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Thank you all for supporting me as a witness, even though I'm really bad at writing my updates.
I even copied the previous sentence from one of my earlier updates.
Yes, that bad.

Witness parameters

stay unchanged:
SBD is over $1, fortunately going slowly back to the peg, thus obviously the APR is 0%, and the feeds are unbiased.
The registration fee stays at 0.100, which means that if we wanted to double our userbase, it would cost around 30 000 000 STEEM or 100 000 STEEM with 14 500 000 SP delegation.
(That's why we need better solution for mass adoption, mass adoption is not x2, it's x100+)
The maximum block size remains at 64k.

Price feeds

Obviously, I continue to exclude Poloniex from price feed calculations (and so should you).

Full HD video rendered exclusively for my witness updates


Have you noticed that Steem is now trading on a variety of cryptocurrency exchanges and markets around the world? Our platform is growing, so enabling users to easily obtain and exchange STEEM is crucially important.
We can’t sit back and relax, because STEEM is not just some random copied&pasted ERC20 token. Often people, even those who have integrated many other cryptocurrencies with their services, are surprised when it comes to the system requirements of the Steem node. They are equally surprised when they find out that Steem is the most active blockchain

- Transactions on the most active blockchains (seven-day average),

So whenever this is the case I’m willing to help in setting up an optimal, cost-effective environment.
Soon exchange setup will be featured in the Steem Pressure episode.

Where we can exchange STEEM currently?

Quick exchanges

Those are simple: you choose what coin you want to give and what coin you want to get in return, and you enter the amount of one of them, while the other is calculated using some magic and subtracting their fees. Click, click - done.

  • Blocktrades - a stable quick exchange run by one of the top Steem witnesses @blocktrades. We had opportunity to meet them during the SteemFest in Amsterdam and the SteemFest2 in Lisbon. In addition to the ability to exchange Steem for few other coins you can also buy Steem account, Steem Power or even Steem Power delegation.
  • Changelly - “temporarily” down, I’ve sent my offer to help them bring Steem back online. I got the first reply within less than 10 minutes. That’s promising. It has a nice feature that allows payments in USD via credit card, so bringing that back would be really nice.
  • ShapeShift - “temporarily” down, I’ve sent my offer to help them bring Steem back online. I got the first reply in less than 6 hours even though it was a Saturday.

Now I know why they call themselves “Quick”. Poloniex on the other hand…

Fully featured markets

You have much more choice here (alphabetical order), but things are more complicated. You need to deposit, then trade, then withdraw. Each of those actions may entail fees. Your orders may not always be matched. Etc.

  • Binance - users have been able to trade Steem since February 2018, and it includes pairs with BTC and ETH.
  • Bittrex - a reliable Steem market since forever.
  • GoPax - a Korean exchange that listed STEEM/KRW and SBD/KRW paris by the end of February 2018; along with Blocktrades, it can be accessed from the Steemit’s “hambruger" menu.
  • Huobi - a Chinese based exchange that listed STEEM/BTC, STEEM/ETH, and STEEM/USDT by the end of April 2018.
  • Poloniex I don’t even want to waste my time writing about it. Rumor has it that somehow they are blocked by the SpaceX mission to Mars (“there and back again”) and they won’t be able to support Steem again until then.
  • Upbit - a Korean based exchange collaborating with Bittrex, trading Steem since early 2017.
Warning: Do not keep your assets on exchanges, you risk when they fall or get hacked.

By the way: I would love to feature decentralized exchanges, but currently there are only two, both with negligible volume.


Bunch of upgrades and bug fixing. Another upgrade planned within the next couple of hours. Thanks to all the people helping with their efforts to keep it up and running, help newbies and get rid of scammers.

For anyone with programming skills who would like to contribute, here’s the link to GitHub repository:

Issues that are related to our use cases are here:

Using OAuth as addition to traditional signup to get "VERIFIED" and "GUEST" accounts

Anti-abuse features need to improve (logging and access control)

And a more general meta-issue:

Rocket.Chat for Cryptocurrency Communities

If you are a developer, capable of helping, please consider your contribution.
Feel free to contact me directly on, as Gandalf to talk about details.

