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Inviting Content Creators

We are formally reaching out to a variety of established bloggers, vloggers and content creators to invite them to the Steem blockchain and the various content visualization platforms it entails.

As part of the invitation, we'll be creating and sponsoring accounts, providing an overview and briefing those invited on best practices (using the various keys, the different apps and frontends, using steemd, account security and everything else a new user would need to know), getting these accounts listed as verified, and introducing them.

Watch the @guiltyparties blog for updates and introductions.


By now everyone knows that Twitter shadow bans people, YouTube sets unattainable requirements and deletes accounts, and Facebook is pay to play. Content creators end up being pawns and no longer control their own content or have the right to express themselves in any way they wish.

Steem is the answer. No one save for the content creator themselves can alter or delete a single character of text in any transaction that is part of a block. No amount of flagging can change a block. There are no minimum subscriber requirements to earn rewards for content. There are no random college grads working in arbitrary departments that have the ability to decide based on whatever loudmouth complaints they received to delete an account. The accounts are permanent.

Simultaneously, we all know that Steemit Inc is not a large company and it is not solely up to @Ned to promote the blockchain and its possibilities to potential investors. The current community does a great job in getting friends to go through the sign up process on Steemit, but only a handful of established users and witnesses are actively getting the word out to influencers who will bring not only a following but a unique set of skills to the blockchain.

You probably know by now that my background is partially in music promotion. Myself and my partners are pooling our experience and connections to get this done.

We won't reveal who we've invited until they either choose to join or decline in order to prevent name squatting.

Account Creation

  • The site now sports a form for military veterans to sign up for free Steem accounts.
  • We actively create accounts for new invites where verification is possible and once in a while for random users stuck in account creation/recovery limbo.
  • Future and prospective project accounts have been and will continue to be registered.
  • All accounts created by @guiltyparties are provided free of charge and in good faith.

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yee haw @guiltyparties, yeah that's what we hope @comedyopenmic does as well, we're trying to reach out via twitter, reddit, especially word of mouth, and other means to find real writers as well as content consumers (enthusiast and appreciators are as important these days), and mobilizing the community to reach out to their contacts and utilize their connections!

#bringmorerealhumanstosteemit for sure! we need todo a campaign, and provide prizes and reward folks for signing up others too!

i tried to tell share the point in a witness post some months ago, the current importance of witnesses participating in user based recruitment as well as retention is paramount in this early stage of Steem ecosystem development, growth, and stability:

Me parece una gran contribución al crecimiento de esta plataforma... mi apoyo...


Hablo poco espanol. Me llamo pablo, encantado a conocerte.

Resteemed. Have a wonderful lovely day! :)

Great idea!! It would help our Vets out in so many ways, especially support and camaraderie which is greatly needed.

Nice idea.... With this most people will find this platform interesting

Nice 😁

Nice postcard...=)

For free and in good faith? @guiltyparties are you for real? So what's in it for you? Dont get me wrong, i believe in steemit, i believe it can help a lot of people, i agree that @Ned only cant promote the community, we all have to play a part. But we are also here for the money so i ask, whats in it for me? Its easy for you to say, not all of us here get upvotes and resteems by whales like @acidyo. Theres no incentive
I know a lot of nigerians will love to be here and i can reach them. Nigerian are quite the creative bunch but some of us need to incentivized. I know that if whales and dolfins resteem and upvote my posts, i will be more encouraged to promote and grow this community like i pledged to do. I stand to be corrected.

Resteemed. Have a wonderful lovely day! :

This is something Steem needs, every content creator you can successfully bring to Steem is a small victory for everyone invested in Steem, keep it up!
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