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Make your Witness vote work for you!

I like the idea of sharing!

You have to have lots of voters to break even after paying for the witness node hosting. How do you plan to share the reward:

  1. 100% of the acquired block reward will be divided and distributed to your voters
  2. Firstly rewards will be used to pay for the witness node hosting and after that all reward which is left will be shared?
  3. After you produce block if someone share in pool will be under 0.001 (minimum transferable amount) what are you planning to do?

Please, give us more details about your reward dividing algorithm.

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  1. We are looking at starting at a 80% payouts 20% hosting model. It might be a bit of time before we mint our first block and we don't want to keep our supporters waiting for a payout too long.

  2. Shares will be paid out to a supporter once they hit the minimum threshold of 0.001