Let's make great again.

For this very reason, namely to empower Steem platform and Steem related tools, I’m going to:

Delegate 100 000 SP to Utopian

Our modern world is driven by Open Source software. It runs on every computer, every smartphone or tablet and all your favorite apps would not run without it. It is developed mainly by volunteers and by hobbyists around the world, those geeks among your friends that love their computers more than hanging out with you. Open Source software is free and common property and allows everyone to use it and alter it to their needs. It relies on collective intelligence instead of the standards imposed by superiors. All this work is done for free! Utopian however rewards everyone who contributes to such projects, as long as a certain standard of quality is met.

Meetups in JP and PL

Two Steem related meetups on two continents in a single month? That's something unusual for me.


Tokyo (Japan)

Just before Ned Scott, CEO of Steemit Inc visited Tokyo and gave an interview to Bloomberg I had the pleasure to attend a meetup with Japanese community!
@yoshiko, @kayoko, @crypto.hack, @kinakomochi, @moromaro, @sho-t, @shogo
Thank you all for your hospitality!
Many thanks to @knozaki2015 and @fukako for their continued support for the #Japanese community.

- Steem gadgets, Saizou Ikebukuro, Tokyo, Japan 2018 - courtesy of @kayoko

Kraków (Poland)

I attended the “Decentralized social media” meetup organized by BitSpace and ForkLog
During which Arash Rezvani and Ola Haukland made interesting presentations, and there was a very informative Q&A hangouts session with @roadscape from Steemit Inc. (full of promising hints of upcoming fancy features).

Fun fact:

Did you know that 3 May is a national holiday (Constitution Day) both in Poland and in Japan?

- Hachikō-mae Square, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan, 2018 May 3, Constitution Day

Witness voting

I’m going to write a post about witness voting.
There’s never enough of education and words about how important that is.
Even though I’m currently #1 position (thank you for your trust!), I’m not going to stop asking for your votes. Security and reliability of the Steem platform depend on it.

So please, if you are reading this and you care about the platform - vote for the witnesses. Not necessarily for me. There’s plenty of other candidates, please take your time and do that.
Every vote matters. Voting for witnesses is far more important than upvoting or commenting this post (but of course I would be grateful for all of that)

Steem On!

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Thank you for visiting to Japan! We had a wonderful and enjoyable time.
You distributed stickers to guests at Tokyo Meetup!! Everyone who participated was pleased:D

As far as Binance is concerned they also support STEEM/BNB (Binance own token) pair which is quite handy for switching from Steem to LTC for example 🙂

You might not post a lot, but when you make me laugh in the first paragraph you've got my attention. And you kept my attention. Thanks for the update—I learned a few things, and appreciate getting an idea of what you're doing to help Steem evolve.

As for that post about voting for witnesses, I'm looking forward to it! Will be sure to share. 💖


i post my dreams ...........

Re Exchanges : openledger was only slightly clunky, interface-wise. Managed to trade some BTC for 500 steem, so as to get a voting sliding bar. It's a decentralized platform, by my understanding.


Yes, unfortunately it would need a lot more volume to be noticed by a wider public... and a wider public is needed to get there more volume...


Tried it and Openledger sucks as far as steem and sbd is concerned - liquidity is very limited and sometimes hardly available so spreads are significant and on the top of that they tend to switch off funding interface at the most inconvenient (for the user) time without any prior warning. This means that you might get stuck there with your tokens and loose money in the process. Liquidity and fast transfers in and out of the system are key factors and Openledger fails on both counts in my opinion.

Nice to read your updates as always. You’re one of the most hard-working witnesses. Glad to see SBD is slowly going back to normal (1$), it’s been so difficult to accumulate SP these days! How come I didn’t see you at Steemfest in Lisbon :D

Keep on going! Supporting you.


