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As you can see (or not, because you died of boredom in the meantime), I wasn’t lying in the introduction to my previous witness update.

Full HD video rendered exclusively for my witness updates

You can work for Steem

Steemit Inc. is hiring, but that’s not the only opportunity for talented individuals who want to power up our platform.
There are plenty of other open source, Steem-powered projects that need your help, and you can use Utopian to monetize your contributions.
I’ve delegated 100,000 SP to Utopian to incentivize development.
(Another great reason is that @utopian-io supports @steemstem!)
If you are taking first steps, take a look at some tutorials


Poloniex is back on track. Let's hope that it will stay that way.
When it comes to trading volume of STEEM, Poloniex suffered a lot during their downtime.
Competition wasn't waiting, Upbit, Binance, Huobi and Bittrex, any of them had at least 2x bigger volume in the last 24h.
You've asked for it, Poloniex.

Stalled blockchain

On 3 July, the Steem blockchain stalled at block 23847548 due to an invalid transaction (and lack of trivial checks). Steemit Inc. developers did a great job quickly identifying the root cause of the problem and issuing the patch. Witnesses upgraded their nodes, and the blockchain resumed normal operation.

State of Steem

Produced blocks24,608,983
Blockchain size133 GB
Consensus state size45 GB
Full node state size503 GB


Over the past month, the total bandwidth used to serve just that one file crossed 100TB. The reasons for that included increased demand after the 3 July incident.
That was a good signal to increase bandwidth limits and make the compressed version of that file available again for at least a month.

Up-to-date blockchain data

available for download at:

Periodically updated, highly compressed blockchain data

available for download at:
(compatible with parallel, indexed xz)
It’s 2.6x smaller than the uncompressed data, but might be even few weeks behind the head block.

Delays in moving to AppBase

There are some delays in moving to AppBase within my infrastructure, because as the saying goes better safe than sorry, but I expect to start the upgrade next week. Stay tuned.
In the meantime, to compensate you for such inconvenience, I’ve upgraded the hardware for the main public full node.

2nd Warsaw Steem Meetup

The meetup provided an excellent opportunity to get to know some of the members of the Polish community and talk about their new projects:

  • Wise - @noisy and @jblew presented an innovative way of spreading votes on Steem. More on that in @lukestokes Interview with Noisy
  • Glodniwiedzy is a news portal that brings together quality content creators to enable them to publish articles on joint accounts. It is based on the SteemCMS framework, which will be published soon. Everyone will be able to create Steem-based websites to host high-quality, moderated content, attract audiences and earn tokens together.
  • Engrave is the first of its kind blogging platform that is based on the Steem network. It will allow users to create personal, customized and powerful blogs in just a few clicks. Bloggers can make money easily by just posting high-quality articles and build their own brand with their own domains. Engrave has all the features that other blogging engines have and even more. It takes only three simple steps to start creating a blog and earning money.
  • Steemfounders want to make it easier for new and valuable creators to quickly create their accounts so that they can share their content with us and monetize it. Steemfounders will let you publish your first post to fund your new account as soon as possible. All rewards from that post are then transferred to your account.
    Guide for users applying for an account with Steemfounders

The meeting was great, but we already know that it was not biggest Steem event of the year in Poland…

SteemFest3 announced!

@roelandp has revealed the first details of our third annual global gathering!
I had the pleasure to attend both the first SteemFest in Amsterdam and the second SteemFest in Lisbon. We know the place and date of the third one: 7-11 November, Krakow, Poland.
More details will be revealed soon, so follow @steemfest and make sure you book hotels in advance.

Upgrades, bug fixing, cleaning, fighting with abuse.
Our goal is to integrate with Steem, actually we had a working PoC a long time ago, but there are still some minor issues on our way.
Many thanks to all moderators and their huge efforts to keep the chat a pleasant place.

If you believe I can be of value to Steem, please vote for me (gtg) as a witness on Steemit's Witnesses List or set (gtg) as a proxy that will vote for witnesses for you.
Your vote does matter!
You can contact me directly on, as Gandalf

Steem On

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Thank you @gtg that you mentioned Steem Meetup #2 and projects I'm working on. I will definitely provide more information soon :)

And Steem Meetup was awesome. I can't wait for SteemFest!

Oh my is hiring!
Do they have open positions for violinists and singers!
Hear me out.... Ned does live interviews and i play in the background! BOOM! 10 new million USD investors on the phone 10 minutes later.
Cant fail... 😂


Are you planning any performance for the SteemFest3? :-)


Ive talked to Roeland after the announcement about me performing and he added me to the shortlist of sorts. From what i understood its still too early to know what the timeline of the event will look like exactly and how the logistics of it all will be dealt with.
Id need to know every detail before confirming since its in November and November is the start of peak season for my orchestra. Since im the deputy concert master i cant just not show up which is why id need to know exact dates of when i might jump in.
Long story short.... Maybe. :D


I think the solution is to bring the whole orchestra @silentscreamer 😄
What do you think about that @gtg create a real Steem gala night with the Croatian's best haha

Hello @gtg
I have a question about whether there is a mechanism which deletes posts from the steem blockchain after a number of years. I am in discussions with a company to post information about furniture they manufacture to establish a provenance for their products. The idea would be that in 100 years a person would be able to search for a piece of furniture based on a label and be able to see when it was manufactured etc. In 100 years, if steem continues to exist do you think that those records will continue to be there?

