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Hello all,
As a computer engineer by day (ahem, and by night), I was hooked into steem the moment I saw it. Which was, er, just the other day. :)
I wanted to introduce myself, and say hello to the all the other new people as we see the liftoff of steem (Surpassing Litecoin, amazing).

I was a bitcoin enthusiast since several years ago, witnessing the roller coaster as I stumbled through my undergrad education -- it even helped pay for some tuition.
As we grow older, I became a grad student in computer engineering, and bitcoin started getting more adoption, it seems only fitting that we continue with novel inventions in the space, and I think steem will pick up steam in its niche.

I also jump started mining (with a couple hundred KH/s). Feel free to ask me for help on getting set up mining, and if I helped you, I would appreciate if you voted for me as a witness too! You can do this with cli wallet, with the command:

vote_for_witness you anyx true true 

I don't intend to go after a top witness spot, but I intend to keep this node up for the long term, which I think will be helpful for the network. :)

Oh, I am also a photographer. This may be a good medium for me to start posting my pictures! Here's one of my favourites.
Have a great day!

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Hello! Thanks for help with the steem mining...

Welcome on board! Nice that you are so active and enthusiastic!

Hi! I can't get the cli_wallet to work. I made an issue on Github.

I am using OS X. Any help would be much appreciated!


Hey! My suggestion is to join slack. Lots of active people who can help. You can also DM me there (anyx) and I can do my best to help!

I want to mine steem using windows can you post a tutorial to help me please

Liked your intro.
Got help from Cheetah
Thank you.

happy almost one year anniversary anyx!