Holy Shit! It's a swelker101 witness update!

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It's only been forever and a day.

So to be honest, I'm not even sure when my last update was, so I'll just go over what I think has happened since the last.

64GB Server

I have completely upgraded to a 64 GB server, and things have been running smoothly since then, minus the mishap from the blockchain last week, I have yet to miss a block. Speaking of that..

Yes, I'm fully upgraded to 19.5. Unfortunately, I was one of the unlucky ones that had to perform a replay instead of just patching and being on my way. But no issues at all with the upgrade and replay.

What number are you?

I'm currently standing at witness #97. I was well on my way higher a few months ago. I called out and lost the Jerry Banfield account when he tried to charge people an outrageous price for creating new accounts. But hey, I feel better knowing that I did what I thought was right for the community. I may be low on the list, but I'm still here for the platform itself.

What are your goals and plans? Why do you witness?

First off, I'm bullish on Steem and the platform and while I can't say that everything that happens here is awesome, the blockchain IS fantastic and completely undervalued. The blockchain has changed my life and my wife @isaria 's for the better and I do want to make sure it keeps moving in the right direction.

Secondly, I love to promote original artistic work. I love music the most and help try to promote musicians with the radio show Steemit Musicians with @krystle where we donate 30 SBD to the favorites as chosen by our audience. I also donate 25 Steem per week to #openmic as well as $25 USD worth of SBD through the msp-music account.

@isaria is tireless in her curation of artists as well, and that's why in the near future she will "officially" join me on the witness as we change the account the witness is run under. Look for that announcement in the next few weeks.

What else do you do?

I am the longest running Moderator at the Minnow Support Project discord group, as well as a secondary Mod at the Steemmonsters Discord.

I am currently working as an advisor for a new yet to be announced Discord group in which I'm very excited about being a part of. (Yay for vagueness!)

Along with @isaria and @aggroed, I host and co-host Minnow University Radio and The Peace Academy which we stream live to dlive each week.


The Blockchain is awesome, the witness server is awesome, I'm awesome, you're awesome. Everything is awesome. Also, witness name change coming soon.

I would love to crack the top 50 to help grow creative accounts and provide stability to the blockchain.

Click here: https://steemit.com/~witnesses
Scroll on down to #97

Click that button once.
Accept my virtual hug.

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Holy Shit! lol Blamed!
You got my vote @swelker101

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You've got my vote. No worries. I'm also following you as well, so, I'll actually be able to see your updates?

You have been upvoted ;-)

Hey there! Man it has been too long since we hung out for any appreciable period of time. Glad to see you're still up and running. Shoot me a message on Discord if you get a chance; I'm curious to see what this unannounced Discord project is!

Blame Shane for the awesomeness of his witness!

Cool, I didn´t know you´re a witness. Good luck! Voted...

awesomeness to the square! and when @isaria joins the witness is so going to be even more awesome cause you have to face it she is way more awesome than you Shane lol

Just voted for you, good luck \m/


@isaria is joining you on the witness team? Well... I'm looking forward to that account change. Thanks to both of you for all you do to support artists, and the blockchain's long-term success!