Firepower Witness Update—April, 2018

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It has been just over a month since I've announced my Steem witness campaign and proposal. I'm happy to announce that my witness node has been running for 2 months without a hiccup.

As the data shows on - there were no missed blocks and it seems to be signing about 10-12 blocks a day. This is sufficient to cover my costs of running three servers but insufficient for funding my projects regularly which I have been doing at my own expense from the very beginning. But I hope this will change. I'm in the 64th spot on the witness list currently.

In the past few months I've travelled far and wide, onboarded several new users, and marketed Steem blockchain and this platform as best possible. I've also conducted a few meetups, presentations and produced videos from it. The video from Malaysia will be out in the next few days.

My team and I have also spoken to a few investors keen on getting into cryptocurrencies and have gotten some of them interested in hodling Steem. In the process we also reached out to a notable Indian exchange in order to get Steem listed on their platform.

After a round of discussions the conclusion was that there's not enough demand for that just yet, unlike some of the crypto currencies from the top 20 and hence Indians will have to wait longer to buy and sell Steem directly for INR. But suffice to say, discussions are underway and I hope something interesting will happen in the months to come.

Another major change I've noticed is that in the recent months is that most large voters have moved away from curating themselves to delegating to bid bots. This has put some of my projects on the back foot due to lack of support and sponsors.

Few mid-size voters are powering down as a direct result of their reducing influence on the reward pool thanks to large SP accounts handing out massive delegations to the tune of millions of SP. These delegated accounts are also exerting their right on the reward pool ergo directly reducing influence of minnows and mid-size accounts on the reward pool. The question I've been asked is what is the point of powering up if whales continue to dominate the market?

Some witnesses are delegating their stake earned from witnessing to bid bots for easy returns or running bid bots of their own. I've decided to not get involved in aiding bid bots or using them for the time being. Instead I continue to raise funds for future India specific activities on my own through the content I produce here.

Frankly with the way things are currently, there aren't many options left now for fund raising towards community initiatives and also make it sustainable. The whole community seems to be favouring using of bid bots but I can't help but agree with these two posts: 1 and 2

Reality check: Unless the prices go up anytime soon, it will be difficult conduct some of the activities planned in the short term. Frankly, last couple of meetups and the travel for the same has put us in a big loss as far as our budgets go. The market correction hasn't helped either. We're recuperating and planning the next few set of events but execution will take awhile. Overall I've got a positive outlook on the days ahead and we'll have to be patient.

As a community we're growing steadily. Steemit itself is growing quite well and India remains in the 5th spot as a top traffic source to our platform. We've managed to generate a buzz in the past year in few online communities and I hope to see this continue.

Current Witness Node Details

Primary Witness Node
Ram64 GB DDR4
CPUIntel® Core™ i7-6700 Quad-Core CPU
Disks2x500 GB SSD
Internet Connection1 Gigabit
Backup Witness Node
Ram32 GB DDR4
CPUIntel® Core™ i7-6700 Quad-Core CPU
Disks2x500 GB SSD
Internet Connection1 Gigabit
Seed Node
Ram32 GB DDR3
CPUIntel Xeon E3-1230 v3 - 3.3 Ghz - 4 cores
Disks2x120 GB SSD
Internet Connection1 Gigabit

I'm running excellent hardware for my nodes as you can tell. They can be scaled up if needed. You can read about my past activities in my witness proposal here and follow my blog for further updates. You can vote for my witness here:

Thank you for your time and support towards my witness and initiatives.

If you like my work kindly resteem it to your friends. You may also continue reading my recent posts which might interest you:

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You have been continuously doing great work since the beginning! Always enthusiastic, kind, and helpful.


Thank you so much! :) I'm glad to have been able to help however possible.

Already gave my witness vote to you.
Thanks for supporting indian community.

Voted for you as a witness, my vote doesn't count much for you, but I know if a lot of low sp accounts vote for you, it can make a difference in your ranking.

You have been promoting steemit throughout India from the beginning, and because of that, a lot of good content creating people came overboard on steemit, like @shenoy

I hope you get the support you deserve, so that you can invite more investors and creative people from India, as you have been doing from the last year.

All the best.

Thanks @firepower for the detailed update. I think that the Indian community is growing in terms of number but not in terms of quality. Quality attracts more Steem Power. This is what I have learnt since the day one which is why it took me sufficient amount of time to learn everything. Now when I write a post, it gets noticed by the people and I do not have to worry much about spending SBDs on the bid-bots.

I have also learned that the more I reward people, the more followers I get and hence the more upvotes on my posts and comments. Also, investing time in networking has helped me a lot on Discord and Help others to help yourself!