Thank you! :-)
Well, I'm Grey, not White, so it's not that easy to spot me ;-)
See you on the SteemFest3 then :-)


If you look like your avatar, it’s for sure not easy to spot XD

Sure, see you at SF3.


That's a photo of real me... Well, minus colors, minus face :-)


I’ll try to spot you 😏

Oh, I think we were in Japan at roughly the same time. But I was in Osaka :)


I've been there too for a while! :-)


Next time, maybe, we will meet ;)

You still write good compare to many different people on this platform... I have seen many post that are more than worse.

Thank you for the update and I am sure to vote you for witness. I am also sure to share to my people to vote.



Thank you :-)

Greetings, @gtg,

Please pardon this 'off-topic' comment as coming from a Steemian who cares deeply about the platform and its future success.

I'm here to ask: When do you plan to adopt Steemit condenser version 19.10?

I encourage you, as Witness #1, to please lead the way by updating your witness node to 19.10 at the earliest possible opportunity, so that its much needed and long awaited features might be released as soon as possible for our use and enjoyment.

Thank you kindly in advance for your prompt action in expediting this matter.

Your fellow Steemian,





That's actually on-topic :-)
(please note however, that it's not a condenser upgrade, but steem, that would allow the condenser to use an infinite editing feature).
I was hoping to see a new tag (i.e. v0.19.11 or so) that includes fixes to the original release (to avoid doing same work twice), that's why I'm still running earlier version on my main node.

Short answer: this week I believe.


What fixes are needed?


Thank you, @gtg, for your gracious, helpful, and encouraging response.

"(please note however, that it's not a condenser upgrade, but steem, that would allow the condenser to use an infinite editing feature)."

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but even if steem supplies this capability, mere mortals—such as a content creator like myself—cannot access the change apart from a condenser modification to enable the [Edit] button?

In any case, I can completely understand and appreciate your desire to minimize the work you need to do by skipping to v0.19.11 with fixes... Thank you for the insight.

- @creatr


But the update they are pushing is a steem update. @gtg does not control steemit/condenser.

Also, you can actually edit old posts at the moment with a program like esteem surfer, it just may take 20 - 30 seconds as it has to wait for a witness who is updated to make a block.


Thank you @ajayyy, and right, I understand that...

However, in an indirect way, the witnesses do control when Steemit, Inc. will update the condenser. As I best understand it, the condenser people are waiting for more witnesses to adopt 19.10 before a condenser update.

I am not familiar with esteem surfer, but I will look for it.

Meanwhile, @timcliff has published a provisional condenser that allows editing... So I am very happy at the moment. :D


Yep, they are waiting because, if not enough witnesses update, then editing a post will take 20 - 30 seconds to submit.

I was just searching about @gtg post, and i got a chance to read this post. I think maintaining Steemit block chain to keep it safe, secure and Strong is first priority of any of witness and I'm happy that users feel free to use Steemit.
And I think you are not lazy in writing blog you are fast to maintain this whole block chain.
@gtg one of the my top priority witness.
not only because of @gtg is top on witness list, it's because of you a doing your hard work for users like me..


Thank you :-)

Did ShapeShift or Changelly cite Poloniex being down as the reason for not supporting STEEM/SBD "temporarily"? Hopefully they can use Bittrex and support them again.

Delegate 100 000 SP to Utopian

Whoa, nice!


Nobody said that explicitly but I believe that's the case. IMHO Poloniex did a lot of harm to the price of Steem, directly and indirectly. Ironically, they are losing on it too, quite a lot (They hold over 14M liquid STEEM), so their actions (lack of them) are beyond my understanding.

Delegate 100 000 SP to Utopian

Whoa, nice!

That's mostly because I suck at curation and I believe they will make a better use of it (especially that they are also supporting #SteemSTEM!)

Another great update.. yes looks like sbd is heading for $1 hopefully that's a good thing i'm not sure but we will find out :) I hope you have a lovely day!

Mel Xx

Hello my dear i hope that you're good and everything goes well with you then this is a special and humble gift for you hope you accept it and like it.


