Witness Update - @asbear

in witness-category •  5 months ago

My 0.19.6 witness node crashed due to the upvote lockout buffer bug in 0.20.0 Not 100% sure how it is co-related to the earlier stable versions like 0.19.6 or 0.19.12, but anyway that happened. I quickly disabled my witness server as soon as I woke up in the morning, and resolving the issue.

So basically the hot fix is this:

The value was changed to 12 seconds and caused the issue, and now changed back to 12 hours. One weird thing is the value has been 5 minutes for quite an while. Long ago it was 12 hours though.

Anyway that killed the entire network and now every witnesses are recovering their witness nodes, some of them are already fully on, kudos for all of those!

I am on recovering my witness node. What I am trying to do is applying the patch to the stable 0.19.6 so that I could avoid reindexing (which takes huge amount of time).

Will update soon


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