My STEEM witness is disabled

After more than two years of producing blocks, I've disabled my witness as of today. It won't be back online again. This page is closed.

Time to focus on better things.


I am one of the pioneer in joining steem. I love steem but steem fucked my account @red-rose many times by the dogs steemit cooperation added to the system. even though I have kept my small share of steem and I did not close my account @red-rose.
many times i begged and cried to steem management through many posts to stop the mother fuckers steem cleaner and his dogs but no body supported me from you steem management
now you are crying to support you , I will but can you tell me why to support you ?
i was obliged to join and and whaleshae and scourm to find a website equal to steem but i could not ( though is very similar to steemit)
you are now crying for the down votes - i feel your burn ... i was crying the same .....

i will vote for steem now
but i am sure your dogs will not stop fucking my account @red-rose

i swear to holy god that i was by chance on today to power down my small amount of steem but i saw by chance and luck this post and this poll .

i will vote for you but i hope you remove my account @red-rose from the bad lists to enable me from adding more steem and to return back to steem....