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RE: Brandon Frye - Steem Witness Application

Hiya @brandonfrye you have my support on this, i loved delegating to your bot and I was 100% happy with your answered to my questions. I am 100% with you buddy and I wish you all the best in this.
To me voting for you on this is a no brainer and I will vouch for you and to show my support I have also resteemed this post.
Good luck. :D


Oh an happy birthday buddy, it is my daughters 5th birthday today too, she was born at 1.05 am uk time. :D

Thank you @artonmysleeve, I'm glad to have your support for both witness and @minnowfund. Tell your daughter Happy Birthday! June 11th is a great day for a birthday. :)

Its 12 days after mine so its been a stressful couple of weeks, if you have kids you will know that, haha.
I'm just glad she is in bed now it give me and the wife time to tidy the house as there is paper and toys everywhere.
kids for you hehe

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