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jesta witness update (2018-Q3)

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Interesting, I made it a mission to remove my votes from any witnesses working on EOS and add any that improve steemit and currently via @socky mission to add any witness that goes and gets STEEM listed on any major exchanges it is not on yet. I know you are high enough and my vote and 24 proxied are not much to you yet I am curious once the HF20 is complete and SMT's hopefully by March will you be full STEEM ahead or working on EOS stuff? EOS sucks by the way, I posted a few articles why and will most likely post more! Thanks for the info sharing and your equipment is nice, ever need a redundancy node off site let me know, I have a beast we can remote you into, I just need to get the NVMe SSD array purchased and a bit more RAM, if interested let me know!

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