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RE: The easy way to install or upgrade to Hardfork 20 (Steem-in-a-box)

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Dear, @someguy123

I would like to use your Docker to run the Witness node.
I have already purchased a server(8core, 96G, 1T SSD) and installed it according to your manual.
But there's a problem, and I haven't been able to solve it for three days.
I want your help.

My symptoms are, the container is not working.
"Replay" is performed according to your manual and I enter "Logs", no message appears.
I could tell that the Docker did not work using the command "docker ps -a"

Can you help me?


Hi @ayogom I'm stuck with the same problem. Did you manage to find a solution in the meantime?

Of course, I've already started witness nodes. I have already become the 66th witness ^^
we can help you at

Thanks a million!!! Just Joined the channel!

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