Witness "gtg"

10 months ago

Hello, World!

My intention is not to make it into top 19. I could name many other candidates (clearly more than 19) with greater commitment to steem(it) who are a lot more appropriate as witnesses, but I'm sure I can be useful as a backup witness.

I introduced myself here:
Those of you who use https://steemit.chat know me as Gandalf.
For some time, I’ve been using my magic powers (mostly those related to security and infrastructure) to improve steemit. For example, I’ve improved our "Perfect" Forward Secrecy and made our communication with site more secure.

My seed node (EU based):
seed-node = gtg.steem.house:2001
You can also use it to rsync data dir
rsync -Pa rsync://gtg.steem.house/witness_node_data_dir .

My witness node is on a separate data center (an EU-based one as well).
If you believe I can be of value to steemit, please vote for me:
vote_for_witness YOURACCOUNT gtg true true


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  ·  10 months ago

Thank you for spending your time to make steemit secure. Thanks to people like you we have a much safer environment. Were you paid for your effort on steem?

  ·  10 months ago

I get the feeling that it takes a lot of people (many of whom are not core developers) to make Steemit run. We owe a great deal of thanks to those who help, provide ideas, and test out matters like security. Thank you!

  ·  10 months ago

As the computer world beyond user interfaces is a magical realm to me, the only way I can get my brain to completely understand it is to just let go and tell my self it's all made of unicorns and runes being cast to make the magic happen :) I thank you for your work:)

  ·  9 months ago

I think you would be a great witness . I appreciate your time helping me 🙌