Thank you for the advice too


Hola @gtg me gustaría saber ¿para que son esos voto de los testigos? ¿qué ganas con esos votos? ¿cómo haces para que estés en esa lista de los testigos?


Hola @xeliram, witnesses are those who are responsible for reliability and security of the network. More info on that you can find within many Steem articles covering that subject, @timcliff's Witness voting guide is one example.


Gracias por tu respuesta.

It's kind of neat how this hit three things for me. First, I've beencommunicating with others how it can be kind of hard to figure out what a witness's views are, even after realizing that voting for witnesses is important. So, thanks for writing this up. (Even if the first sentence is copied ;) )

Second, just this week I started looking at exchanges to figure out how to use STEEM outside of its internal ecosystem (mainly helping pay a few bills), so that list is very useful.

Third, I've recently become involved in some Utopian related tasks, and have had an excellent time with them, so it's obviously very good to read that you're delegating all that power to them.

Something tells me the blockchain activity chart is (intentionally? ;o) ) misleading. While pretty much all Steem transactions have monetary impact only the tiny fraction of them are actual money transfers, so if the blockchain activity counts upvotes, resteems and comments it makes no sense to compare it to activity in f.e. BTC. It does say something about Steem - that the DPoS scheme it uses has the capacity to process large amounts of transactions. It says nothing on Steem relative popularity though. In order to get honest comparison we should match it with tweets or Facebook posts and likes. That would tell something on Steem adoption rate. Comparison with tweets/posts/likes per user would tell us about how active are typical Steemians compared to Tweeter/Facebook users.


It's just exactly as advertised. It's not about money transfers nor popularity on social media, it's about transactions on the blockchain.
Adoption is a different story. Obviously. With some exceptions, currently, to get STEEM, you have to get BTC first.

Firstly, @gtg and I are not the same person. I am a different Steemit user.
Secondly, I have just voted for you again bro.

They are equally surprised when they find out that Steem is the most active blockchain

Wow, I did not know that, I guess. Sounds great.

Thanks a lot for the update concerning exchanges. Personally, I use blocktrades for Steem. Changelly is quite great too although some people hate on them.
Btw. I do not like Poloniex anyway, at least definitely not my favorite exchange haha.

Have a nice day!

Your post is pretty quality, I will vote for you as a witness


Thank you :-)

To be honest... I like you! I like your style... I really like your honest words and sincerity and I feel what you are saying. You are a witness for a long time and I did not know that. I see that you are a witness from the past 2 years! You really did great for the community. And because of that, I am glad to vote you and promote you to all people that I know as WITNESS...

If the CHANGELLY and ShapeShift come back, it's a big help! I hope they can coordinate.

Are you from Japan or are you a Japanese citizen?




Are you from Japan or are you a Japanese citizen?

Neither, I was only a visitor, but I enjoyed it a lot :-)


Thanks for the answer... (^_^)

Any word on SBD going to Binance? I've seen a lot of people activating in attempts to get it lists. And, thanks for sharing this information.


I don't know details but I guess there's very negligible effort needed to start supporting SBD once STEEM is on.

Happy to hear about your meetup in Japan!
I wish we can have a ​meetup with @gtg in Korea someday!


I'm looking forward to see that happen :-) Who knows, maybe one of the future SteemFests will be hosted in Korea?


Omg!! That would be AWESOME!!!
Please @roelandp🙏🙏🙏

Delegate 100 000 SP to Utopian

Someone just earned my witness vote. <3


Thank you :-)
Currently I guess that's the most effective way of putting my SP in motion (especially because lack of time for manual curation).


I used to curate manually so well I had a little whale trail and regularly starred in Asher's curation league. Now I am 100% Utopian so I use autovoting for a handful of trusted authors and sometimes go manual in bed when I rest (<- that sounded dirtier than it is, but I like that. :D).

Very nice update. Glad to see you busy and well.

Thank you for all your contributions to the platform and Steem on!

Good to see you around again, good sir. Happy to know there is some nice progress going on.

