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RE: Introducing @steemcommunity - A Witness Project by @abh12345 and @paulag

I am so happy you guys are doing this and I applaud you for focusing on the people that are trying to make the steemit platform a thriving place to be by encouraging new and old users to grow to dolphin level. Great work! :D you have my vote ;)


Thank you very much! Is this UK support I see :D

We'll continue doing what we can, and hopefully be able to reach further in time. Thanks again!

Yep, good old english vote lol I hope it helps! :D

They all do :)

I'm a Macclesfield lad myself, living over here in Mallorca for a bit less rain and a bit more sol!

haha nice! We had snow again today here in Nottingham so we are off to Cyprus next week to see that big yellow thing in the sky haha

Yep it is getting boring now, I really need some sun! Although I have enjoyed the snow photography and practicing my icicle macro shots lol

Very nice!

Funny, Nottingham is my second home as I studied there and didn't leave until a few years ago!

@beautifulbullies thank you for your vote. We need more dolphins (Im still a minnow - but hope to be a dolphin real soon)

I dream of being a dolphin one day too lol I think I am almost half way there! If you have any tips on how to get there faster, please let me know lol ;)

Power up everything and live off hope and cheap coffee. :P

haha already dong that! xD

I am so close to 8000 SP I can smell it!!!

lol I want to know what 8000 Sp smells like xD

Like fear. Like powering up your income for March.

that is pretty scary!

love it - but true - power up ( or take 50/50 and use the sbd to get more steem to power up)

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