Thanks for your reply, @timcliff. Since you are very active, and knowledgeable here, may I ask you a couple of questions which I have not been able to figure out here? I have been using the SteemNow stats from @penguinpablo, and it says my 100% upvote is worth $0.00. This has been the case since the beginning of my Steemit usage starting in July 2017. I started checking my profile stats on his site shortly after making my first post in August. What makes my upvote worth something? Am I doing something wrong if it still says it is not worth anything? And also, I have never seen an option that allows me to down vote anything. What triggers this feature? Thanks in advance for your helping me to understand these things. I have read the FAQ's and several authors' articles, but still can't figure it out.

Hi @mitneb - the amount that your vote is worth is a function of how much Steem Power you have. You can use this tool on SteemNow to estimate how much your vote would be worth if you had more SP:

To downvote, just look for the flag icon. It should be in the upper right corner of posts/comments.

@timcliff, thanks for this help. I see the flag now. It sure is small, and not where I expected it to be. Probably better that way to keep people from accidentally tapping it. And the calculator was helpful. I see that it takes 100 SP to get a .01 value. I have a long way to go before I get there. I'm investing in the platform by powering up 100% when I publish articles, but I am not purchasing any SP because I am trying to grow my account value completely organically by participating in the platform and engaging with people. I was trying to build up a bit of funds to employ the minnow booster bot or some other one that seems like a good one to use, but maybe it is better just to keep powering up my SP instead. What would you advise is the smartest thing to do with my meager assets? I currently have 1.783 Steem, 1.936 Steem in the Steem Power category (not counting the delegated 13.124 balance), .451 Steem Dollars, and no savings. Thanks in advance for your insight and advice.

If you are trying to grow your SP, then powering up all STEEM is the way to go. For any SBD, you can trade for STEEM on the internal market (link in the main menu as well as your wallet). There are zero fees for this.

Regarding trading SBD for STEEM, you can just trade at the current market price, or you can try to time it and get the best value. If you watch the prices of STEEM and SBD, you get the most STEEM if you wait until the price of STEEM is lowest and the price of SBD is highest.

Thanks for this helpful advice, @timcliff. I'll take it. I'm also trying to earn more of anything by entering contests that have awards for the best entries. This seems like a good way to publish, engage and interact, and improve myself at the same time. Cheers!

Cool! Thank you so much, @timcliff! I'll do just that! Cheers!