Witness Proposal, Again

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I realize I did this earlier. But I wanted to give you, steemians, my best. I believe I can now.

Why I Want To Be A Witness

If you don't already know, I love steem and steemit/busy. I've been on here for a little over 1 month and a half. And I just love the community.

Projects Contributed To

I have contributed to Busy.org and bitshares-ui. I have added features and styles to each. I love to contribute to open source projects.


My main thing is programming. At 17 years old I had learnt HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Java, JavaScript, React.js, Angular.js, Android, and more. I have been programming for around 6 years. Wow that's a long time!

Blockchain Technology

About 2 years ago, I found out what bitcoin was. I was hooked. Slowly and surely I learned about other coins and platforms. Then I came to steem. I was look AWESOME! Getting paid for my knowledge, what?!?! But it's so true. I have shared things with you guys, and you guys loved it! I later found bitshares, which I love, and which is going to pay for my witness servers (I wont two giveaways).


So I rented a server from privex by @someguy123. I also rented a backup server from routerhosting.com. It has 4 cores, 32 GB of RAM and high bandwidth. The it also has a HDD. Right now I am in the middle of setting it up!

I can't wait to do this for everyone! And I hope you can't wait too! Starting probably tomorrow you should be able to add me as a witness using the, If you would like to vote for a witness outside of the top 50, feature on www.steemit.com/~witnesses. Just type in kennybll, and your set.

Thanks so much for reading, and have a nice night, day or morning (lol), Kenny.

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