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Hello, World!

My intention is not to make it into top 19. I could name many other candidates (clearly more than 19) with greater commitment to steem(it) who are a lot more appropriate as witnesses, but I'm sure I can be useful as a backup witness.

I introduced myself here:
Those of you who use https://steemit.chat know me as Gandalf.
For some time, I’ve been using my magic powers (mostly those related to security and infrastructure) to improve steemit. For example, I’ve improved our "Perfect" Forward Secrecy and made our communication with site more secure.

My seed node (EU based):
seed-node = gtg.steem.house:2001
You can also use it to rsync data dir
rsync -Pa rsync://gtg.steem.house/witness_node_data_dir .

My witness node is on a separate data center (an EU-based one as well).
If you believe I can be of value to steemit, please vote for me:
vote_for_witness YOURACCOUNT gtg true true


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Thank you for spending your time to make steemit secure. Thanks to people like you we have a much safer environment. Were you paid for your effort on steem?

I get the feeling that it takes a lot of people (many of whom are not core developers) to make Steemit run. We owe a great deal of thanks to those who help, provide ideas, and test out matters like security. Thank you!

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@steemship you are very correct.

Quien me puede enseñar soy nuevo
este es mi whatsapp 8297744239




Χαχαχα ρε φιλέ

Biggest and further crypto

I don't know if I was paid for my effort on Steem or not. I don't know how to check and find out. Can you teach me?

Click on your profile in the upper right, then select wallet, and after it loads click on rewards.



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Thank You! ⚜

Good question

With people like you steemit will be a safer community for everyone here.



🙌 I voted for you. Thanks for your work.

Thank you for spending

Keep up the good work

I don't know how to increase my followers on steemit! Where can i learn it? Could you please inform me about this?


Spamming with meaningless comments and posting copied content isn't the way to succeed on that platform.


I agree, Thank you for your contribution and keeping steemit safe.

Thanks for making steemit what it is. You are an important part of this community. You have my vote.

Thank you :-)

It is very important to have someone manning the gates thank you!


Give this man a gun and a camera.

My pleasure :-)

You have my vote! Thanks for everything you've done. Steem on!

Thanks for willing to vote for me (but you didn't yet).

Not Aiming top position... Now you are in the roof top

A lot has changed during that time. Amount of work related to Steem makes it even hard to find a time to update this post.

And that's good for me you have time to reply on my comments👌👌👌😄😄😄😄

That's Nice

I'm really happy to see you in top 2 of voting. Keep doing good work

Thank you :-)

You have my vote!

Thank you :-)

I just voted for you :)

Thank you :-)

You got my vote.

Thank you :-)

I vote for you :)

Thank you :-)

I voted for you as a witness

Thank you :-)

Hi, I voted for you! Help us!

Thank you.
Help you (who is "us"?) with what? :-)

Polish community :) A tak na serio to dobra robota!

I'm here on Steemit only yesterday, but I could see how important your efforts are to the perpetual progress of this great community. Security is what keeps a community like this safe and sound, gtg you got My vote..keep up ur great job

Thank you :-)

I have voted for you as my witness. Thank you for your support @gtg

Thank you :-)

I dont understand,what does it mean if I give you vote as my witness?

Please take a look at quickstart guide and frequently asked questions, especially at parts about witnesses and Delegated Proof of Stake.
Most voted witnesses are elected to be full time block producers, keeping an eye on security and reliability of the platform.

Thanks for your work. I vote for u.

Thank you :-)

I voted for you. Thanks for your work.

Thank you :-)

you got my vote! i like what i see from your work! please refer to my previous post if you get some time, thank you gandalf! p.s Im the biggest lord of the rings fan ever

Thank you :-)

@gtg aka Gandalf already voted for you :-)
Thanks for all your efforts and support, will you be called Gandalf the White after the votes?

Thank you :-)

No, Grey is fine ;-)

Btw, I don't think that adding image to each reply is a good idea. It's unnecessary and redundant.

Ok, ill think of something else :-)

I came up with something, non redundant and gives me an image in your reply list. Its a white background at the end of my post, is it any better?

But what for? It doesn't make any sense to add a meaningless image at all.

My idea is when i reply or comment steemers can easily know its me (im working on building a group). That's why i do this.

When you reply or comment it is always signed by you, no need to add pictures with your username or empty pictures. That doesn't make any sense.

All right, ill take it as noob mistake and move on. Thanks for the advice.

You got my vote! Good to see someone with a security mindset active in this community.

Thank you :-)

i'm your witness o.Ob

I guess that's the other way around ;-)

sorry my bad english XD

i voted for you...you're the best

Thank you :-)

I'm just starting to use steemit today, but reading about your contribution I have decided to vote for you. Keep the good work Going and keep us all safe.

Thank you :-)

Thanks to back up steemit with u r hard work. u r the real developer of like this steemit & others

Have no clue what voting does yet, But I voted for you :)

Thank you :-)
(the more votes witesses have the more frequent they produce blocks, thus the higher impact on security and reliability of the platform they have, and those who are in the top20 take part in block production in every round)

You had me @ Cat, but it also helps that you are a Wizard...lol. Voted 4 U...... And your Cat. =^,,^=


Thank you...
Time flies. This is a very old post. Cancer is a bitch. :-(

New to the platform. Do these votes still count.? I spent some time reading thru your posts, learned some great info. Will follow to learn more. Thanx..!!

