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Happy New Year!

The first block in 2018 (according to the Coordinated Universal Time) #18,581,583 was produced by @jesta


What happened in our Steem Universe in 2017?

steemd evolved

We started the year 2017 with v0.16.0.
Do you still remember such relics as Proof of Work and two payout windows?
On 30 March 2017, we had 2in1 Hard Fork 17+18 called Steem Simplicity.
Since then, we have been able to use Delegated SteemPower and Arbitrary Reward Splitting.
In May 2017, the Steem license was updated to MIT
On 20 June 2017, we had HF19 called Steem Equality, which brought linear rewards and increased voting impact, among other things.
It’s our current hardfork version. But that’s not all.
There were also a dozen or so minor releases (we are currently at v0.19.2)


We had a SteemFest2!


New projects were born such as Utopian or DTube.


Steem broke the 1 million transactions per 24h mark.


More traffic means more resources. At the beginning of the year, consensus node needed 6GB for the blockchain and 2GB for shared memory file, and the end it was 52GB and 19GB respectively.


STEEM opened the year 2017 with a price of $0.17, $108,000 in volume, and a $40 million market cap. It hit the low of the year at $0.07 in March, but closed the year with a price of over $3.00, with $4.3 million in volume, and a market cap of $664 million.

Now take a look at the first 48 hours of 2018 to see how obsolete are those 2017 records :-)

Bright future

A new year needs new resources ;-) I'm going to power up my API endpoint a bit soon, and a lot soon-ish.
Please remember that the old "compat" mode API endpoint provided by Steemit, steemd.steemit.com is shutting down soon.
My API endpoint will be switching to jussi too (a bit later). That will allow me to use hivemind and sbds.
The upcoming "Steem Pressure" series will enable various node providers to make better choices for their hardware and software configurations.
Stay tuned.

If you believe I can be of value to steem, please vote for me (gtg) as a witness on Steemit's Witnesses List or set (gtg) as a proxy that will vote for witnesses for you.
Your vote does matter!
You can contact me directly on steemit.chat, as Gandalf

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Yeah, its a really great summary of the year and actually I already forgot the low price in march :o We all should have bought more Steem there :D


My API endpoint would be switching to jussi too (a bit later). That would allow me to use hivemind and sbds.

Could you publish some guides when you setup those tools? Would love to see some <3


Yes. That's my plan :-)



What an amazing year it has been. Voted for you as Witness!


Thank you :-)

Good post to ever seeing

As Steem price is going up, the more people are comming to the platform. I wonder what will be the steem price at the break of 2018. One thing I can say for sure, there is an interesting year up ahead.

@gtg don't forget to always bring your wand (knowledge) to the community. Very much appreciated.


Happy New Year to you too @gtg Thanks for the overview of 2k17.

Amazing year, 2018. is going to be even better. Btw you are my only witness :)


Thank you for your vote. :-)

2017 was great and it finished fantastic! I hope 2018 will be even better :) Happy New Year!


Good times, bad times. More good than bad is the key. Having a new year much better than the old one is a also good strategy ;-)

Great summary, wasn't aware of the volume Steemit increased in value and space, looks very promising, Happy New Year @gtg 👍 😎


Promising, yes, but also challenging.


Challenges are good :) keep at it, if I can help with anything just call, I'm a believer

@gtg happy new year my friend hope you are well

Thank you @gtg for your overview of 2017. We look forward to benefiting from your work and others as witnesses in 2018. Being involved, I see significant growth in Steem/Steemit this year as new communities pull/port their loyal user base from other restrictive and exploitative social media platforms.


True, upcoming features (SMT, communities, etc) and growth would make 2018 both challenging and exciting.


Is there any documentation or blog about communities? I’d love to read up about it as it is one area where I reckon I can really get stuck into.


Not much for now, you can check Community Spec [DRAFT].


Ok cheers. I’ll dive into that on the train home.


Ok that was pretty fascinating. Thanks for taking the time to dig that out for me.

happy happy ... couldn't be a better start, could it ? (-: peace

i still remember the 0,07 moment :P and look where we are now! having witness that i having nothing to fear now even if the price goes back at 0.01$
Steem on!

