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It's hardfork 16 time! Past week I decided to shutdown my VPS based backup witness node because it would not provide enough performance and start with a fresh backupnode on a dedicated box (32 GB, SSD, 6 core). After a couple of days running it and monitoring I decided this morning it was time to swap and upgrade the main witness. Supporting HF 16 now on my main witness, backup witness and seednode: seed.roelandp.nl:2001

What else I did the past weeks? First off I spent some extra time with my family as I felt I had not done so in the months leading up to @SteemFest. With a great weekend in our hearts, I finally could :) So we went on a tourist trip to 'Amsterdam Castle' and we visited IKEA, such fun.

  • updated SteemTools with latest entries... Now more than 100 tools, apps & services listed!
  • finalised @SteemFest, still need to write the reflection though.
  • published some of the @SteemFest Video Interview series, still some more to come.
  • cut the @SteemFest livestream into single sessions and published them with youtube, utilizing FFmpeg and CLI script: youtube-upload
  • Gave @radiosteem some food for thought... contemplating with revisiting the current concept into a steem-music station instead of a steemian-curator station: by broadcasting steem artists instead.
  • Setup & funded a SBD-peg maintainer script by @riverhead to buy undervalued SBD and sell overvalued SBD. https://github.com/riversteem/sbd_peg_bot
  • Finally got around cloning & running a local copy of Steemit.com on my virtual Vagrant machine, so I can now (try to) make some changes and features for Steemit directly. Before getting totally lingered up in Steemit this summer I was actually at 75% of my react/redux video course so it's a great reason to finalise that one and implement learnings here.
  • Lowered the bias and sbd interest rate per following discussions in several witness threads.
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I realised you were a busy chap when you organised SteemFest but wow... you really do like to keep yourself busy! Keep on with the good work :)

I thought I had voted long ago for you as a witness, I guess I had not, when I dbl. checked today to make sure.

-- I did earlier today, sorry for that @roelandp

Finally got around cloning & running a local copy of Steemit.com on my virtual Vagrant machine, so I can now (try to) make some changes and features for Steemit directly.

Awesome! I am very excited to hear that you are starting down this path. More community developers working on changes to the Steemit.com website is a huge benefit to the community :)

Thank you for the update and all you do for the comunity. And I'm happy you fot to spend time with your family.

Can I ask that you, as I would like to see witnesses in general do, briefly describe where you stand socially and politically on a few issues of your own choice.

In my opinion, this gives a better understanding of the more personal motivations that could be driving a witness at some point in time.


Hi Ego / myself :)

In regards to my witness activities i do not have any political beliefs mixed in imho. I've a witness infrastructure and with the rewards I pay off the server costs and fund some fundraisers, my time for events like steemfest and various steem apps and the SteemTools.com service.

If you would look at my voting behaviour at past local/national elections I tend to vote Liberal Democratic. Furthermore I am atheist and am pro separation of church/religion and state matters. Additionally I am not a fan at all of the rise of populism recently in Europa and US, and I try to educate myself more about it's implications and how to learn from the rise of this (political) genre and somehow prevent a total separation of groups in society.


Thank you for answering!

@roelandp, you seem like a super smart guy and you got my vote for witness my friend.

Okay, so after reading this I did a search to find out what a witness is, ha, I am still learning here! From what I comprehend now. this is a significant undertaking and I appreciate the kind of work you must put in. I also learned how to vote on witnesses and you have mine :)


thanks..... there are indeed some great explanatory articles available here on steemit about 'witness' activities and tasks. Thanks for your support.


Everyday I've been here is a learning curve, but after just a week and a half I already know this platform is the wave of the future. And it's a great community, so it's extremely important to keep it that way. Having an actual influence on how a 'society' is run? Never in my lifetime before this. I'm in this for the long haul and have been trying to compile a list of the "most important things to know" as I encourage other people in my scope to get on-board. If you have any insight on information for that, posts you can recommend, that would be great.

Very good work. I have already upvoted you as a witness :-)
Steem on ;-)

Thank you for all that you've done for the steemit community and also all the way that you've help me personally. I really Appreciate all of it ^_^

Roelandp can I ask you a question?