I'm @suggeelson, and this is my introduce as Witness

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About Me

I am 35 years old from Varna, Bulgaria and work as frontEnd developer specializing in the admin templates, I'm working as freelancer if you wish you can check here

Witness Server

The server is provided by @privex with the following specs:

Operating System: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

  • 16 GB RAM
  • 4 cores
  • 200 GB HDD
  • 1gbit/s network


Secure the witness node is a must for each witness, so I apply the best practices to protect a node.

  • SSH keys to login
  • Password authentication disabled
  • Root login disabled
  • firewall enabled
  • fail2ban enabled
  • Intrusion Detection System enabled

Witness Goals

My witness node is up and running and now I can focus on several projects to improve the sever security and make some apps on top of the steemit blockchain.
Priority will be:

  • Setup a reliable seed node.
  • Publishing price feed regular.
  • Recruitment/Marketing - I will try to bring more people into steemit and active marketing ( paid advert and etc ) depends on my witness rank

How to vote for me as a witness

You can vote for me here:

You can vote for me at the bottom of the page.

Type "suggeelson" into the box (without the quotes and @), and then click the vote button.


Who supports me?

You may hear about #thealliance, we are a group of 100 people and growing.


and Bulgarian community in Steemit.


Thank you for reading it.




Be happy to support your witness fellow Alliance member! Will go now and vote

Thank you @joearnold you have my support as well.

Hey Mate. You have my vote. Hope you will give yours also to me.

Thank you @jatinhota you got it

u have my vote buddy :)

Thank you @roykie17 you are awesome.

u are always welcome. .

Здравей @suggeelson от няколко дена съм активен в steemit и сега почнах да издирвам българите за да ги добавям. Радвам се че има активни и успешни българи тук и ти си пример за такъв. Желая ти още повече успехи във всички твой начинания.

Благодяря ти Михаиле, заповядай в българската група в дискорт - https://discord.gg/GDqWEr

Благодяря ти Росен вече ме покани. Почнахме да се сабираме :) ще станеме голяма група

sneaky-ninja-two-swords-story-sneaky-ninja-thealliance-steem-steemitcomics small.jpg
Sneaky Ninja Attack!!
You have been defended with a 40.00 % upvote!
To help keep my Jōki (蒸気) power strong I rely on the townspeople of Sōsharumedia (ソーシャルメディア).
I was summoned by: @suggeelson.
I have done their bidding and now I will vanish...


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Great post and thank you for sharing this and for doing what your doing my friend 😆 you already got my vote as you know. Cheers

Thank you @saffisara you are awesome. You know can ask me for anything i will help you.

No need 😆 so well deserved. Yeah I am a little huh? 😁😁hahaha
Thank you so much for that my friend.
I know I can you are to sweet. 🤗

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You got my vote, do well and all the best!

Thank you, @jznsamuel is a pleasure to have your vote.

You have my vote my friend

Thank you @tattoodjay for your support and everything.

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