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RE: Witness Voting Guide

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Thank you for educating me on the witnesses with a strike-through. I have removed my vote from those witnesses and re-deployed a vote to one additional witness "curie".

Is there a way to vote twice for a witness? I do have leftover votes, but only feel comfortable voting for several witnesses I am familiar with. If I could I would definitely throw more votes your way.

I have resteemed this post to help encourage a vote for you as witness.

I appreciate the continued education and your support to the SteemIt community.

Steem on,


Hi @etcmike - I'm glad the guide helped :) There is not a way to vote twice for the same witness. Technically one could split their SP across multiple accounts and vote 'twice' - but it would not really do anything, since the ranking just tallies the amount of SP that is being cast across all the votes. The actual number of votes does not make a difference beyond perception.

Thanks, I appreciate your support! :)

You just gave me another reason to increase my SP.

@timcliff, I do have another question. If my SP is spread across my witness votes, then does not using all my witness votes increase the weighting of SP to those witnesses I did vote for?

Thanks for educating me (and the community) further on witnesses and witness voting,


Each witness you vote for will get 100% weight, regardless of how many witnesses you are voting for.

Great! thank you for giving us a sort of knowledge regarding this..
Now i will use my vote to the people who really show their passion
and support to this community.salute to you Sir cliff for showing
your kindness and support. I put one of my vote to you as your witness and im really sure that i used my vote wisely..