State of the Witness #16 - Witness Node Updated to 0.19.11 - 50% of Top 20 Witnesses Yet To Update

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State of the Witness #16 - Witness Node Updated to 0.19.11 - 50% of Top 20 Witnesses Yet To Update


Yesterday, SteemIt released a new update for Steemd that fixed an issue with witness block production (related to calculating block size), and user authority validations.

The update is very important to any witness currently running 0.19.10. However, it is recommended that all witnesses upgrade.

At this time, 50% of the Top 20 have yet to upgrade and start producing blocks

This witness update has a chance of forcing a block replay which can take several hours or more to complete. Perhaps the witnesses that have yet to upgrade are just finishing their update instead of not checking Steem updates. Top 20 witnesses make over 100k Steem/year currently so there really isn't a good excuse to not be on top of things.

In the coming weeks I will be publishing some how-tos and tutorials for new Steem users and will dedicate a decent amount of time to what a Steem witness is and what they do.

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@netuoso, Great to know that Steemit really working hard upon the updates and also striving hard to improve the Steem Economy and for sure it's an appreciable work.

And amazing to know that, Top 20 Witnesses make 100k for an year, and these numbers shows that what opportunities Steem gave to the so many people.

And i want to appreciate you for your upcoming initiative regarding the how to programs for the newbies, and for sure everyone should learn about the Witness System because it's literally the backbone of the Steem Blockchain.

And now everyone is waiting for the SMT's because for sure that can increase more and more opportunities in the Steem Economy and Steemians get an opportunity to grow.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

cool, are there any changes that a user will notice?


No the changes are mostly centered towards the backend and block production.