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RE: Hardfork 21 Tomorrow

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Here's a much better post than steemit's Hahaha! Thanks

I don't see how the authors could get an increase of curation, just to stay at the same level of curation as before HF21 they need 30% increase so to earn more... I know that we are in the world of crypto but to take the authors for deep fools....

Especially if there is an increase in the number of votes, where will it come from? Mainly account has 0.001 steem of curation (new account) and not installed account (or explain to me how the other accounts will do to vote at more than 100% power), so don't be fooled.

Example: a post with 1 steem curation before HF21 must therefore obtain 1*0.3 = 0.001*0.45x which gives us 0.3 steem = 0.00045x or 667 additional votes (good luck, guys)

Okay then the winners will be the small accounts? Okay, so that's good, but are you sure? What is the actual distribution of steem wallet by size? I let you do the research by yourself :)

As long as the distribution does not take into account the SP in its calculation mode to really help small accounts to develop (both at the author and curator level) then the system will remain unfair and arbitrary.

Steemit has really failed at all levels, an author wants above all to be read (by humans) and then rewarded for the adequacy of the work done, a reader wants to easily find and read things that interest him and will enrich him intellectually while being rewarded for the attention he has given to his reading.

But both of them are frustrated. The first one because the learning-to-use phase is to hard and it's impossible to know how many human readers it will actually have had. The second because nothing is done to accompany him, to help him find what he is looking for and that the dream we sold him is far from reality. I am not talking here about all non-core person who are doing their best to give steem more humanity and more accessibility with their means, far from equaling what the core team could do.

As for the witnesses, we can't say that steemit did much to highlight them. It's more like you can manage on your own! Once again it is the external teams that try with their means to do something (like Steempeak where it only miss a Witness section in Explore to make one more step for the witnesses).

It's a real shame for a blockchain that has so much potential