Happy new year to you also....2017 is good year for steem and we get good start in 2018 also ..
and now i voted for witness


Thank you! :-)

Lead us into 2018 grand wizard and we shall pass.


That's my plan :-)


Wow... didn't know he can perform magic with Steem. I keep learning everyday :)

Happy new year! You got my vote :), you're great ❤


Thank you :-)

Happy New Year, this is a nice summary of the key developments in 2017.

This is really informative and it makes me wonder why I didn't start using steemit when I opened my account 5 month ago, I could gain much if I did :)
thank you for the update, a lot of good things happened and with the rising popularity of the platform we can expect more and more developers to invest time and coding for that platform.
It's really nice of you as a witness to give us this look from above on the platform! please keep that and keep us uptodate with the things to come on our wonderful platform!


Well, better late than never ;-) Good luck!

Thank you @gtg.
Indeed 2017 was a success and blessing to the steemit community. We do hope 2018 will bring more success and breakthrough.
Let us all brainstorm on new ideas and innovations that will furthermore boast the growth of steemit.

You have my voice, happy New Year :)
Greetings from Corfu :)


Thank you! :-)

Great overview and wish you a productive 2018!


Thank you, good luck! :-)

Thanks for this, it's actually a very succinct (read useful) overview of 'the history of steemit behind the scenes' in 2017.

Nice statistical summary too.

And thanks for all your work as a witness, you've got my vote.


Thank you :-)

In Steem we trust!

Happy New Year, too - keep up your good work! :)

Do you still remember such relics as Proof of Work and two payout windows?

Woah 2 payout windows! I had almost forgotten that one.


Dang you guys are old :P


Sue Sue Studio! This is mean!

GOOD JOB Got to Go!


I will Sue you for that! ;-)


AHAHAHAH! clever :)

Even though I'm late, keep my tepid happy new year 2018 hopefully this year more successful than the previous year

Happy new year! you got my vote =)


Thank you :-)

@gtg Can anyone help me to understand how author reward are calculated on powerup posts as I got only 0.517 SP as author reward for My post link
which shows

Past Payouts $3.70

  • Author $3.56
  • Curators $0.14

Please help.


STEEM is currently worth around $6-$7, so with your author rewards of $3.56 you got $3.56 worth of Steem Power. You should use 50/50 type of posts when 1SBD is traded significantly above 1USD because for powerup posts the blockchain will always assume that 1SBD is worth 1USD, so in such case (when 1SBD>1USD on markets) getting payout partially in SBD would allow you to sell SBD for STEEM at better rate than 1:1 and then you can power up all that STEEM.


Thank you very much.

Happy New Year 2018 thanks for the great summary of all events on this net, it is important to keep in mind always, you have a great year as Witneess and continue collaborating with the community, Many thanks for all your support without which i would not have come so far. you make a great work, a hug and my best wishes for you and your family this New Year!


Thank you :-)

and vote for you, greetings and happy new year :)


Thank you :-)

Happy new year,hope 2018 will be even bigger. All the best steemians!

nice :) and i've vote you on witness voting @gtg
hey don't forget mind too ok, upvote it


Actually, you did quite the opposite: thomasjug unapprove witness gtg


oopss sorry, my mistake :)
it's done now @gtg
i've check and vote it :)


Voted here to i am new here but seems good so far.

very good vidio you friend

Any thoughts about SBD USD peg ?:)


Slowly going back to normal (increasing steem price helps).

Please vote my post

happy part
a beautiful day
your first job at the beginning of the year is amazing
thanks for sharing

Happy 2018. This year will be great.

New year wish:Hope steemit have a bright future,value go up and up!!!

Why do you want to hurt me
I have no place to live now
I am very poor

The growth of steemit this past year has been incredible and this new year will provide even more growth for the platform, as well as change for the better!

Looking forward to a bright new year and I just wanted to thank you @gtg for your service to the community. I am new here, but I've got friends who've been here for a while. I love it here already.

Thank you again!

Also, if you have a minute or two.. vvvv

If you have a second, please check this post out.

I'd like help in getting the word about steemit out! Thank you!

-- Evan

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