Witness (update?) *AND* Community Support

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What I Do

I would like to think of myself as the definition of a social witness. Sure, there are plenty of private conversations, but I try to get around to multiple places. Maybe you have seen me around. I'm fairly jovial. Maybe you have no clue who I am - you will. There are a few larger discords I am not in, but do I really have to be? I support who I can, what I can, where I can and when I can. I may not be the greatest developer out here, so I probably won't get the respect of a few.

BUT, if that's all you think it takes to keep this blockchain running is a few good devs and a few deep pockets, you will be sorely mistaken. You need advocates. You need retention. You need dedicated users. You need a real face. You need a diplomatic fire-starter and audacious fireman. You need, the social witnesses.

What Do I Support?

I delegate the little SP I have to multiple initiatives and communities. When I get more, I will do more. I am partnered on a new bidbot called @alliedforces with @jatinhota that also gives back to some of our preferred communities. You can see for yourself, it's all out there on the blockchain. Not to mention having given away close to 2000 SBD the past 9 months via my contest profile, @killerwhale. I have no major sponsors, this is all done with the help of the family and out of my own pocket. Why? Because I BELIEVE in this blockchain. That's why I became a witness.

Community Support

We are just lovin' on each other out here! First off, major props to #thealliance family. Love you guys. Also warm wishes and thank yous to the communities I support and am a part of. None of this works without working together. I'm going to make a list of all the ones I can remember that have been and are still there for me as I am for you:

  • @adsactly - You guys and gals selflessly showed me support and believed in me and my goals since I found you. Thank you.
  • @freewritehouse - Marianne, you all have done something beautiful over here, telling you.
  • @thewritersblock - Despite not being in there often, I have a lot of love for many of their members.
  • @tarc - You all know how much I love doggies, right?
  • @youarehope - You know how good it feels to know you helped put shoes on a child that previously had none?
  • #steemsilvergold & @ssg-community - Thank you for infecting me with that good ol' stackitus, I love being a pirate!
  • @welcomewagon - I just love what you have done with this Dreemy! Glad I can be a part of it :)
  • #sma - I love music, that's all there is to it. The panel over here with @seveaux is a wonderful group.
  • @spl - (The Steemit Poker League) I love playing cards, have been playing since I was able to hold them in my hands.
  • @poetsunited - Being a poet myself, I know it's difficult to get noticed through verse, it's a tough art to master.
  • @minnowbootcamp & @mbc-meps - You all are taking great strides to assist people out here in these hazardous seas.
  • @buddyup - A unique concept @calumam, I applaud your love of the platform.
  • @thesteemengine - @ethandsmith has performed miracles over here with the help of people like @enchantedspirit & @catweasel.
  • #PYPT & The Ramble - @shadowspub has been an amazing and strong growing pillar of fairness and equality here on Steemit.
  • @crisangel & @ropavejero - I am honored to be helping (and now the family included) refurbish schools down there in Venezuela.
  • @anyoneandeveryone - That has helped me and my peoples along the way!

Brass Tacks

Decaying Witness Vote

I figure I would bring this back into the fold since there is a lot of talk about it. I journeyed over to github and nobody has even said a peep over there for almost a year so we are revisiting the acceptance of what is called decaying witness votes. What that means is, after a certain amount of time, an inactive account's vote will not be counted as valid. It would also include a clearance of votes from inactive witnesses, effectively removing them from voters' view altogether to eliminate confusion. To get the full scope of the matter, please visit this thread on GitHub.

Wait, What?

Seriously. This was brought up in a discussion I was involved in with @sircork, @rhondak (now combined as @noblewitness in collaboration with @gmuxx and @anarcho-andrei) and @lukestokes while we were in Nashville and we were all in accordance to the notion. Everything is a compromise, right Luke? @timcliff has already openly endorsed it, given community agreed upon parameters. @guiltyparties is on board. @jackmiller has made it clear he and several others are willing to accept it in either a soft fork or as part of the HF20. I have also spoken with @followbtcnews and they are in agreement as well.

It Affects Us All

So, if you are up right now, or read this before 10:00 a.m. CST this morning, do come join us and voice your opinion. Where? On @shadowspub's Witness Chat in The Steemit Ramble Server. GET INVOLVED. Especially if you love this place even half as much as I do. The witnesses are the ones keeping your posts coming out, the SBDs in your wallets, and the whole machine running. Think of witness voting as your picks for the All-Star Team or Pro Bowl or heck, even constituents. Most of us will listen to you. Well, speaking for myself, I know I will, I'm here with you. STeeM oN my peoples and don't forget to be YOU.


@snook made this badass gif
@enginewitty #thealliance witness.png

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Glad to see this update. Yes, it takes more than devs to make this thing work—and not to belittle the development side, 'cause that's key—but if we want mass adoption, if we want this investment to be prosperous and have longevity, one of the biggest values is the social side of things. We need people to stay and thrive here.

You need advocates. You need retention. You need dedicated users. You need a real face. You need a diplomatic fire-starter and audacious fireman. You need, the social witnesses.

