RE: Introducing @steemcommunity - A Witness Project by @abh12345 and @paulag

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Introducing @steemcommunity - A Witness Project by @abh12345 and @paulag

in witness-category •  7 months ago

That's great, thank you for the positive mention!

We'll have to arrange some time, perhaps on discord, to run though some ideas with @paulag and whoever else is keen.

It certainly makes Denver to join forces with other like-minded people and communities, and so gathering these people together should be an early goal. Cheers!

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No problem. Happy to try to help out when it makes sense to do so! :) And.. Okay, cool. When you find a time that works lemme know that plus the discord channel to join and I'll do my best to be available! Also I agree in regards to your sentiments at the end about joining forces with like minded peoples and communities for sure! I think that's important. Cheers abh12345! (PS.. By "Denver" I assume you meant "sense" and it was a wrongly placed word or perhaps like an auto correct on your phone or something like that?)


Im always open to ways communities can help each other


That's awesome to hear and sounds like a good attitude to me! I just read your post about what you can offer as a steemit witness and you seem like you've got quite some accomplishments in your time! It will be a pleasure to work with you in the future. :)