I feel that instead of continuously taking out SBDs, you should first give in to the platform. Gather as much Steem Power you can, reward people for their Quality posts. Help them grow and you will grow yourself. This one thing I have learned from you as well. :) Thank you so much for that.

I believe in your vision and support you in creating a better Steem Culture in our country and around the world. Cheers!

"I've decided to not get involved in aiding bid bots or using them for the time being. "

I like this and it is the reason I just upvoted you as a witness.

You are right bro Brother,

Most of the big Steempower holders now moving from manual curation to Delegating their steempower to bid bots and many small users are also doing the same and because of this i see a great decline in the number of upvotes that we received on Steemit these day.

You just said it all. The big shots dont care about minnow. Unfortunately our witness vote dont count, so they care even less. Bid bot is the new thing now, good luck to them.

Wow that's a good setup with killer RAM and a nice backup. Well done and thanks for the report! Keep going!

You are genius @firepower very soon witness rank will come under 50. 👍

you are doing a great work for the platform, even in the unfavorable conditions of the time.


your steem witness really great always giving us good idea of steemit platform.your every blog is the best and impotent for me.thanks to sharing for your witness .love you dear....

Go! Firepower 🔥!.

You're awesome .....mennnn

A great review of a great initiative, @firepower :)
"We've managed to generate a buzz in the past year in few online communities and I hope to see this continue" . Amen to that :)

Forget the listing of steem on Indian exchanges, even just buying crypto-currencies in India will be harder it seems.

You are my no. 1 witness. Carry on the good works.

Thanks for sharing the updates. Good luck for your project and initiatives !

Well-done bro. Your hard work will pay. And when the price increases, we all on this platform will benefit. In as much as you're putting more effort in promoting Indian future activities, please also try and encourage the minnows from Africa and help us grow on this platform. Thank you. And I'm voting you straight away as a witness

I have already upvoted for your witness. Along with me 5 more users have done that. I definitely want to support you for the initiative you have taken up. Steemit meetups in various cities. It will pay off in the long run.
One bad news though is that Steem wont be available to buy in INR. Would have given a big boost for the platform if that was possible.
I also support your thought of bid bots. Curation projects will come to a standstill if all the whales just focus on reaping benefits out of the SP earned. Bid bots are slow poison to the platform

your steem witness catagory really very best always giving alots of good idea of steemit platform..i have got alots of experience on your blog..thanks to sharing for your witness catagory...very well done dear..friend..@firepower

You are very helpful and I am always very happy to read your posts. You have my support. I wish you success!

When I joined steemit I had no idea what a witness etc was. I have already voted for you just by seeing the effort you were taking. Anyway, Iam still to understand the full picture and blockchain concepts. Will read the white paper first when free. STEEM is here to exist. Best wishes for all the projects which you are doing. By the way koinex introduced lot many new coins. But no steem or sbd still.I wish if some competition happens for steemit. May be then things will improve.

We make you a witness. But they never help, the witnesses should always help. This does not happen.


Top witnesses make 8K SP a month. You need whale votes to move up or down the witness ranks (even for lower ranks). Small stake doesn't really count unfortunately. Backup and lower rank witnesses make pennies in comparison. Also the expectation that anyone should do anything to benefit anyone here is foolish and naive when everyone on this platform is purely here for their own profit and self-interest. Take bid bot owners, delegators and users of bid bot as one example. :)

Good job @firepower. With all these regular updates and the work you've been putting in on building community, you'll reach way higher on the witness list.

You are doing great work! Keep it up :)

you're doing amazing work for the Indian community... good luck to you, and continue doing awesome things! great witness update, I know my low SP vote for your witness is not much, but am happy to support you ! :)

Okay, since you have good hardware.
I already voted you as witness
Below is the proof.
Now can you also make me a little favor?

Me and my 4 friends voted for you already. You are doing a very good work here so you deserve to be in top!!! Good luck my friend! 😉😉😉

I am highly in favor of community initiatives man. Projects like yours and our project which creates public nodes for the community are indeed essential to the health of the blockchain but as you said, the hardware is not easy to maintain financially from low positions. We also have to figure in the fact that our precious SBD is currently not as strong as we'd like it to be. We all have to stick together when it comes to the fundamentals and stability of steemit. We have to set aside our differences and face our common issues as one party on that front. Bringing new investors, supporting steem abroad, and trying to leverage the disparate nature of SP delegation are all great ways to do that. Gonna sink you one of my witness votes but it may not do much. I am new here but I am doing a lot. A perfect representation of strong people with little voices due to politics play. Please consider voting for my project as well if you like it. Good job firepower!

You have my vote! Good luck @firepower!