intelliwitness UPDATE - April 14, 2018

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Please vote for @intelliwitness as a steem blockchain witness.....

What is @intelliwitness and how, and why is it important to vote?

An article I wrote that explains it (with screen snapshots) is at this link:

Being a witness is not easy. Sure, running the software, getting a server up and running and being secure is easy. However there is so much more to it than that...

Expenses, the right provider, running the server, monitoring it, doing security updates.. Keeping in tune with STEEM developments, community concerns... the list is endless.

I missed my Witness update last week. I always wondered "how does that happen?"


  • Why do witnesses sometimes miss updates? Could they really be that busy?

  • Often, yes!

Is that an excuse? No! Speaking to the community is an important job for witnesses. There is nothing worse than putting your faith and vote into a witness and they go silent.

As a relatively new witness... (I'm effectively #93 on the schedule list as @intelliwitness) I will endeavor to give weekly updates as part of my mission.

So what has @intelliguy been up to? What has the witness node @intelliwitness been up to?

I've been talking with other witnesses. Trading information back and forth. Finding new ways to ensure stability beyond just keeping a witness node running.

In addition to that, I've been seeking out new projects to either start, or find existing projects to support.

...being a witness means you believe in the health not only of the steem blockchain, but how it is perceived by the public, new users, investors, or even the media.


  • There are things a witness can voluntarily do with their skills, finances, and know-how to promote our platform and increase the value of STEEM.

  • I am dedicated to be involved in doing that...

There will be more updates going forward. I wish to thank all voters who used one of their 30 vote slots to vote-in @intelliwitness (non-top 50 witness) as one of their witness choices.

Again, if you've never voted for a witness before... Here's a link that will show you how, and why, you should:

...and yes it is free

P.S. If you want to see weekly witness updates, summarized, be sure to follow @timcliff -- he does a great job of finding the latest posts by witnesses and it makes it easy to find out what everyone is doing.... Thanks Tim!


I wish you all the success @intelliguy 🙋

I didn't had idea you're running for a Witness around here :) Full support! @intelliguy is definitely great choice to be an owner of an active witness.

@intelliwitness you've got my vote!

Cheers and talk later @officialfuzzy,


Hey, I remember you. I just checked and didn't see your vote go through. The interface is kind of clunky so you always have to verify after you do it, that it worked. :)

@intelliguy, nah, it's just my messy head. Was doing it, then f**cked off to a call, Telegram, Client... Loop. Came back and finished the job. Hope all good :)




I am glad friend that you are doing very well .. god through and with effort you will be in the top 50.

@intelliwitness is trying :)

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