Votes "works" only for 7 days after post/comment was published.
Then, they don't allocate rewards.
Two useful sites to check your account status:

I upvoted You

Awesome post

As the computer world beyond user interfaces is a magical realm to me, the only way I can get my brain to completely understand it is to just let go and tell my self it's all made of unicorns and runes being cast to make the magic happen :) I thank you for your work:)

Hi! thank you for making it secure, and I hope you can make this more easier by developing an app.

Mui buena

In voting for you

Thank you.

Tanks god worck Im now In steem :)

Welldone @gtg. I am a new steemian. I need help to grow. Your assistance will be highly appreciated. Just voted you. Thank you

Thank you !!!


Sometimes being humble brings you to the TOP

I was voting right now so had to take a look. Voting for you

‌Your blog is really good!

Thanks for sharing it!,

goodluck @gtg

i seem to encounter difficulties to vote for witness.help?

What kind of difficulties exactly?
(You have just successfully approved witness @steemitboard)

hi @gtg , i'm a newbie and i need your help to get reward.
please help me my friend.
love you,

wow nice you are a good person for the job, your honesty and humildity are big

You have my vote.

Which kind of power you are using, tell us also. plz

I am support you and my vote for you .... keep writing the best for your supporters and the steemian all ... best wishes from me👍

Thanks for your work.

mee too i voted you

voted for you - thanks!

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I am new to the community! I wil surely learn a lot from you! Keep going!
Upvote !!!
if i do not the right moves please correct me!

good story bro

Im a little too late here. Being new to steemit didn't know about this witness process. Good job gtg!!!! im voting for you

thank you @gtg for looking after us nice to meet you

It would be nice if we can add a question answering functionality to steem, something like qoura, should not be hard.

Also it would be nice to add privacy support so that users can decide which posts are public which are not something like lists in facebook, it's achievable by encrypting private messages with symmetric keys and share the symmetric key with the list (one by one encrypted with their public)

Quora-like system is just matter of UI, feel free to create such :-)
For now, take a look at ChainBB.

As for privacy, it's not what Steem is designed for at least in his current shape. There was some basic implementation of private messaging (messages encrypted with memo keys), but that's not really a good use case for a blockchain based storage. Something that you would like to keep private shouldn't end up written permanently on the blockchain. Once your private key would be compromised, anytime in the future, all your past privacy is gone.

exactly, UI can take this thing to the moon, average users don't understand block chain but if they could find the answer of their questions on steem when they google it, assuming that it will be user friendly enough they would appreciate it's potential. it would be nice if such developments could be crowdfunded by steem users themselves.

Of course they can be crowdfunded. Directly by transfers or indirectly by upvoting posts related to such projects.

about privacy you have a point however it's much easier to give up your facebook pass than your private key, assuming that facebook has not given all your privacy up to NSA already LOL.

Very nice,,,

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I am very thankful to them for making Steemit walk. We owe a lot of thanks to those who helped, gave ideas, and tested things like security. Thank you!

@gtg nice to meet you, my vote do you have, though my upvote is small you have it. this is the post to promote you as a witness? Greetings from a new Minnow from Belgium.

@gtg nice to meet you, my vote do you have, though my upvote is small you have it. this is the post to promote you as a witness? Greetings from a new Minnow from Belgium.

your efforts and witness work is definitely needed in an environment like this. i'm just getting my feet wet here in steem and have noticed many innovative solutions.
carry on...

Hi gtg. Thanks for your effort. You got my witness vote and a follow. Being a newbie in the Steemit community I would be thrilled by an upvote from you. The best of luck with your campaign.

liked it...voted.

keep the good work !! :)

plese add me in your group or blog.
I upvote you @gtg.

I vote for you . thank you so much

Thank you for the post. My support. I wish patience and wisdom.

I voted you :) thank you

I voted for you too, thank you for your work :)

What is witness ??

I would suggest you to read about Steem before you start using it (you started with copy&paste post which isn't the best idea to start your journey here...)

Gandalf 4 witness)

thank you ..I voted for you

I'm only the second day here. I vote for you

If I follow you, you will help me on my steemit posts?

I can give you a general, but still very valuable tip about your posts: high quality, original content.
And no, I don't care about being followed. One shouldn't do that in exchange of anything. Following someone makes sense only if their content is something you like. :-)
Good luck.

pls vote me up sir

Why? Are you providing some original, high quality content that I would be interested in?
Clearly your comment is not on subject at all and not the best way to gain popularity here (not to mention upvotes).

steemit can't be better without your hard and sincere work. on behalf of all users I'd like to thank you a lot

I think you would be a great witness . I appreciate your time helping me 🙌

hello friend


you have my vote

Hello, i am voting for you! Regards

amazing and very useful for all of us, thank you very much. our warm greetings, added rewards and continue to triumph