PS - unrelated to the above. I represent the driving force behind It is a site which allows (free of charge) steemians to brand their own site to showcase their own content or content of others they want to showcase.

For instance one of the witnesses: Quoc-Huy Nguyen Dinh -

It is possible to frame the content from an individual's posts so they appear on an external site by turning off the menus and the banner if wanted.

For example @quochuy with the banner=off and menu=off

You will notice that there is an banner ad on the page. When you hover over it with your mouse you will see how much a visitor (who are logged in) will earn in steem power delegation. The FAQ can be seen here if you are interested in more information.

Visit Me on


I have a question about whether there is a mechanism which deletes posts from the steem blockchain after a number of years.

No. What was written to the blockchain stays in the blockchain.

In 100 years, if steem continues to exist do you think that those records will continue to be there?

All you need for that is stakeholders to be still interested in Steem. In fact, at least one would do the thing (decentralization suffers, but the blockchain can survive running).
Wish me a good health. I'll do my best to be there and keep the Steem running. (As long as the doctors would do the same for me).


I wrote about the subject of AI based on our digital DNA a few months ago. This way even though our bodies might be gone, our personalities represented in the posts we make will act as the theme for personality constructs. If you go to my steemhost profile and search for Bina you can see the two articles I discussed the topic.

This is a blatant attempt to show the value of steemhost.

Great info on recent happenings and current state of steem all together, I really wasn't aware that node size reached 503 GB 😯wow

nooo wreszcie!!!
nowe filmikowe plumkanie w głębinie oceanicznej
(nie nowe, ale zapomniane, wiec prawie jak nowe)
3 miesiące tego nie słyszałam!
(noo dobra- dwa, ale prawie jak trzy)

i nie, nie umierałam z nudów, tylko z tęsknoty! :)

Thanks for the update! Even if they're somewhat spaced out over time, at least your first line consistently makes me smile.

I'm curious about Engrave. I'm also impressed at the amount of development that continues to grow on the Steem blockchain. Sounds like you've been busy... I'm sure you'll get to that post about witness voting one of these days. ;-)


I'm sure you'll get to that post about witness voting one of these days. ;-)

Still on my (growing) list :-)

How i missed on voting you as witness. I don't know much about all the above stats....I'm sure that you must be knowing much of this platform.
That's an awesome contribution to utopian. Many projects are coming out of it. There is this app @actifit which is blowing away my mind. I'm a common steemian and this platform has even given me the opportunity to be a part of their wonderful community by recruiting me as one of their moderators.

There you go.You have my witness vote:)


Thank you! :-)

@ned hire me to come along with you around the world in conferences and meetups and clapping like crazy when it's your time. i can even whistle!

@gtg thanks for all your hard work for the platform and thanks for delegating to utopian, they do a marvelous work and now as you said they are along steemstem in many things. I wrote some steemstem posts and had a comment from utopian were i felt amazed that they support that initiative!

I always like reading your updates gtg =)

The blockchain is only 133 gbs huh? Wow that's small in comparison to other coins, that's awesome!

Excellent. Now it's coming, the good for Steemit... 😱

I'm glad to belong to Steemit and witness all these improvements coming.

Thanks @gtg for sharing all these good things that come to our community.

Steemit is hiring? Do they have a need for the most powerful being in any galaxy ever?


Yeah, but have you noticed that unsettling green color in their logo?

Hey buddy! Just checking in with you. I'm now in Kiev Ukraine! Next to neighboring Poland. So Steemfest I will go. Looking forward to shaking you by the hand and thanking you for your support, and supper positive influence on my presence here. Actually I'm staying in Kiev longer than two weeks! Hard to believe I stay anywhere that long. But I found myself an amazing Ukrainian Girlfriend who wants to travel the world with me, so maybe you'll meet us both in Krakow!

Wishing you the very best! -Dan


Great, see you in Krakow! :-)

Nice post, left a comment.


Thanks for testing.

Congrats on being #1!

Thank you for a great witness log :)

Massive Respect and Gratitude for supporting Utopian!

oh so i joined just after the great downscore.

Great Post! well

Sir, how can I remove witness?


I guess you already know that because you just unapproved few. Any reason why you decided to not vote for any of the witnesses?


I previously added a witness vote. Removed again. Because I did not get any benefit in this. But my steem power loss with it!


But my steem power loss with it!

Not true. It cost you nothing. Witness voting doesn't affect your Steem Power or Voting Power.

Because I did not get any benefit in this.

Not true. While you are not getting direct profits, making a good choices for witness voting improves reliability and security of the platform.

It's simple: if you care about Steem, you vote.

I wonder is when Steemit passed the beta phase, ie still much to that? Or at the pace that things are just a matter of time, anyway it's good to know that they could solve that inconvenience

I'm just getting interested to work for Steem!!
I'm looking forward to join SteemFest ;)
I will definitely go and see you!!

Cheers Gandolf :D
Fist bumps sent across the pond man!
Thanks for your support :D

Ah and cracking info there!
Good luck with the meetup and wishing you all the best!
Cheers man.

thanks for your work!

excellent information regarding the project that will come for this great platform!

Thank you @gtg ;-)

I am new here I found this very helpful.

Sorry I missed this updates. Hope to see you at SF3!