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There are different kinds of methods to measure the activity on a site. Normally you will have to check the daily active user numbers or monthly active user numbers. As we are operating on a blockchain, also transactions can be used to measure the activity.

Having a mix of a blockchain and a social media platform it is crucial to look into the overall data and measure it. As we have now another blockchain that had splitted and hardforked from Steem three month ago, we can start slowly to measure these data together.

Data Background

Data had been pulled from similarweb.com and Dappradar.com.

Total Visits


The data is still from May 2020 but we can see that compared to the split chain, Steemit.com is still showing the majority of visits. In numbers, we have about 8.1 million visits on Steemit.com and about 759,00 visits on the split chain.

The growth rate for the split change is especially for the main frontend from the split chain very high with 56.02%. The 3rd party frontend for the split chain does show a growth of 12.2% compared to the last month.

Steemit.com is also growing very fast with 11.29% compared to the last month coming from a total visit of about 7.3 Million. We can see that the actual MAU for Steemit.com is about ten times higher than the split chain social media frontends.

Based on the growth rate the total visits could and will increase also for the split chain, but the future will show which content on which chain will actually drive readers to each platform.



The user numbers do show a different picture and are related to the activity of accounts on the blockchain. This data is coming from dappradar.com and is actual data from the last 24 hours.

Split chain main1700
Split chain 3rd party1300

We can see that number of active users combined is about 63% higher than the main frontends from Steem. This does mean that there are more users active on the split blockchain than on Steem, but it does have the effect that a lot of Steem users are both active on both blockchains, but most of the users from the split chain are not anymore active on Steem.

Famous fake news from some users claiming Steem has no more users is not right, but the visitor numbers and active user numbers are showing that the user activity itself is on a similar level (considering the specific behavior of users that are avoiding to use the Steem blockchain) on both chains.

Type of Service

We will have also a look into the average visit time and pages per visit. The numbers here show that the split chain does
have much better numbers compared to Steemit.com



But we have to look into the details of these numbers, as we need to compare it also with the source of traffic.


As we can see the Search traffic from Steemit is almost up to 80% compared to under 20% of the split chain. This means that most of the content is coming from Seach engine optimizing. This has also something to do with the algorithm of search engines. In the case of Steemit.com, it is special, as the content itself had been ported also to the split chain. But the Search engine ranking from Steemit.com is still much higher which leads to the result for a much higher Search engine %. Due to the specifics of search engine traffic, the average visit time and pages per visit is similar to social media channels like Medium.com

The frontends from the split chain are showing typical data similar to a forum, where most of the time the user inside the forum is creating the traffic.

Social Media relevance.

Steemit2.67% - Facebook 27.35%
Steempeak2.38% Twitter 40.84%
Split chain main4.93% Twitter 29.88%
Split chain 3rd party7.93% Twitter 50,56%

Traffic coming from social media channels are not that relevant for Steemit.com, as most of the traffic is related to search engine traffic. But for the split chain frontends, we can see that the relevance for traffic from social media channels is more relevant. Especially Twitter is the most used social media channel for the split chain, which is proving that their twitter relevance is indeed real.


After looking into the numbers and debugging fake news and claims about Steemit.com and the Steem blockchain, we still see that we can improve in different categories. It does look like most of the users that were active users of centralized social media channels have moved to the split chain, but this kind of traffic and relevance is also important as Steem is not only a blockchain but also a place for social media.

To keep the Search Engine ranking high for Steemit.com, Steem users will have to blog relevant articles and posts people are looking for. And in that case, it doesn't matter if it is a blockchain-related post or about a flower or cat that other internet users are looking for.


Thanks for the stats!! Very much needed!! I voted for your witness already, best winds for the projects on Steem!!

Interesting data ... I just wonder what the name of this "split chain" is? :)

HIVE has the advantage to have got a big chunk of the 'old' community.
However, STEEM has the chance for a new beginning with new structures, new witnesses, new developers and new 'community leaders' who now dare to take the initiative. Lets see how things will develop.

I wish both chains and both communities (with all their users, where many have become my friends over time) good luck and all the best for the future!

Hello @beargame
Thank you for all the work you are doing in favor of the blockchain.
I welcome you again this time as Steem Greeter. Let's keep up the good work.
You are definitely a Newcomer star.

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