good-karma Witness Thread

I am pleased to announce my application for witness.

My background, I have been in crypto space since 2012. I have mined Bitcoin at very early days, then try to contribute where I can with my skill set. When I find out about Nxt, decided to create client and contribute to the project. I have developed one of the early clients (Clienxt) and later due to one client favored by community, development discontinued. I also developed Nxt Mobile application. Since then I have been busy with other projects but always watched for next potentially great projects on crypto.

Currently I am contributing Steem community with eSteem mobile application project and have many other projects in line to improve the platform, bring more users, grow awareness.
Even though I have been anonymous for most part before, I took different approach with Steem and decided to take route of transparency and entrepreneurship. I have wide range of programming skills, UX and Quality oriented.

Check out for my recent works on github/feruzm, twitter/feruzm
Witness is highly reliable, ready to upscale when needed. Nodes are in US central and US east area. Vote from cli_wallet
vote_for_witness your-account good-karma true true

  • Witness: good-karma
  • Seed node:

To vote me for witness, please check

and vote for good-karma if you cannot find it in list

Scroll to the bottom of the page

Enter good-karma
Click VOTE

Follow to get updates on projects I am working and Steeming on...

Update: witness listed and up for voting... Sorry for those who tried and couldn't vote, please try again.

~ Feruz

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Tried to vote for you, said record not found?


Fixing it now, I will update the post in few


It was fixed indeed, got my vote!


Thanks, update is coming on eSteem and other projects I am working behind the scene, stay tuned... ;-)

Voted for you!


Thanks, vote for witness as well to support my application :-)

I am very appreciative of all the work you've done on eSteem and consider you to be a pillar of the community. You've got my vote for witness!