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My fellow Steemians,

Welcome to my fourth witness update. I do these weekly on Fridays as some other witnesses do, so I may keep my followers and the community up-to-date. Hopefully, this will show that I strive to be an active and reliable witness and that I may hopefully gain your witness approval vote.

I will use @jesta's template for these witness updates as he is awesome. Also, I will continue using the Pay me 100% in Steem Power option for witness updates.

1. Accomplished the week of 2016-10-14

  • As always, did some code work in the codebase on GitHub /
    . Submitted a couple minor fixes and got them merged. See this list on GitHub for all my closed PR's:
  • Renewed all my infrastructure for the next month, including my dedicated witness node, public seed/rpc node, and test sandbox. Costly. These are out-of-pocket as I haven't withdrawn anything from my Steem wallet ever and do not plan to for a while.
  • Started discussion with @timcliff on a plan to have an official "Welcome to Steemit" landing page. This will be helpful for newcomers to the site. Check out our blogs and follow us for updates and join the discussion for community input.
  • Also started discussion with another Steemian/witness on a couple upcoming and exciting web projects related to Steem. Stay tuned!

2. Upcoming projects/goals

  • Continue to spend time on the codebase.
  • Work with @timcliff on the landing page.
  • Work on Steem-related web projects.
  • Go through @timcliff's wish list and trying to implement them.
  • Continue being active on Steemit, Steemit Chat, and GitHub.

3. Thoughts from this week

There was a release of new features on, which you can read about in @ausbitbank's post: updates - Savings accounts, New payout options, New registration process and more [release 0.0.20161011 PR 460]. This release included my code changes I had mentioned in my last witness update!

There were great initiatives and news to help the adoption of Steem, such as the following:

Yes, there have been concerns about user retention and the continued STEEM price decline, but there are still many believers and positive things yet to come. Time will tell. Let's not forget that this project is in beta and not even a year old.

Finally, thanks to all who have voted me as witness. I am currently rank 48. Thank you to all who trust me and like what I do. Thank you to my followers for believing in me. I will continue to do everything I believe will be beneficial to the long-term success of Steemit.

4. Previous week's update, other links


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Thankyou for the update and mention @bitcoiner - keep up the great work you already have my witness vote :)


Thank you for your continued support, @ausbitbank! =D

If we could get the minnow math done we would lose less minnows.
Nobody cares after they find out that their votes round down.


I agree that is a cause for concern.

You're doing a great job @bitcoiner and thanks for the update. I enjoy seeing them.


Thanks for that! Glad these updates are being seen and liked!