Okay, so this rocks, first of all. Way to make an already excellent tool ( even more awesome. Second, I mistyped the link the first time, and I got your 404 page, and ohmygod did it make me laugh. lol! ;-)

ROFL, you have no idea how much I enjoyed making that 404 page. I spent my day staring at it.

Freaking hilarious. You get the award for Best 404 Page Ever! 😂

Sucks though that Chrome have disabled autoplay in the newest versions. I'll try to find a workaround for that. Otherwise, the 404 page plays fine in Firefox and other normal browsers.

i agree, best 404 page on the net..... I howled laughing the first time i found it.

Hello.... that is awesome.

You made me curious... now I wanna see it too! Thanks :-)

Hilarious indeed... made my day!


I always wondered how profitable witnessing was.... Its "holly crap profitable." Haha.
Thats why some witnesses are super nice. Haha

It's interesting that outside of the top 20 it seems to be about 1 block / day per 1,000 MVests worth of votes. Obviously it's not exact, but it seems to be surprisingly close throughout the list.

Thanks for yet another useful tool @drakos!

Thank you for the interesting information!
( I would be happy if you could take a look at my latest post:)

Well done @drakos! You successfully guessed the match result.

Group Phase - Japan vs Senegal
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Anything to help the Witnesses in their valuable work is a positive in my book. Thanks @drakos, for all you do.

Fantastic work with this and thanks for doing it dude! It'll be helpful for everyone witnessing the blockchain.

And helpful for those who like to whine about the witness rewards. Although we're a far cry from EOS block producers rewards 😅

We're light years away from that lol! #55 there makes some 1K+ a day which is ridiculously insane. I could power a shit ton of marketing activities around Steem blockchain in India if it was the same here. lol

It's an interesting tool! I could try it and see how it goes, thanks for the information :)

- The **position** is based on the received votes for the listed witnesses who produced blocks for the shown periods, **it does not necessarily reflect their blockchain ranking**

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