This! ^^

Thanks for all you do. See you at the witness chat. ;)


How can it be advertised as a social network/platform without bringing up the social witnesses? ;) We want mass adoption, we will need people that can 'speak in layman's terms' and associate with everyone. Not everyone speaks python or various script languages. It is an art and I have a lot of respect for those that can code well. Somebody explained it to me the other day, a different way to read it, and I was very intrigued...but yes, see you there sweets!


omg, this is something I was just thinking about! It's so good to see that my thoughts are flowing along with that of the greater community. Yes, our witnesses should represent the community. In fact, I think the devs should be working behind the scenes through communities, perhaps getting paid by those communities to maintain the witness machines, but that the main decision makers should be the communities themselves. I love that curie is a witness, and I appreciate that you, to some extent, represent the interests of @freewritehouse. I'd love to see @freewritehouse as a witness, though I know @mariannewest and the rest of us aren't devvy enough to get the technical side down, but rather to have someone who worked for the community and managed that side of things while the community voted for the things that they believed were in the platforms best interest.

Does that make sense?


Indeed it does. Without the community aspect of this platform, it leaves people to flounder and wither and that's why I get around as much as I do. I want people to be here and try my best to show support to those that are here for the long haul and want it to work. Glad we're on the same page :)


Just going to brainstorm on this thread for a bit. If I were creating an ideal set of top 20 witnesses, they'd include:
At least one account from each of the 6 occupied continents
Accounts with keys held by folx who were not majority men
Accounts representing photography, writing, video, dev, economics, homesteading, gaming, and any other content-based communities with a significant population on steemit
Accounts run by people with varying amounts of time on the platform, and that there would be some turnover regularly, so new voices could get heard, but also so that people with experience would be able to guide the new ideas with wisdom gotten from experience

I have no major sponsors, this is all done with the help of the family and out of my own pocket. Why? Because I BELIEVE in this blockchain. That's why I became a witness.

Nor do you ask for help. You take it upon yourself to help any that ask. Your heart is so big and overflowing. You truly care. I love that about you!!

That and you make me laugh :D Love your 5th tag!!

I might have suggested one or two things since we met LOL :D


MAYYYYYYYBE lol! That 5th tag I am in love with, cracks me up every time.

I tried to listen into bits of the Witness Chat, working all week I have to fit the important family stuff in at the weekend and apparently growing boys rapidly grow out of clothing.

I think you have raised an important issue with the Decaying Witness Vote - so many long inactive witnesses are still holding many votes and it does create confusion for anyone looking at whom to vote for.

#thealliance #witness


Wait til he hits the teens and its a lair of shoes every few months. My boys went through omg, dont even remember how many but it was extensive. Wear and growth.

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Thanks for all you do @enginewitty. ❤️ We need caring witnesses like you.


Thank you sweets. Glad you came by🤗

Hey, Witty-Engine-Man ... I'll vote for you for Pirate 7 days a week.


Yaaaaarg lass, that be golden drops of fairy song on me ears🦋

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Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

I liked the rap that you place to read the update. It's incredible and amazing what you constantly do for the community, a social witness, it sounds great, and really that you pass by your grain of sand to support a cause. I am very happy that you consider yourself part of us in Educative Ropavejero, I can say that you are a great Ropavejero of life, I have no doubt. Thank you very much for being as you are, keep it up, you are incredible. Thanks for the great support for all.

Thanks my man, you are a great Ropavejero too! Makes us family lol😎

Steem on brother. You're rocking and keep on keeping on. I know sometimes I don't get a chance to get in Discord as much as I want to. And some of the other stuff you mention in this Post.

No doubt I should and I will.

That being said one of my strengths is going around to A LOT of peeps in the Fam and also outside of the Fam giving them support, encouragement, and Engagement at their blogs.

So I will keep doing that for awhile ( maybe just another 10 or 15 years lol) but want to make it a priority to actually get into Discord more often.

Anyway, Steem on @enginerwitty you're doing a fantastic job, my man !! :)


Thanks bro. You are held in high esteem for your engagement efforts out here. Anyone that has a family outside of Steemit and still puts in as much time as you, has my respect.

great update @enginewitty ... and great to see some action being taken on the decaying vote topic


Thank you. Going back to the thread you can see everyone is in agreement (save one on a pre-emptive misunderstanding). Progress is that though, compromise.

hello, happy sunday
Come visit you, very interesting everything you say
you are big


Ha ha thank you sweets🤗

We do need to get rid of the decaying witnesses. The decaying voters don't do much for the environment either.

Keep on keeping on.

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I have read a few remarks for and a few against the decaying witness vote. Seems to me if an individual can not take 12 seconds out of their busy life every three months to log on, toss a vote to show they are still active, do away with their right to vote. I don't care what the excuse is, not activity for three months no vote.


Here hear amigo. I feel very much the same.

You do so much to support so many!! And we so appreciate you!!


Wish it were more, we'll get there!