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RE: The Complete Noob Guide to STEEM Witness Setup

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hey @klye where can i download .. i am stuck there as the file is no longer available. Great writeup on step by step creating the node. Did face an error when executing ./steemd

which was resolved by executing this command

export LC_ALL="en_US.UTF-8"

now just stuck in downloading the file
any suggestions where i can get it ?


which file should I download ? because according to your instructions

Now inside of the folder which the client writes and reads the blockchain data to we'll download a copy of it here: wget
(File is ~1.9GB - May take a few minutes)

After the blockchain downloads we can extract the contents with the following command:
unzip -o
(may take a minute or two)

Sorry for my noobness as my proficiency in ubuntu is lacking, I just want to try get this up and running.

Very good! @klye, you have my vote for Witness!