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Hey Steemians, pfunk here, a smaller holder of vests/SteemPower asking for your modest votes. Steem has been a learning experience for me. I've used Linux before and used the terminal quite a bit yet never made the full jump to commandline-only until Steem gave me the motivation to do so. Although I stumbled at first, letting a misunderstanding with libboost get in the way of mining until just before the PoW-for-STEEM period ended, I've learned quite a bit about Steem and its ins and outs.

Due to my inexperience with administration as such I do not think I am qualified yet to be an always-on witness. However I have been running a Steem node while mining without break since I first got it compiled and I plan on doing so indefinitely. So I ask for your vote because I would like to have a higher chance of being a backup witness and increase my stake in the Steem network.

I plan on keeping my node running indefinitely because I see good potential in Steem and Steemit. It runs on a dedicated machine running a 3.7GHz Xeon 4 core/8 thread CPU, 16GB memory that I can expand to 32GB if needed, and can easily expand storage to multiple terabytes if needed. Should there be a hardware fault it can be replaced quickly.

The authors have thought the design through well enough that it could become a large platform, and I would like to help it happen. Since learning that the April 30th fork enabled mining and witnessing simultaneously, I have set my account creation investment (miner-account-creation-fee) to 10 steem and have published SBD price feeds as well. My contributions so far to help bootstrap Steem/Steemit have been contributing to the discussion in the Steem slack channels, posting ideas and things that I find interesting while at the same time testing, and upvoting quality posts and content.

Inexplicably a handful of people have already voted for me as a witness. Thank you very much to those who have voted for me without any prompt!

Thank you for reading, and if you approve of me as a backup witness please enter this into your cli_wallet console,

vote_for_witness youraccount pfunk true true
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