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Hello fellow Steemians,

Welcome to witness update. Every witness publish a regular report on his activity and I have to admit I have been “a bit lazy” on this specific task last times. I'm not the best to promote myself and my work. Time to do something about it.

Previous posts

Work done since my last post

The classic witness work

Of course, I run several Witness and Seed nodes, which were updated from hardfork to hardfork. Once more, thank you @someguy123! Steem-In-A-Box saved my times for upgrading my node.

My nodes have been running smoothly and I only missed a few blocks (my fault, I expected my nodes to resync faster between two block production and did not disable my witness while resynching).

I also worked a lot as a witness for the Golos network. Golos is the little Russian brother of Steemit. I have spend many hours (if not days) to help the Russian version of Steemit to grow and my involvement made me become the #1 witness on Golos, hence the reason I posted a bit less on Steemit.

But this does not mean that I do not work for Steemit, quite the contrary!

Technical work for the platform

1. SteemSQL

Months ago, I created SteemSQL, a public MS-SQL Server database with all the blockchain data.

SteemSQL also had to be adapted to the many HF that have since occurred.
Here a link to the last update post. The post contains links to the introduction post and to the numerous update posts and gives a view of the complete history of the project.

SteemSQL is also becoming more and more popular and many people and projects now rely on SteemSQL for their smooth operation or to collect information on Steemit's activity.
As a result, the server undergoes a complete migration to a more efficient infrastructure in order to be able to cope with the growing number of requests made by users.

2. Scam Warning Bot

More and more scammers are popping out on Steemit and try to abuse naive users.

I am monitoring this malicious activity and created a bot that warn users, either with comments or micro-payments. I will mention the warning posts I published them again as I believe it is important that people are aware of potential scams:

UPDATE: One hour after publishing this post, I discovered and reported a new scammer:

3. SteemToolbar

I created the Steem Toolbar, a Google Chrome extension that helps you keep an eye on key indicators like Voting Power and STEEM/SBD exchange rate and allows you to permanently monitor these values while browsing the website.

The work for fun

I created the SteemitBoard project, bringing gamification to Steemit and the new concepts of the dreaded dead fish and the appreciated red fish

The SteemitBoard Google Extention still allows you to quick jump to your board or any other user’s board.

SteemitBoard’s website has been revamped few month ago.

New event related badges have been created for:

The social side

I am publishing a daily hit-parade dedicated to newcomers in order to help them and to put the spotlight on new emerging authors.

Many ranking post often speak about the best, topmost, well known, etc ... authors. They simply forget the newcomers who struggle to get noticed and appear at the top. I simply wanted to remedy this situation.

Before going to SteemFest 2 in Lisbon, I attended GolosFest in Moscow with @roelandp an @sneak. This was an amazing experience even if none of us was speaking Russian. They all were very welcoming and wanted to share and take benefit of our experience with Steemit.

As mentioned, I went to SteemFest in november. I was really happy to see all the Steemians I met at the first edition in Amsterdam. It was like meeting old friends I left few days ago.

I shared special moments with @allasyummyfood, @detlev, @everlove, @heiditravels, @jerrybanfield, @lukestokes, @mammasitta, @nelyp, @oroger, @poezio,, @quinneaker, @roxane, @saramiller, @sirwinchester, @t3ran13, @xroni.

If you are not mentioned in the above list, do not feel betrayed. I do not want to make this post TLDR; But every person I met at SteemFest, even if it was only a few minutes, is in my heart. And I am so grateful for the kindness that everyone has shown to me.

Finally, I couldn’t resists at the closing dinner to do a huge selfie session with all participants. The best way to have a souvenir of all of you.


Finally, let me give a big thanks everyone who support me as a witness. Thank you for your vote! I see it as a clear appreciation of my job. If didn't vote for me yet, please do it.

Thanks also to all those of you who follow me and regularly upvote my posts.
I am close to 6000 followers and I consider it an encouragement to continue the work I do for the community.

I wish you all an happy new year and all the best for 2018

I am currently ranked #54. Help me to raise my position and enter the top 50. Each vote matter!

Support my work as a witness by voting for me here!

Thank you all for your support!

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Hi @arcange thanks for the report. I love what you are doing and I'm looking forward to use SteemSQL as an information source for the #BeerSaturday challenge

I like to invite you to the next meetup. We have the steemit meetup aachen at the of January 2018 and I plan to do this more often.


Thanks for the invitation. I will be glad to meet you again in Aachen ;)

@arcange you were one of the first steemers to grab my attention and this post shows exactly why. You contribute in so many ways to this community that you seem like it's heart and soul. You also haven't forgotten the little people and we greatly appreciate everything you have put in place for us. I believe you to be the true spirit of steemit and I wish more would follow your example. When I can make time I have to go back over everything you have written. Much continued success to you.Have a very peaceful, healthy and prosperous 2018.


Hi, @Anmeitheal! You have speak out what I want to say to @Arcange!


@anmeitheal, thanks a lot for your comment. Makes me warm at heart.
I also wish you a year full of love and happiness!

Happy new year @arcange, i'm happy for my choose to vote you as witness!


Thank you @miti. Your support is really appreciated.
I wish you an happy new year and lot of success on Steemit in 2018

Glad to hear it's all running smoothly! You have my vote.


Thank you =)

Thank you @arcange for your support. This community is great. It is good to see the passion among the veterans who are pushing the platform to grow by helping us minnows out. You have my witness vote. Keep up the good work!


I'm just glad to help. Thank you so much for your support and your witness vote @deadcountry, really appreciated!

You seem to meet my recent idea of elect the tech-savvy. Done!!

Good and great done by you

Thank you for your help to the community man!
Especially for SteemSQL;)

You have created a lot , looks like you have not be lagging in your responsibilities as you think . I will vote you as a witness as I still have lots of votes remaining,keep up the good work.

Wow ni post so many information thanks for sharing you are great @arcange

You also have my vote. I really appreciate your work here on steemit to make the community a better one. Keep on doing this work. Good luck!

ahan impressive and very nice keep it up

It's great Steemit has users like you!

Let's continue contribute to this lovely community!