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Hello witnesses and other esteemed citizens,

After spending some time in the community, I have decided to update my witness application.
*Please note that I am not aggressively targeting a top 19 witness spot, I am happy with a spot on the back up list.*

My witness node is located in Canada, and is a powerful node: the only downtime I experience is with strokes of bad luck such as power outages. So far I have missed only one block in my history as shown on this list; this was today when I upgraded to v0.12.0.

Some of my qualifications so far:

  • In my first hours I was able to compile and set up steemd, set up a witness, start mining, use CLI wallet, make a price feed, and so on. My first post mentions this here. As a computer engineer, this stuff comes naturally to me.
  • My seed node is up on anyx.co:2001 (this is NOT the same as my witness node, of course!)
  • I have not solicited (much), but have still gotten support from witnesses such as @arhag, @pharesim, @silversteem, @pfunk, @liondani, and others; and big players such as @berniesanders Thanks to the almost 30 people who already vote for me! Too many to list here.
  • I am very active on slack; if I have helped you, feel free to comment on this post and let people know!

And my biggest selling point:

Voting for me:

From CLI you can vote for me via

  • vote_for_witness YOU anyx true true

And you can also vote on the website here. As of this post I am #40.

Thank you!

Since posts like to be accompanied by photos, here is a shot I took during my recent trip to Chicago!

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@anyx definitely deserves your votes... He is dedicated and very enthusiastic with stem/steemit! It seems to be one of the safest "bet" you can make ;)

In my first hours I was able to compile and set up steemd, set up a witness, start mining, use CLI wallet, make a price feed, and so on.

I wish I could do this. It will take me more than a day to learn all of this.


Be strong! Try and try more. And you will catch a success.


to more than one we would like to learn this, it seems necessary, but is not so natural


Oh man I remember when we did this with Bitshares! So excited! Will vote :)


Is your identity information public?


Hi @ned, with the current stuff happening with cheetah bot I am not so sure it is a good idea to make it completely public. However, several of the witnesses know my real identity and I am perfectly comfortable sharing it with you folks.


@ned, I don't think witnesses should necessarily be publicly identified. Knowing who are witnesses makes it much easier to apply coercion. Having a mixed bag of known and anonymous witnesses should be safer so long as anonymous witnesses are doing a good enough job of adding value to the network to rule out malicious intent.


Awesome idea.

Chicago at night simply enchants. Great photo

Already voting for you!

You have my vote and great work on @cheetah!

I definitely appreciate your cheetah bot!

you got my vote as well as a token of appreciation. Thank :)

Hey anyx, you got my vote!
Anyx for president :)

Hi! I am a robot. I just upvoted you! I found similar content that readers might be interested in: https://steemit.com/witness-category/@anyx/witness-application-anyx

Hahahahaha just kidding, way to go champ. Keep the flag flying ✈

@anyx you can definitely be the best ... he is very tired in steemit, you can certainly do the best thing in this case.

Hello @anyx !
You have my vote and follow. Hope to see more great works from you.

Voted for ya :D


We need good engineers like @anyx to keep the #steemit ecosystem strong, fresh and robust.

This is looking good already. The fact that it's located in Canada scores extra points. Love that place


Keep up voting


Please support me to replace inactive witnesses, to make our comunity stronger and better.


This is all new to me, but very intersting lecture. I keep looking out for your further posts...

What happened to @berniesanders? I just checked and -19 reputation level...


Lol 😂

vote you as witnesses

Good Luck, you have my vote!

You have my vote!

You appear more than qualified. I'm with ya!!!

Namaste @anyx,

Cheetah is a wonderful bot - my vote goes to you.

You have my vote!

I voted you as witness.. :))

Great work. You have my vote

Just voted for you :)
Thanks for supporting this community so we can all participate. You're so committed and enthusiastic in what you do (even when including the pic as every post seems to have one ;) )
I hope I can support you a bit with my vote, that's the least I can do :)

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You've convinced me :) Voted for you!

it really deserves your voice in steemit.

Nice post

i think u r a intelegent and hard worker in the service of steemit .u r giving so good vedio;s to the steemit cummunity and they r taking advantage from that.i have voted u and u will be in above #20

Thank you for the post. My support. I wish patience and wisdom.

Voted for you!

I just voted for you :)

Hi, I voted for you. Your bot is amazing :)
Regards @mastek

i voted for you, and you can also vote and follow me.

Have no clue what voting does yet, But I voted for you :)

Have no clue what voting does yet, But I voted for you :)