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#38 - @Arhag

A member of the Bitshares community since mid 2014, Arhag is no stranger to the Graphene-based cryptocurrencies.


Arhag tends to post with ideas or suggestions for improvements to the Steemit ecosystem. While this may sound like a typical witness description, Arhag is both more selective about posting and maintains a very high quality and thoroughness standard for his posts.

In particular, his post on adding a “reaction” feature, decoupled from reward modification, was both insightful and thorough.

Arhag previously spearheaded the “SteemStandards” tag, in an attempt to standardize standards for Steemit, such as language, across clients. Arhag is also a developer, with 32 contributions to Github in the last year.

Arhag's witness is currently dead, so you should not vote for his witness unless it gets updated.

Arhag holds 823,000 SP and is NOT powering down, demonstrating substantial faith in the Steemit platform.

Arhag’s Current Witness Update: https://steemit.com/witness-category/@arhag/witness-arhag-update-aug-9-2016-to-aug-18-2016

Arhag’s Original Witness Thread: https://steemit.com/witness-category/@arhag/witness-arhag

Proposal For Separating Reactions and Voting Reward Modification: https://steemit.com/steemit/@arhag/proposal-for-reactions-feature-separating-structured-user-opinion-both-positive-and-negative-from-reward-modifying-upvotes

Steem “Reaction” Feature: https://steemit.com/steemit/@arhag/proposal-for-reactions-feature-separating-structured-user-opinion-both-positive-and-negative-from-reward-modifying-upvotes

“SteemStandards”: https://steemit.com/steem-standards/@arhag/what-is-the-purpose-of-the-steem-standards-category

Arhag Identities: https://steemit.com/pgp-identities/@arhag/proof-linking-my-arhag-identity-across-various-websites-and-services

Arhag’s Github: https://github.com/arhag

Please see the acknowledgement post here.

If you have any additions or errata for this post, please let me know! I will see that they are voted to the top of the comments, and will make the appropriate edits (if possible).

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Do you even sleep LOL

No, not really.

Thanks for taking care of business man.

For someone to believe and hold a very valuable belief in our platform is a blessing.
I will do the same, these kind of people are the people we must emulate, i enjoyed reading

Awesome post
maxresdefault (3).jpg

Nice n informative

your title should state its a dead witness lest people waste their witness votes or upvote your post on a dead witness

I second the sleep comment. LOL. I actually have been looking more into Bitshares as an investment. Been going through a few things, but I'll be back stronger within the week.

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@arhag witness has been disabled since 31 aug

Indeed it is. That's why I advised against voting for him. Nevertheless, he occupies the #52 spot.

i comment 4 minutes later you edit 20 minutes after post was made

Do you have a point, or are you just rambling?

I already told you I edited in the line about the witness being dead shortly after.


I don't even remember which edit it was. I edit all my posts, a lot.

Why do you care?

Yeah, I posted the post quickly from a draft and it didn't have the line about being dead.

I didn't even see your post before I fixed it, which was seconds after posting.

Neither explains why you flagged me, which I will now do to you.

well you posted articles about other dead witnesses and never said just trying to cover up your shit

too busy voting all your comments before payout

"oh well you posted articles about other dead witnesses and never said just trying to cover up your shit"

Also a lie:

"Svk has the highest ranked inactive witness with the oldest “last block.”"

I point out dead witnesses whenever able.

"too busy voting all your comments before payout"

If you'd bothered to research before mudslinging, you'd know that was my girlfriend, and what she votes in really isn't any of your business.

I bet she could reduce your rep to under 25 pretty quickly though.

heres dead witness you post and never say


good work sending people to dead witnesses fucking the system as well as stealing rewards

You're a liar and a troll.

None of my posts even say to vote for these witnesses.

Your own LYING ASSUMPTIONS are why you think they do.

Get the fuck out troll.

whatever twist you want to put

if it was a normal vote why only before payout window and cant be flagged

She votes whenever she gets to the comments in my feed and her voting power allows.

It's none of your business, you stake-SJW.

Also, what are you, some kind of autistic nutjob? What do you think my end-game is here, specifically hiding that dead-witnesses are dead so that people will vote for them?

It might help your idiot conspiracy theories if you thought them through first.

PS - Thanks for a good reminder to take you off my auto-voter.

dont worry you'll be getting autoflags soon to pay off your reward pool raping

Your lies are transparent. My girlfriend voting for my quality comments is not reward pool rape.

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Yes, you do understand the fact that someone else voting for me, who has already been publicly stated on the platform as my girlfriend, who will obviously like my writing, is not "me voting my comments" right?

Do you have any actual evidence, or just your autistic spamming?

Edit - Can't reply to or see your response for some reason. Dead link.

Because I told her she had to vote before 6.5 days or else she couldn't, so like any good procrastinator, she is 6 days behind on the feed.

PS - It's not always 6 days, when I stop posting, the backlog goes away. Why? Because she catches up as I post nothing.

She doesn't give a shit about sorting through 90% of articles about Steem on this shitty Reddit knockoff. All she looks at is my feed.

You are such a troll.

Why would you be mad I corrected something I wrote that was inaccurate?

You're only here to troll. Get lost.

problem is your writing on dead witnesses and not stating such voting up loads with bots wasting peoples witness votes

Lol. You are tilting at windows.

I don't owe you or anyone information on whether a witness is dead or not. The fact that I include it when I can is fucking irrelevant.

You are retarded.

You are such a troll.

Told you I edited few seconds after. It was fact. I corrected because I don't know which edit is which.


you added the dead witness part the 4th time you edited after i told you

heres is another you made on dead witness and you never said was so leading people astray


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