Looking forward to more and seeing you again during SF3.


seeing you again during SF3

! :-)

I guess I will have to interrogate Roeland to get an idea in which direction I should start walking (and if I have to get a visa) ;-)


Yeah, exactly! Can't wait for for the 'big reveal'. Hope he gets everything sorted soon so he can announce!

I am using a bag I got from you.
I look forward to meeting again.

First of all i want to say one thing about where you said that you copied your sentences from previous blogs, in my opinion that's nothing bad in that it's an productive smart work and the most importantly we have to play our role effectively and in my opinion you are doing your witness job effectively because whatever information you have shared here it's really deep and great to read. And yes, nowadays Steem is listed on many exchanges and many more to come and in future we will see some great time because people are still don't aware about the capabilities of Steem Blockchain and one thing which i want to tell is, Steem is number one in the Global Blockchain Transactions as per Blockactivity and still it's using so much less than half of it's Block Space and giving super fast transactions and this only one aspect which makes it super effective and super efficient and there are several things which can be highlighted.

And witness system is really integral part of Steem Blockchain and if Witnesses are ineffective then Blockchain will become ineffective so when it comes to witness voting i go through posts of people to see how they are communicating with their audiences because the only way we can get to know is through post and after viewing your post, in my opinion you are doing great job and keep up.

Thanks for sharing these insights with us and wishing you an great. Stay blessed. 🙂

Seriously, @gtg! I can't imagine not voting for you! 😮

Now I know why you're the number 1 witness, you're not only an IT Wizard but a generous witness...Thanks for your labours for the Steem blockchain, more Power to you @gtg

It made me laugh a lot that first paragraph hahaha, Thank you very much for sharing such valuable information. I am new following and you have made me laugh haha, thanks for that. I hope you have had fun in those trips. Another thing, this video is great, it has a sound like suspense and fiction, which makes it doubly great hahah. Greetings and a strong psychological hug from Venezuela.

I just got into Steem recently but it is really nice to know that the platform is expanding and doing well =)

I even copied the previous sentence from one of my earlier updates.
Yes, that bad.



I would call it "efficiency" 😛


I would rather like to clone myself for efficiency :-)


Cloning is not an option right now (although it might become one in the near future) but with such abundance of talented writers bouncing around in Steem ecosystem you could easily outsource the task of witness-report publishing 😂


Drakos I'm confused, should we flag? I'll wait for your signal... .


I'll let this one slip by 😉

You have my vote.

Thanks for your amazing contributions on steem blockchain. I've writen this post about adding steem dollar to binance and I think it's important for all the community. I voted for you as a witness two months ago and I hope for your support, thanks.

Limited Time: 2 STEEM / SBD per Bid!

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Blocktrades is the most convenient one to buy steem

@gtg best of luck. I now you will do best...

And about your writing.... It not bad huh.... You do well and awesome writing you have.

Best of luck

Interesting topic @gtg, I will review it, you have to believe I still do not dominate this subject of witnesses, because I am new with just 15, the other day I looked and saw a list, you remembered about the subject, thanks for sharing!

Hi, I’m sorry to hijack your post but I will do this only once to tell that you have been selected for the Steemians directory. As not everybody is checking out mentions, I think this is the best way to make you aware of it.
You can read more about this new initiative here and I would greatly appreciate your feedback about this project.
If you think it has some added value it would be great if you could resteem the post to make more people aware of it.
Also, if you don’t want to be mentioned on the directory, just leave me a comment and I will delete your profile from the website. As I just added you, your profile will stay visible on the homepage at least until the next update post on steemit.
Thank you very much for reading!

BTW: I also listed the iTalent contest on the directory… feel free to comment if you see any mistakes or want to see something changed.

Hi @gtg, you are doing awesome job on steemit community as well as driving people towards it. We are a big fan of you.

We @betgames are a new venture on steemit offering risk free betting for entertainment, we are looking for reputed steem delegators and we would like to know if you can help us with some SP delegation, we plan to upvote loser of bets quality post , so that they could recover from loss, so we would be really glad if you could helps, check out our profile @betgames and the post regarding our new venture here.
All our followers are really excited about our new venture! We have voted for your witness and also requested all our followers to vote for your witness as a humble Thank you!

