago and now I am learning too what it is like to blog into this twitter-based thing. So far, it seems like it really is a lot of fun just to respond to people like you. If you really wanted to know, I'd vote for you too.

Woooow amazing bradeeer

What I gathered from reading your post is that you speak in a genuine way.
I am new to this platform and reading your post kind of encouraged me to further pursue steemit and not give up just yet!
It is overwhelming a bit, and sometimes I feel discouraged.
The community is friendly enough though so I'll stick around ;)
You have my vote sir!

I really enjoyed this piece, your work explored a range of insightful ideas and arguments. What stood out for me was the fact that you highlighted how you always have the reader and your larger audience in mind when creating content.

In an extremely fast paced world, time and attention are two of the most important commodities for people and I appreciate your consideration of such concepts.

I think this is the reason why I’m attracted to Steemit and it’s community as opposed to traditional social media platforms such as YouTube and Instagram. Rather than meaningless comments and vanity metrics surrounding content engagement, Steemit seems to place greater emphasis on quality content and authentic discussion. Thanks for the great article my friend.

Hi, follow me, i'm interesting

You got my vote :D

thank you boss
you are very successful in steemit work

you have my sword... i mean bow... i mean vote!!

This post has received gratitude of 6.73 % from @appreciator thanks to: @themarkymark.