@Aizensou - Meet The Witnesses #37


#36 - @Aizensou

Aizensou is a witness who has placed his money where his mouth is by quitting a respectable career to Steem full time. Before quitting the dreaded “day job”, Aizensou had one of the more impressive job titles around, as a PhD data scientist working on cancer research.

One of Aizensou’s early projects was SteemInterest, a clever service that solved a real problem for semi-active Steemians. When Steemit used to pay interest on SBD every month, your new interest payment would not be compounded into your next interest calculation until you made a transaction. SteemInterest was a service that automated this by timing each registered user’s interest compounding period and initiating a .001 SBD transfer just prior to re-snapshot the total asset pool which interest was to be paid out on.


Aizensou was involved with the pre-alpha for the SteemStays project. This appears to have been intended to be effectively a lower-fess version of AirBnb with integrated Steem payments, but the main account @Steemstays has gone silent for 11 months so it may no longer be under development at this point.

Aizensou has also released code for running a Steem stats leaderboard, showing the top authors, curators, etc by calendar date and vests. This is still available on his Github, although he appears to have moved on to Zcoin development. These days, he rarely posts.


Aizensou holds 56,000 SP and is powering down.

Aizensou’s Current Witness Update: https://steemit.com/witness-category/@aizensou/witness-update

Aizensou’s Original Witness Thread: https://steemit.com/witness-category/@aizensou/witness-application-aizensou

“Quitting The Office”: https://steemit.com/steem/@aizensou/time-to-go-full-steem-ahead

SteemInterest: https://steemit.com/steemit/@aizensou/ann-steeminterest-a-trustlessly-service-to-maximum-compound-your-sbd-interest

SteemStays: https://steemit.com/steemstays/@steemstays/steemstays-an-accommodations-marketplace-on-the-blockchain

Steem Leaderboard: https://steemit.com/stats/@aizensou/customize-payouts-leaderboards-stats-for-steem-network

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Sources: @Aizensou, Github
Copyright: @Aizensou


Really impressive background. Would never except an active witness to be an ex-cancer researcher!

That's Really Very Nice Comment!!!

Great post bro.go ahead.

Aizensou is a roll model for all steemian.

great post well someone can quite there job because of steemit wow that's really great :)

Glad to read this post

Aizensou is one of the best steemian...Thanks for sharing with us about this matter

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this is great , i guess we owe @Aizensou our deepest gratitude, thank you very much

Steem stats leaderboard, showing the top authors, curators, thats a good concept too....

Thanks for the information. I am a newbie to Steemit.

Wow so Awesome It Look Like In Steem Every One Can Make itself Witness and Best Thing Of Witness is That You Will make a block which will pay you rewards That's So Awesome

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Doing research on cancer is a great job, as you are not only doing it to meet your expenses but aslo for the good of humanity.
I hope he grows to greatest heights on steemit and make leaving that prestigious job worth.

Thanks for information

I really impress your background.

really very great your post

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