Introduce the witness fuction of my weChat gadget

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Some people may know that I developed and maintained a WeChat gadget to facilitate the user to query steem information conveniently. For example, check the basic information of the account, inquire about the internal market situation, etc.

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The most important function of it, I think, is to query the information and status of witness. With this function user can query the basic witness information, such as the rank by vote, the real rank, online status, witness type, total votes, last block, total missed blocks, etc.

I also included rewards estimation function, using it, you can easily estimate the daily income of the witness.

Using online status , Version, Missed, Last block &Block Age, You can easily judge the running status of the witness node.

For example, as we can see, the witness node of @timcliff is in a very good status:

And for @wackou 's witness node, it shows that the node already offline for 4034.4 Hours

And for me @oflyhigh 's witness node, every thing is OK, but the lower rank😀

To use this tool, you MUST have the Wechat APP installed on your phone, then scan the following QR code inside Wechat APP:

Enjoy It.

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That’s pretty cool, I gave it a try, it’s similar to @ginabot which works on Discord but in this case it’s on demand query based instead of push notifications. Also managed to get you closer to top100. 134F623D-F448-4EF2-8B40-AE8688698D52.jpeg

Very glad to see that you try and like this tool, and thank you very much for your witness vote.

Besides the function of witness, this gadget has some other functions. You can input help to get more details. But It seems the I need to make some adjustments of it to fit it with HF20.

That’s great I tried the ‘help’ command and it shows alot of commands, like market orders, powerdowns, delegations etc, quite comprehensive. :)

Pretty cool @oflyhigh, I didn t use WeChat for a while, but I ll go ahead and test your tool! Any plan to port that to other messaging Apps that accept bots?

Thank you @stoodkev. Yes, I have some plans to port it to other app, such as telegram, discord, etc.

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When I grow up, I want to be a Steem Witness too!

Just like @oflyhigh and @stoodkev ...... 😊😊😊😊😊

Work hard, young man, only the sky is the limit.

Thank you, master O!

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Ambitious kid, Dean.

I ll save a vote for you =)

Kinda like a witness report Great. Nice work!

Thank you.

You develpped a WeChat app to investigate Steem ? Fuck me youre getting a vote from me and I am so trying this....can you do Line too or any of thenothernpopular Asian chat apps please ? Id give you two votes then ;-)
Great work, my kind of witness :-)

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Thank you.

Great work on the tech side but I really stopped by to comment on how damn cute that little light bulb plugging itself is.. cheers m8

Thank you.