Our discord channel is here

Regards, @betgames

On behalf of everyone in @utopian-io THANKS!

Our work being appreciated is the best thing that can happen to us and of course the delegation incentivises us even more.

We wish to use that to reward even more contributions and to skyrocket the development of this blockchain together!

P.s. Awesome work with your witness! Keep it going!


Thank you!
Utopian is an unique and highly underestimated project that can really improve not only the Steem platform but also many FOSS projects including, hopefully, the Rocket Chat.


Thank you so much!!! If ever you have any input or ideas on how we can make even better - we're always happy to listen.

Interesting article. I subscribed to you. Subscribe to me. Let's be friends

Reason for flag: Disagreement with rewards. I also don't like you, but that's irrelevant.

Have a nice day.

how are uou

Nice job @gtg. You are doing a great work here. I just followed you. I will vote for you as a witness. Keep it up!!!

...voted you up sire for witness

Congratulations @gtg!
Your post was mentioned in the Steemit Hit Parade in the following category:

  • Pending payout - Ranked 8 with $ 428,63

SBD is at 1.3$

That is crisis if you ask me


SBD is supposed to be at around $1.00 (+/- $0.05) anything other than is a time limited anomaly :-)

it nice for steem if we can market thank u for this information :)

I upvoted you and witnessed you for your honesty :)

Your post has been very good. Very well, @gtg (66) thank you for sharing something good. I will follow you to succeed at steemit. I believe you'll help me.


I'll try even harder to earn not only a compliment but maybe also an upvote, someday... ;-)


Thank you for advising me. I will try to improve.

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How joining witnesses

Bro how did you grow that much in steemit.

Changelly and shapeshift are probably backed by serial scammers btw.

omg nie wiedziałam o 3 maja :D

This isnt related to the post, I was just curious why you down voted arkatan’s comment on mix...

I changed my vote to 100% upvote so the comment still shows. The comment was “beautiful” an fun so it makes me sad to have the comment hidden. I’m not sure why you did this. Did you not like the mix?


His comments are just automated low-effort spam draining rewards pool.
Just take a closer look:


Hey,man!Can I ask you a question? How does the witness give the price,?based on what?


You mean price feed?
Based on external sources (markets) because blockchain itself can't otherwise know about them.

I give you witness vote plase upvote me


Hi there, thank you for your vote, but I'm afraid that it doesn't work that way. Platform benefits from original, high quality content which is voted organically by those who like it.
Trading votes cripples that idea.
I encourage you to vote only when you are convinced about your choice, not because you are hoping for getting votes in return.


Hallo annonymous gtg, with a lot of Steem power probably from crony capitalism, why did you flag my post from yesterday?? It is 100% original work, no reason to flag at all?

Lasse Ehlers


Please remove that flag, so that my work is visible. Thank you.


It earned non-zero amount and I disagree with the reward, given that it's creepy and full of cow-poo.
I've heard that you are using less clear reasons for your flags, aren't you?

Also, please don't hijack other people posts for your post promotion.

No, it wasn't "100% original work" as you claim because you use someone's else image.


Thats your oppinion, I strongly disagree.

My work is 100% original and with my full identity, something that is very very rare on steemit and in the world in generel.

Stay out of my blog and you are now muted.

Awww thanks for the update! :)

Awww thanks for the update! :)

I just give one vote to you, i'm a newbie here, can you upvote me also? Thanx.

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I like it very much, keep it that way. I recommend it
I will be looking more often


"Very" is how much exactly? (In a scale from zero to upvote? ;-) )

Hint: spamming with such low-effort copied comments is not a best way to draw attention, and even if you draw it, it might be not beneficial for you. It won't replace real engagement with the community.

Up voted ,

Nice .

Good projects

I have no clue what this witness deal is...

I just voted for you as your doing a great job. Keep it up

You’re one of the most hard-working witnesses & good compare.

upvote me

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