KLYE Witness Update 10 / 09 / 17

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Hail to the wonderful users of the wonderful STEEM network!

As part of my witness campaign each week I try to throw together a post outlining what's been going on in regards to development of the various projects as well as going-ons in regards to STEEM, it's users and the runnings of our wonderful decentralized network.

This Week as STEEM Witness

Overflow Nearly Doubles Missed Block Count.. D'oh!

Woke up from a lovely mid day nap 6 days ago only to find that my main witness server had used up all it's shared memory file allocation and was hemorrhaging blocks.. In total 77 blocks failed to be created that I was scheduled to create! The failover script I had been using failed to trigger my signing key to the backup I have in place. Ended up writing a small nodeJS script in hopes that it would prevent this from happening in the future.

Alerted Users of Phishing Attempt

Nothing more I hate than people who would rather attempt to steal from others instead of put in work.. After receiving a phishing attempt in a memo it was my duty to create a post warning my fellow user not to go to the site they were trying to funnel victims into.

Hopefully by posting I saved someone from falling for this terrible attempt to steal users credentials. Remember to always be careful when following links sent by anyone!

Witness Server Sentry v0.0.1 Released

After the overflow blunder causing me to miss blocks mentioned above set out to create a script capable of monitoring lost blocks and switching over signing keys automatically. Witness Server Sentry v0.0.1 is just that, a one time use failover script written in nodeJS + steemJS to help witnesses not miss precious STEEM blocks! Now open source!


for Witness!
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The thing with phishing is that even that takes time so people who try to scam or phish invest time into it, but it's time spend on trying to scam people instead of investing it in something which creates value.

Awesome work, thank you for the report. These things make it easier to decide who to vote for :)


You are most welcome..! It's good to know what the boys are doing for sure. :)

So much information thanks for sharing!


You are welcome sir!

Thanks for the update


You're welcome.

Wow, amazing witness... 😊👍


Oh stahp.. :P cheers!

welcome @klye .your witness update


Cheers to you as well bud!

I don't think everyone appreciates the work the witnesses put in. Thanks for all you do



Thanks Steevc.

What they don't tell you is that witnesses are on call 24/7... It's taken a bit to get used to but in the end I'm doing what I love.

Thank you for your report


No problem happyphoenix! Have a gooder.

Hail Klye! 🙌


Hail good fellow!

I should probably vote for some witnesses eh? Happy Thanksgiving!


Thanks for the thanksgiving wishes!

Take it easy eh?

It seems that we need some more witness and double memory


We've plenty good witnesses but you are welcome to start your own campaign of course!

Aye, the system requirements to run a high load node are increasing! 32GB RAM is what I run.

thanks for your witness update


You are welcome..!

How'd you manage the 11 rep?

Good post

You are a busy fellow, then add a couple of gins into the mix, witness the explosion

Hi sir Kyle I am new here in Steemit, although i registered last june i just began blogging just recently. bayareacoins required us to vote for him as a witness to unlock higher faucet claims in his site. He also ask to vote also for you and for some other guy. How do I do that sir ? I was able to do it with bayareacoin but i forgot how.

Thanks in advance for helping out. upvoted, retsteemed and followed you sir.