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jesta witness update (2018-Q3)

in witness-category •  5 months ago

Just voted for your witness because of something mentioned in steempress’ post. An interesting read, even though it’s not the subject matter of choice for me.

I was disappointed to read of your involvement with eos, but only because I want all our top witnesses to be clearly committed to building the future of Steem. I do think it’s a conflict of interest, but your reasoning of going with Anchor first makes sense. It’s more I’d prefer time and effort be dedicated to the Steem Blockchain. I’m not going anywhere, this is where I’ll stay, and should I eventually decided to invest my resources in crypto, Steem is what I’ll be investing in. I love this platform and in my idealist world, all our Witnesses would feel the same. But I get it that being a witness is a job, more business oriented, and not based on sentimentality.

For now, I’ll leave my vote as is, even though I’m a little dubious. You seem like a honest and nice person. Besides I doubt my all powerful vote of confidence will make a difference anyway. Hehe

Hope to hear more steem-focused updates in the future and thank you for the transparency.

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