Pevo funding cut off [UPDATE} we're back!

in witness-category •  2 years ago

Update: Thanks to the amazing support from all over the community, we're back on track! 


Although a lot of people support my witness and with it the Pevo project (thank you all), I've lost too many whales to be in the top list.

I therefore stopped powering down, as I don't intend to get out of here soon and of course don't want my power to shrink. 

Sooner or later I may be able to open up other routes of funding, until then I can only ask anyone who supports pevo, or any other of my work, to give me their vote on the witness voting page. It won't be enough to make up for the missing whales, but every little bit helps in the long run :)

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Common man! Just report on what is going on a regular basis and I sure community will appreciate you work.
I just curious why you need a funding if this two-word post give you almost $100?
I believe that in upcoming months we will have much more transparent process of choosing witnesses there skills, commitment level, expertise and actual deals will be also appreciated in addition to technical results shown here.


Thanks for the heads up! The community does appreciate it, the current situation has political reasons beyond that ;-) There's 84 votes for me, that's the third or fourth most individual accounts voting for a single witness. But there's basically 5 high-stake accounts deciding about the top witnesses, and if you don't have support of 3 of them you're out.

We have a witness activity log here

I'm not gonna report on every step to ask for upvotes all the time, those funds should be used by authors and others. The project was started as a witness project, because it requires a lot more funding than 100$ here and 300$ there to become reality.

This is a great project that I would like to see happen, I am sure you will be back on the witness list in no time but until then you can have my upvote of course!

Here's a little funding in the form of an upvote.


Lol thanks. That's going in my personal pocket though :P

I would upvote you if there was a log about your project and where you are at. Also, i didnt hear from you on beyondbitcoin


Do you have those demands for all witnesses, or only those that really work on something?

I won't report any more than now, as I don't deem it necessary. That time can be used in productive ways. And why should it be presented on beyondbitcoin? That's not at all the target audience.

Thanks for the offer, but you'll need to write a lot more posts until your vote counts on the witness voting :/ Right now I'd need 20 of you to get from position 21 to 19 ;) It's not the number of votes, I got 84 of them, only topped by roadscape and riverhead. There are only 3 accounts apart from the steemit guys which could change something at this point.



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