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Not a bad pay out for no content lol


If I do not understand, you know what happened here?

WHere could we get more technical details?
What went wrong?


I do not understand what happened here, how did a post with just one text get so much profit?


Because they refuse to remove their upvotes.


Ok thank you for answering, but I do not understand well because the author wants to have his profits taken away, I'm sure he will have some reasoning but at the moment I do not understand it.

analyzing a bit the comments and reached the conclusion that the publication could be about a bug in steemit and once it has been solved to delete the publication with the bug and its solution to not give ideas to some malicious hackers, not I know if it will be that or not but it is to the conclusion that I could arrive.

You not gonna remove your votes for this if it's removed??


I guess not. Not yet anyway.


Thanks, updating now. And that was fast and easy. Thanks again!Screenshot from 2018-01-26 12-35-35.png

This gets over $500 USD!!!!

well sir thanks for that information.

great post, thanks for sharing

thats bad, there is no other way like email subs for these type of things ?
like all the witnesses gets email when an exploit is found?

Do you like what I'm doing for STEEM/Steemit?

Sure, you will have my vote.

I really need to learn what a witness is and how to be more involved with this community


You could think of them as community miners

Thanks! You make this witnessing stuff a piece of cake!

(no the cake is not a lie in this case)

Thank you so much for these precious updates.

Sawadhi khap


satby di mai.

Thanks @someguy123
We get more technical detail ,?

wow nice

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So if this post was bringing up an exploit ....the knowledge of which could reveal or open further exploits....
(I am just guessing here from the comments)

Why not write a blurb like.... "I got the witness message out...but removed the post content for security until all issues have been addressed."

Instead of leaving it as "removed" but still a $75-$100 post payout. Which looks confusing and weird!