Witness Update Feb 12th 2018

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Sigh...I know, getting desperate with the witness references Source

Firstly I am happy to say that since my hiccup last week with missing a couple of blocks, I have not missed any since. My price feed however...

Price Feed Woes

I use the truly excellent GINAbot for all my Steem notifications, delivered to my Discord inbox. @neander-squirrel has implemented some witness related changes which not only tell me if I miss a block, but also if my price feed has not updated in a set amount of time. Within an hour of me setting this, I had a notification and, sure enough, I had to go in to my witness and restart the feed. It seemed to work for another few hours, then stalled again. I reset it again and it has since been fine. I was however interested to read @yabapmatt's post yesterday announcing a new price feed publishing tool. Interestingly it has a fallback feature if the RPC node you use fails. I have not installed it yet, for the following reason:

Server Upgrade

I currently rent a server from Privex which has 32GB of memory. This will soon be insufficient for running a witness so I will be upgrading to 64GB shortly. As I will have to set up my witness again, I decided to hold off on installing @yabapmatt's price feed solution. Also, I thought it best to watch for feedback from other witnesses on it first.


I appreciate each and every witness vote I get. This week however I got a couple of quite sizeable ones from @dang007 and @jerrybanfield. This catapulted me from full rank 106 - effective rank 89 - up to full rank 83 - effective 72! So rather than a block every 10 hours I now get one just under every 5 hours. I also want to give a special thank you to @diebitch who has campaigned for votes on my witness across several Discord servers. Thank you for the support.

Social Witness Updates

I continue to moderate at the @minnowsupport project and I am an administrator at The Writers' Block. In addition, this week I have joined a couple of other projects:

The first I was invited to by @meno and is an invite only community called @helpie which, as the name suggests, aims to help and guide promising new Steemians. I delegated 100 SP to the project, which is the SP earned from my witness and then some. I plan to delegate more in future.

The second project is the @credo community, a new project that @samiwhyte - a Steemit promoter in Nigeria - invited me to. Here they again support new users and it is my hope that I can share all I know about the platform, community and ways of doing things properly.

Banner by @hoschitrooper

Like what I do? Vote for my witness by clicking THIS LINK. Thanks for your support.

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The pleasure's all mine
Witness Number 83 : The Movie

Thank you man, for this report. Wish all witnesses will have this level of commitment.

Ohh! I hear you are witness no 83 now .. Yay!! :)

I glad to see you jump on the witness ranking, I look forward to seeing up on top 50. Thanks for your support to @credo community, we are privilege to have you on our channel.

We are privileged to have you on our discord Channel @gmuxx. Thank you. We, the @credo Family anticipate your support.

My @yapabmatt price feed has been running without fail, granted its only been online 6 hour it has not missed. My other pricefeed had become so unreliable hat I could not even get it to force update. Eventually it even locked its name feed into my netowrk bridge and would not allow it torun as "feed" any longer so I installed it on my seed node that is still running from my home waiting on a new pair of CPUs for a major Upgrade before I deploy it to the rack.

The new feed is worth the time and It also earned my witness vote for Mattyice. It is a great tool.

On another note you may want to try the ZRAM memory compression from @deltik before you upgrade your witness to a more expensive 64 GB deployment. I have it running on my SEED node as well smoe other application servers in my hosting facility outside of the STEEM realm now with great success.
Wonderful use of SWAP and I have not yet seen its deployment effect performance.

Awesome news on moving your numbers up and yes you earned it!

With new supporters come more blocks, and with more blocks come new servers! Truly, with great power comes great responsibility.

Nice to see you supporting so many projects. They're what makes steemit go round, and what keeps the mediocre cash-grabbing folks from ruining it for everybody.

Also, nice banner. Very... Space-y. (Not Kevin.)

Congrats on rising in the ranks, and thanks for the continued updates! I hope you're able to figure out your price feed issues once you upgrade :)

Congrats to you, earned your spot.

Nice work bro, keep on being my witness

Thank you for your support our witness. Also GINABOT is very useful, I use it for my notifications also.


i hope our community get some helps from you soon. we are working hard to find new supporters.

nice post