SteemJS Tools - Witness Price Feed Update 1

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This a quick update to the Pricefeed script I wrote in Node JS:

Crypto exchanges have the currencies paired with BTC and/or Tether (USDT). If USDT is at $1 USD, there wouldn't be a problem. However, USDT varies and should be taken into account, as it was underlined by @smooth. Currently USDT is trading around $0.99, thus USDT-based prices result in a 1% higher value. 1% isn't much, given the 5-10% regular fluctuations of any cryptocurrency. But, for the sake of precision, I have added the USDT/USD pair from Bittrex and Kraken into the price feed calculation to reflect the true STEEM/USD price.


  • Application resilience with NodeJS restart on crash/exit.
  • Automatic RPC switching.
  • Averaged price from up to 5 major cryptocurrency exchanges: Binance, Bittrex, Huobi , Poloniex and UpBit.
  • USDT/USD correction.

Update Instructions

git pull

  • If using the docker installation
    ./ restart
  • Non-docker
    npm start


I suggest you edit the config.json and set Binance and Huobi to false, since their wallets are down and their prices a higher. Always keep an eye on the different exchanges and edit the config/restart accordingly.

Source code at

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What, no snarky pirate? Methinks most of the the witnesses need a holiday. 😈 Thanks for all you do! ⚔️


No rest for the wicked. HF20 ruined the holidays. Yarghhh.


Yes, thank you the true hard workers of steemit!

Thank you for that update, it is nice to see the posts from witnesses and to know that you guys have everything under control and know what you do. Last week it was not looking like that, but it was a complete disaster, that paralyzed the whole System for few days, but this is when the system decentralized, that what we want to be not dependent from one which is actually is good. But there is another side of the coin too.
I wish you all the best and hope everything comes back to normal :)

It's good to have you again! Darling
Your work is endless, always behind the bad guys, you are the pirate most feared by the villains who attack Steemit!
Thanks for being!

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I do not understand a word of this my dear, my left brain being in holidays for an unlimited time,
but I do take advantage of your post to blow to you a big lvfi20x4gc.png for your ongoing support that means the world for me, and for your great witness work on our beloved place ^_^
bbsnla9v32.png @drakos

Thank you for very good post!
(I have new drawings. Would be great if you take a look at them;)

As someone replied I honestly did not understand much of the tech part but thsnks for your hard work and constant support to people. Like Katrina and Donna said you deserve a holiday now that things seems stable
Hugs Captain

Thanks a lot for doing your work. I'm @clixmoney and this is my second account. I just voted for you as a witness. I'm building this community to make more collaborations in steem blockchain. We are now doing interviews, collaboration videos and building it step by step. I will always vote for the same witness with both accounts. Thanks for any suppot, we use all the earning to power up and upvote our members.

I hope that the price in the internal market is the same on the external @drakos

Hi. you are one of my witnesses, will you please take a look at this. no need to vote on my post but please vote on Steemit and pass on to your followers.
Thank you 😀

USDT/USD correction.

This is a very relevant and needed feature.

And here is a proud new user: